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  1. Samuel Speights

    2020 UCSF PMHNP, PNP, FNP programs

    Hey there, Just wanted to start a thread on students applying to UCSF NP programs for 2020. I'd love to know what program you applied to and any updates on acceptance letters or any communications made by the University. About me. I applied to the PMHNP program. I am an ED nurse but I have always enjoyed mental health. I applied and haven't heard anything at this time, however, from previous years, the letters start rolling in around the end of March. Keep me posted, Samuel
  2. HELLO EVERYONE! 🙂 I would like to know if there is anyone out there that will be applying at -------->>>>>> Wilkes U for Fall 2021(BSN-MSN PMHNP). If anyone is attending this program please share your experience.. I would like to share info I have gathered so far: (please correct me if I am wrong): - 42 credits / 2.5 to 3yrs to complete the program -Tuition: $728/cr -Fully Online / One Course (NSG 500: Adv Health Assessment) requires a short 2 day residency in November. Specific days will be posted on 7/15. -This program is not a strictly cohorted program / program is flexible. -You will receive info on preceptors 4 months prior to the start of your schedule clinical rotation -Clinical hrs: 500 hrs (w/ 50 of those hrs in Peds) -Need to maintain a 3.0 overall GPA in courses ~~I have couple of questions: 1)If you are a NON-resident, how much approx did you spend? 2)Please can you post it on here or PM your schedule that you followed? ~~~PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY MORE INFO THAT IS NOT MENTIONED. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE! STAY SAFE 🙂
  3. NP_Student20

    Herzing PMHNP

    Hello everyone, I will be starting the new PMHNP program at Herzing University in September. Trying to see if there is anyone else that will be starting the program so that we can connect. Since it's a new program, there is no topic about this specialty and maybe this can provide opportunity for potential students to discuss.
  4. Msmedic68w

    Wilkes PMHNP 2020

    Did anyone else get accepted into the Wilkes University PMHNP program? I got accepted into the post-MSN for Spring 2020. Got my acceptance letter today.
  5. Hey all! I got accepted to the postgraduate pmhnp program at wilkes for fall 2020. Thought I'd create a thread for us. Any idea how much tuition till cost for us? Based on credit hours, I estimate round $13K, not counting books, etc. Any specific idea of cost would be appreciated. Also, around what time should we expect to go to orientation? Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  6. Just got accepted into Walden. I kept looking and comparing Walden and University of South Alabama since I have co workers in both programs on which one is better in terms of support and cheaper to go to. I have read good and bad news about both but they both did not seem that much different. The company is in contract with Walden so employees receive 30% off of tuition to go there and the company offers tuition reimbursement as well. Question that I have is is anyone who is currently going to Walden can tell me what to expect? How are the courses and teachers? Are the teacher's helpful and give out syllabus for their classes?
  7. roccomania123

    PMHNP Boards-2020

    Hi everyone, I passed my PMHNP boards today and frequently visited the site to figure out study materials/ tips and I wanted to pass along some knowledge. study materials - so I used the purple book and pocket prep together. I would read two chapters and then do 50-100 questions every day until I worked through the book and answered all of the questions. Luckily, pocket preps questions are directly from the purple book and rationales had direct page citations so it was a nice way to move through the book and reinforce topics. I worked through these before board vitals. The ANCC iq questions were pretty good and probably most resembled the board questions. I would recommend saving these until the end. board vitals- I heard mixed reviews regarding this source from numerous people, but I found this to be super helpful. I only did the easy and medium level questions when constructing my practice exams because the “hard” were basically impossible. The ethics/legal/policy were especially helpful. Overall I would highly recommend doing this once going through pocket prep and the purple book Lantern review- I got this kind of last minute and would not buy this product. Again heard mixed reviews but I would not use this. A lot of the topics were too basic and others too random. IMO I would skip this. -advice: do pocket prep and pp to get a solid foundation then work through bv. Also, make sure to do practice exams that are 175 questions under timed conditions. Also, make sure to hit your “checkpoints” on time during the exam- after 1 hr should be in the high 50s, 2 hrs should be at 100-110 and so forth. I’m usually a fast test taker and only had 3 minutes to spare - for the exam itself, I had quiet a few NMS questions, ethics/ QI/policy stuff. I felt the questions were pretty random. Also, make sure to hit what part of the assessment gets documented in which section- though process, where to document SI. Dementia was big. Screeners-phq, cows, ciwa.
  8. Bea Bea

