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  1. studentnurse2018

    Nurse Achieve Reliable?

    I used it and passed in 60. My classmates also used it and passed the first time.
  2. studentnurse2018

    UWorld SCORES

    You should be okay. I had similar scores and passed in 60.
  3. studentnurse2018

    Took NCLEX Friday June 19 and didn’t pass

    If you are using the Mark Klimek audio that was posted on Youtube or other sites don't use it. Some of the material is outdated. I used UWorld also but I think the board questions were more like the NCSBN review course.
  4. studentnurse2018

    Taking NCLEX soon during COVID.

    I also test May 27 but did not have to pay for quick results because my license was posted on BON before the 48 hours. I used UWorld, Nurse Achieve and Mark Klimek audios.
  5. studentnurse2018

    NAU(RN-BSN) Personalized Learning

    Did you end up going to NAU? If you did can you tell me how many assignments are in each course?
  6. Can you tell me how many assignments are in each course?
  7. studentnurse2018

    Nursing.com Prep Academy vs. NCLEX Mastery?

    Try nurse achieve 30 day subscription is $95.
  8. studentnurse2018


    We used this in my nursing program. The questions are OK but UWorld and nurse achieve questions are more challenging.
  9. studentnurse2018

    NCLEX-RN study prep

    I didn't like the review content. It was too wordy and long in the NCSBN review. The practice questions were similar to NCLEX. I did about 1700 questions from the review. I thought the rationales were good and helped me answer questions on the NCLEX.
  10. studentnurse2018

    NCLEX-RN study prep

    I used the NCSBN Review Course, UWorld and Nurse Achieve. I think nurse achieve and the NCSBN review helped me the most. I like UWorld but their questions are harder than NCLEX. The questions in the NCSBN Review are the closest to the type of questions on NCLEX. Nurse Achieve has CAT exams that helped me prepare. I passed my NCLEX first time in 60 questions. I studied for 17 days and completed around 5100 questions before taking the exam.
  11. studentnurse2018

    Chamberlain FNP Summer 2019

    I'm thinking about applying to the FNP program in the fall semester. Can anyone tell me how the courses are set up? Is it mostly discussion posts, papers, quiz/exam? Are the quiz/exam proctored? Do you have to pay a fee for proctoring?
  12. studentnurse2018

    UWF FNP Program Fall 2020

    Is the GRE/GMAT required? On the MSN-FNP page, it's not mentioned, but on the admission page, it says submit test scores.
  13. studentnurse2018

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    Do 50 to 100 practice questions on OB each day.
  14. studentnurse2018

    Herzing FNP Program

    @ Eh.walker How are the courses set up at Herzing? Is it discussion post, group projects, papers, quiz/exam proctored? I'm looking at them to start in January.
  15. studentnurse2018

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    I'm in NC. My license posted to the BON and nursys site about the same time for me, which was before the 48 hours for quick results.
  16. studentnurse2018

    Pearson Vue Trick 2020 - Good pop-up?

    Check your BON before paying for quick results, my license appeared on the BON before the 48 hours.

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