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  1. Hi there! Currently working as an RN and the company will pay for part of my tuition. I need advice on which BSN program is inexpensive and online in Florida. I live in Broward County, Florida.
  2. Thoughts on Remar Review

    Thank you for the recommendation. Did you also buy the Self - Help DVDs? I just noticed that the Self - Help and Academy are different!
  3. Thoughts on Remar Review

    I am a repeat NCLEX-RN taker and I have purchased, so many books and programs plus tutors that it is overwhelming. I have the following: Kaplan (in person and online) books, Hurst, Saunders, LaCharity, Uworld, NCSBN, Remar Quick Facts and so many oth...
  4. Suzanne4 Nclex Plan Anyone?

    Yes, I came across her postings that stated that. It's a shame that she is not around on this site. Hope all is well with her. I have come across, so many programs and books that help in passing I just have not found one that fits my learning underst...
  5. Suzanne4 Nclex Plan Anyone?

    Oh NO!!!! Thank you for the update!
  6. Suzanne4 Nclex Plan Anyone?

    Does anyone have contact with Suzanne4 in regards to her NClex Study Plan?? I pm her over a week ago and no answer. I recently failed the Nclex and came across her posts in helping students in structuring their studying in order to pass Nclex.
  7. Hello, I have ADD, how may I apply this while studying for the Nclex-Rn?
  8. Advice on Nclex with ADD/Anxiety

    Hello Everyone, I am a repeat test taker for the Nclex-RN. I have ADD and currently taking medication for it while I am studying as well for the day of testing. I also have major test anxiety especially when it comes to this test being on CAT. I will...
  9. How do people fail the NCLEX ?

    Kunzieo, Please contact me
  10. How do people fail the NCLEX ?

    Kunzieo, Please contact me
  11. NCLEX Tips, Strategies & Encouragements

    I enjoyed your post. It's inspiring for me to work harder in passing the Nclex-Rn. I have Saunders 6th edition what areas (chapters or subject areas) did you study? Thank you in advance.
  12. Mark Klimek Nclex review

    Thank you. Yes, please let me know. I appreciate it.
  13. So many resources to study??!! Which one?

    My home office is filled with so many NCLEX resource study that I don't where to start again! I quit my job yesterday just to focus on this exam to take before May. My resources are as follows: Lacharity, Kaplan books/trainers, Learning extension, Ma...
  14. Mark Klimek Nclex review

    Hello, Has anyone taken Mark Klimek Nclex review? If so, does he recommend any Qbanks or books besides his class?
  15. I'm getting discouraged

    Hello Everyone, I took the Rn-Nclex twice a couple of months ago and I did not pass it. I took a break while the holidays were going on (close to a mth on break) and now I'm starting up again. I have a tutor that I started with the about a mth ago an...