    PMHNP- ANCC Exam 2019

    Last minute advise for anyone who has taken the PMHNP ANCC exam? Currently using: 1. Board Vitals 2. Purple ANA book 3. Pocket Prep 4. ANA IQ Questions All tips are welcomed 🙂 TIA
  9. JDPsychNP

    Herzing PMHNP

    Hi Everyone! I finally found the school I really want to go to! I have applied to 3 other schools and backed out for this or that reason. There was just a bad feeling. This program has made me feel super comfortable from the beginning and they seem to be so organized which makes my nerves much more calm. I am super excited to start in November in the PMHNP program. Would LOVE to connect with other students in the same situation. Online classes are awesome, but would really like to connect with other students. in the same situation. I currently work inpatient psych 12 hr shifts and starting to network for preceptors now. I hear we start semester 3 with clinical so trying to stay on top of my game. Can't wait to hear from you all! I live in st Louis, MO btw. Where are you all?
  10. All of my experience is as a paramedic, ICU RN, Transport RN at a large university with very sick patients, and soon to be Flight RN. I'm used to directing care by myself, knowing medication doses, intubating, managing vents, etc. My background looks good for ACNP. Yet, I just don't know if I want to do this stuff anymore. My passion is gone it seems and I no longer enjoy the hassle of sick patients. I'm still considering it, but what used to be glamorous to me feels like meaninglessly keeping dead people alive (no offense intended, just want to illustrate how I feel lately). I might want something completely different. After dealing with psych issues of my own, I feel like I might have more of a passion helping people in this area than I do in critical care, which feels pointless at most times. I have no psych nursing experience though. The big downside I see if I don't like being a PMHNP I don't really have much if any room to change, and I would have lost my critical care skills. I really would like to do outpatient. Some of the more severe inpatient cases probably wouldn't be something I would enjoy. It seems that med management is the primary role of PMHNP, but I really am curious how hard it would be to be trained and perform some CBT as well. After seeing how CBT changed my life from severe OCD, it's part of what is driving my passion towards mental health. Should I try to shadow a PMHNP? Would I even be considered due to my lack of psych experience? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. alisa7

    Dual FNP/PMHNP

    Hi all, Looking for anyone who has or is currently completing a dual FNP/PMHNP degree. My overall goal is community health/primary care as an FNP but I know how much mental health is involved so I have been considering getting dual certifications just to gain the extra background/education that PMHNP offers. My main questions: 1) Do you find that the psych NP certification helps in your primary care role? 2) Can you switch roles-- see some primary care, some mental health patients in your clinic? I think I saw some call this an "integrated clinic" ? Is it based on state regulations? 3) Do you find it difficult to maintain the minimum practice hours (1000 hours/5 years/certification)? 4) What barriers did you come across doing the dual certification? 5) Did you do one and then eventually go back to get the other certification? Any insight that you can offer, I appreciate! Thank you, Alisa
  12. NuggetsHuman

    MSW to PMHNP/FNP (dangerous ideas!)

