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  1. NP_Student20

    Need PMHNP Preceptor in Dallas, TX

    NP student looking for a preceptor for the Advanced Health Assessment clinical in Spring 2021. I need to complete 45hrs and will really appreciate anyone that can help or provide me with contacts in Dallas, TX area. Thanks for reading.
  2. NP_Student20

    Herzing PMHNP

    We haven’t started yet. We are going to be the inaugural class for the PMHNP program because it’s new and starting in September. Like I said, I’ve heard great things about the FNP track and I hope this will be the same. My communication with them has been smooth, they provide clear instructions, and the online platform is easy to navigate. They have already uploaded clinical forms and vital informations. So far, I see they are very organized.
  3. NP_Student20

    Herzing PMHNP

    Many schools leave students with the responsibility of finding their own preceptors and this is not different. I know the website says they pledge clinical placement, but I believe they come in when students are unable to fine one. Personally, I like the curriculum and the included 16 weeks internship. The school has grown rapidly over the past few years and many things are happening for them in terms of recognition and academic improvement. Majority of the faculty has doctoral degree, it is brick and mortar and non-profit. I have heard great things about the FNP program and I love that they provide lecture videos.
  4. NP_Student20

    Herzing PMHNP

    Hello everyone, I will be starting the new PMHNP program at Herzing University in September. Trying to see if there is anyone else that will be starting the program so that we can connect. Since it's a new program, there is no topic about this specialty and maybe this can provide opportunity for potential students to discuss.

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