PMHNP Spring 2024 and/or Fall 2024

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Anyone applied to PMHNP programs for Spring 2024 or Fall 2024 (fall 2023 welcome to weigh in)? I want to start a forum for questions and support.

1.) Where did you apply and for which cohort?

2.) Preference of school and is it online or in person?

3.) Personal background/stats (GPA, GRE, experience)

4.) Have you interviewed or scheduled an interview?

5.) Acceptance? 

I'll start off with my information...

1.) Duke fall 2024, UPenn fall 2024, Vanderbilt fall 2024, Yale Spring 2024, Jefferson Spring 2024, La Salle Spring 2024, FDU Spring 2024. Looking into PMHNP DNP as well but haven't applied yet (Hopkins, UMD, Baylor, FSU).

2.)  Preference probably UPenn and it's in person. Second choice Yale/Jefferson both are online.

3.) BSN 3.8, BS behavioral science 3.15 ish? I forget it was a long time ago. No GRE, 5+ years in various ICUs

4.) No interviews.. still submitting apps

5.) Not yet 



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Specializes in Psychiatry.

1. Vanderbilt, Ohio State, University of Rochester, Yale, UT Austin, MGHIHP all direct entry programs

2. Vanderbilt or UT Austin

3. Undergraduate GPA 3.84 major in Psych, currently working as a behavioral health technician in psychiatry

4. still submitting applications

5. hopefully!

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