    Egad! I think after four or five years of stewing on this, I have decided to start down the path of nursing education, leading toward a PMHNP (family). I have a BA in psych, an MS in social justice studies, and an MSW in direct human service work. My prior work history includes running a DV shelter, working in boys' residential treatment and therapeutic foster care, ER social work (which I loved, loved, loved!), and now providing youth and family mental health crisis response. I see really clearly how having additional training on psychopharm and prescriptive authority would be really helpful. Plus, child and adolescent mental health has rather picked me as a specialty. I never intended to be "that annoying lady who tells you how to parent your kid but doesn't have any of her own." In addition, I FINALLY completed my WFR (wilderness first responder) 10 day training. It's been on my to-do list since 2004. It was some of the best training I've ever had in ANYthing. It helped me to realize exactly how excited I get learning medical stuff. Given my interest in emergency medicine, I wonder if I wouldn't be better off doing an FNP (focusing on acute care), or stopping after by RN to get some ER nursing experience. I took one biology and one Chemistry class when I was an undergrad music major 20 years ago (EGAD INDEED!) now. So I will obviously have my hands full with prerequisites for a while. I've decided to start with the nutrition class to see how it goes. So I'm looking at at least 6 prerequisite courses-- 2 Chemistry, Microbiology, 2 anatomy and physiology, plus the nutrition. I have the statistics and developmental psych, as long as they aren't required to be in the last 10 years. Then *hopefully* an accelerated BSN program, and then into a DNP program for three years. I am working full time in the crisis response program, and it doesn't leave me with lot of extra energy for volunteering because of the level of self-care required to do my job well. Do you think this will count as "hands-on" health care experience because I'm in and out of emergency rooms and IPU (inpatient psych units) all day long? I want to make my application really competitive, and assume I will probably get mostly As with maybe a B for my science classes. Any words of advice or encouragement as I start exploring down this path? Oh, also, editing to add that I am *really* committed to working with under-served populations. Anyone have experience with loan forgiveness programs for PMHNP work?
  13. ICantthinkofagooddisplayname

    PMHNP Vs. Psychiatry MD

    My question is for Psych NPs. If you could do it again would you go the NP route or go through med school and become a psychiatrist? I have an undergrad in psych and a nursing degree so the most obvious path would be PMHNP. However, with the bar being so low for getting into NP school I fear that this area will easily become over saturated as so many other areas have become. I would also think that having an MD opens more doors. Do you feel like you have ample opportunities or do you feel like you'd have more in you were a psychiatrist? Thanks for you input!
  14. pleuralP

    PMHNP ANCC exam prep

    What did you use to study? Was it helpful? If you could go back and do the study process again, what would you do?
  15. Hoping for some insight. I take the ANCC PMHNP exam in January. I see they have updated the blueprint and changes went into effect on Dec. 16th. Looks like there are fewer policy/professional questions. Has anyone taken the new format? How was it? Pocketbook just now updated their prep to match the new exam and it seems like a lot of other sources are behind in updating it, so I am rather worried. Thanks in advance.
  16. Greg 77 MSN NP

    ANCC Practice PMHNP exam

    I was wondering if anyone had noticed the format of the Practice PMHNP Exam offered by the ANCC, I take the certification exam in 10 days. First on the practice exam, there is no forward or back buttons, just a Submit, is this the same software that is used on the actual exam? The software seems like it is from the 90's, I was just wondering how you skip ahead, answering the questions you know while skipping the harder ones until the end. The practice questions are unnumbered, is the Certification set up like a normal exam.
  17. MissMemphis05


    Hello, I'm currently in a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program. I am looking for tips to study for state boards. I will be taking the ANCC certification. Has anyone tried the Lantern review? What has worked for you guys? Please Help. I appreciate all of the help. Thank you in advance.
  18. DrCOVID

    DNP capstone (PMHNP)

    Hey... well I'm not sure why there is no DNP forum, considering seems as if this is going to be the new standard. Not sure if this is the right place but I digress... I have selected an idea; I want to encourage contraceptive use for patients with psych illness since most every drug (mood stabilizer/antipsychotic) has been shown to be somewhat teratogenic. However, where I come up short is measurement. These capstone projects have to demonstrate some sort of measurable variable to track over time. Seems like most capstone projects are just some education project which measure scores of a basic test to assess for improvement of understanding the topic. I'm drawing a blank as far as what I could measure outside the clinic or patient based. Maybe pregnancy rates? I don't have that much time though. What else could I possibly measure in this case?
  19. smartypant

    Lantern review for ANCC PMHNP Exam

    I am studying for the Ancc Pmhnp exam and I am using the lantern review please has anyone used the lantern review and passed on the first try and would you recommend it again?