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  1. NeoNurse2Be

    Mayo Clinic Residency & Rochester Area

    Thank you so much for your reply! I hear that it is very hard to get your application accepted with the Mayo Clinic, but I am hoping that is not the case. The residency is not unit-specific?
  2. NeoNurse2Be

    Mayo Clinic Residency & Rochester Area

    Has anyone applied to the Residency program at Mayo Clinic or has gone through the residency program? I applied for the NICU and just wanted some insight being that I'll be moving from Florida.
  3. NeoNurse2Be

    Children's Mercy Residency

    Has anyone applied for the Residency program at Children's Mercy?
  4. NeoNurse2Be

    Children's Mercy Residency

    Has anyone applied for the Residency program at Children's Mercy?
  5. NeoNurse2Be

    Augusta Tech Fall 2015

    I haven't and I'm anxiously waiting!
  6. NeoNurse2Be

    Alegria shoes. Opinions?

    I heard that these were great too, the only reason that I didn't get them is because I read that sometimes the sizing can be a little off. I just didn't have the time to order them, send them back and wait for another pair. So I decided I would go with Timberland Professional Renvoa (which I now have) or Akesso (I am going to get).
  7. NeoNurse2Be

    Reviews of the new Littmann Classic III?

    I have the Classic III and I absolutely love it!
  8. NeoNurse2Be

    Comfortable shoes?

    I prefer clogs over sneakers only because I don't want anything to spill on my shoe laces of the tennis shoes; I want to be able to just wipe it off swiftly with no stains. I have the Timberland Professional Renova and they are extremely comfortable. I read a lot of great reviews on them and Dansko's weren't cutting it for me so I decided to try the Tim's and I'm so happy I did. Also Akesso makes some extremely comfortable shoes.
  9. NeoNurse2Be

    Stethoscope Help!

    I have the Littmann Classic III and their ear pieces fit snug so that you don't hear any outside noise, but as the previous poster said, you can just buy additional ear pieces and swap them out.
  10. NeoNurse2Be

    Shoe suggestions for Very Wide feet

    I have very wide feet too. Dansko's just did not cut it. I bought the Timberland Professional Renova and they are awesome. There were a lot of really good reviews on them so I decided to try it. The soles are extremely soft, the shoe fits just right with much room in the front. It's not like Dansko clogs where you're supposed to have room in the back of the shoe, so I don't have to worry if they're going to fly off when I run. Also you could try the Akesso brand. I'm not sure how much you want to spend, but you can pm me if you want to know where I got mine.
  11. I have the Littmann Classic III...sooooo worth it!
  12. NeoNurse2Be

    Littmann Classic III

    I have the Littmann Classic III in blue and I absolutely love it! I got it because of the ability to use it on peds & adults, plus I wanted a good quality scope that I could keep for years to come (providing it doesn't get stolen). I highly recommend this stethoscope. When I purchased mine the beginning of this year, a lot of people hadn't even heard of it so I ended up getting it online. I had a cheaper stethoscope and the quality was ok, but the Classic III is well worth the money. I can hear everything, even with my toddlers running around screaming. You will be glad you got it if you do.
  13. NeoNurse2Be

    Why did you come to allnurses? What made you stay?

    1. I came to allnurses because I was just searching for more nursing information and I came across the website. 2. I stayed on allnurses because I absolutely love it. Most of the people are extremely helpful and there is a wealth of information for anyone that needs it. Everyone knows that when it comes down to nursing, your family and friends just don't get it; but here, you have so many people whose been in your shoes. 3. I have been a member for a little over 2 years. 4. I enjoy having all of these resources at my fingertips and the feedback. For example, I was looking for a great RN-BSN school online and not only did I find several great schools, but I also got to see what others felt about those particular schools. I love that the admins are active and the pm feature. 5. I truly love the site the way it is so I'll leave this question for everybody else.
  14. NeoNurse2Be

    Augusta Tech Fall 2015

    Thanks for the link! For some reason when I went to that link, it pulled up the old editions than what I saw on the other website. (I'm sorry I guess I didn't add the link properly so just click the star below). *
  15. NeoNurse2Be

    Augusta Tech Fall 2015

    The crazy thing is, it allowed me to register for those classes on Monday even though I haven't gotten an acceptance call yet. I hope that means I'm getting in. I already took human development and speech as well, so we're lucky.
  16. NeoNurse2Be



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