LIAR: ADN RN prompted to lie about holding a BSN... is it passable?

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Wow at #2 question!!! 🙈I can't believe you're even thinking that! Lying is a BIG deal, especially in the field of nursing! I don't know where you live, but every job that requires a title/degree in order to work at their facility , will require proof that you hold a degree! Otherwise, we would have a bunch of random people who don't hold a degree, practice as nurses!#dangerzone

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What one gets out of a BSN program often depends on strength chosen program and what one puts into it. My BSN program in 1982 was based on Betty Neuman Systems Theory + had lots of community nursing requirements. Never thought I'd leave the hospitals Respiratory-tele step-down unit. After 25+yrs in home care, I still use this theory in practice + have special place in my heart for vent dependent patients.


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I'm currently in an RN-BSN program. Under EDUCATION: I have "RN-BSN" placed there. RN-BSN should indicate that I am a RN continuing my education.

No, "RN-BSN" suggests that you are someone who has completed a BSN degree. Until then, you're RN, ADN. And the credentials after your name on each post say "ADN, BSN," which, again, indicates that you hold a BSN degree. Although your initial question was whether you should start lying about your credentials, apparently you have already decided to do so (oh well, at least doing it here won't cost you a job or your license ...)

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Yes, "they" do check. If potential employers discover you lied about your education, your application will go in the "round file."

Or in addition, a call to the BON for "fraud"...

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I hope as you move through your BSN you will understand the difference. Continuing your education in nursing is less about the hands on skills and more about the way you think. Perhaps as you continue you will see and understand this. I have met many a nurse, and yes even I and one time, who could not see why we needed to get our degrees, but once I did, and I learned so much, including about myself, I was able to see the difference.

"Anyway, just wanted to say the job market in NYC isn't too bad. many agencies and small home care companies are willing to take new grads with no experience. although the agencies like to give undesirable positions psych and school NURSESarrow-10x10.png[COLOR=#000000], it's still an opportunity."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]I think that those who Love and work in the areas you considered undesirable may take offense to that statement. Just because they may not be your area of preference, does not mean they are undesirable.[/COLOR]

Wow.. I can understand your frustration to some degree, but no you cannot simply say you hold a degree which you don't. You know that. I'm hoping that you merely said this in frustration instead of honestly asking.


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I highly doubt the OP was really considering lying about her credentials.

This appears to be nothing more than a hypothetical question out of frustration.

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I wonder about a recruiter who would say it's illegal for an RN with an Associate Degree to work in Home Health.

Speculating about committing a crime (fraud) isn't OK, either, in my opinion. Fellow dinosaurs may remember a certain president who speculated that he could raise hush money. People took that pretty seriously.

ed. to add: I just realized this is in the Male Student Nurse Forum. Not sure why but thought I ought to mention that in case there was a reason for placing the post in this forum.

I possess the XX.

I agree that a BSN gives you more in the way of managerial skills than nursing skills. However, never lie!!! They do check, and even if they don't before they hire, eventually you would be caught and then it is grounds for termination and a horrible reference.


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It's okay to lie to people who don't check credentials.:roflmao: The diploma&transcript elaborate everything.


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Go ahead and lie about having a BSN, enjoy the dire consequences and throw your entire career away! It's 2015, anyone can find out ANYTHING about you thanks to technology :)

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Response to Question #1: No comment (not getting pulled into that one)

Response to Question #2b: Yes they do check. My current job required a copy of my degree.

Response to Question #2a: You would wonder when you were going to be found out. You could lose your job immediately (possibly at a very inconvenient time) for lying on your application. Then have to deal with a "Not eligible for rehire" at an extremely inconvenient time.

I am curious though about not having a BSN in Home Health being illegal. It may be against the company's policy but against the law??

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