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xoemmylouox has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN.

Happily married ~ most days anyway ~ to my high school sweetheart. We have 2 very busy, stubborn, and opinionated kiddos (I don't know where they get that from, lol) and a four legged fur baby.

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  1. xoemmylouox

    How do you get called in?

    I get that they are trying to find the fastest solution, but I don't think it's actually doing anyone any good. I would NEVER rely on a text message to call someone in. Our house supervisors will send a mass text to us if they are looking for volunteers to come in, but any time someone gets called in - a phone call is made. Day or not - this should be the policy.
  2. xoemmylouox

    How I made $93,000 my first year of nursing

    That's great. I wish more places paid like this, but we also have to keep in mind cost of living expenses. Kudos to you and keep rocking it out. Save some for the future and enjoy your time away!
  3. xoemmylouox

    Taking pay cut for a promotion

    I hope you are liking your new job.
  4. xoemmylouox

    Texas Children's investigates RN for social media HIPAA violation

    I'm glad that she was stupid enough to post this on FB. I'm glad that neurosurgeon also decided to speak up. This is one way that one person stopped a possibly deadly outbreak. This story is a good example of how one person can really change things for a community (for the better or worse).
  5. xoemmylouox

    LTC nurses having to do CNA work all day

    I have to say that is most healthcare related facilities (LTC, Hospital, Clinics, etc) we are all working short staffed. Warm bodies are better than no bodies so they let the crap staff stay. To be honest, we can't get good staff right now in our area. Too many employers and not enough QUALITY staff. There are a few people I'd LOVE to get rid of, they aren't awful, but they do the bare minimum. I just don't have a pool of decent staff to replace them. I do hold them accountable though. I'm currently addressing the staff that can't seem to show up on time.
  6. xoemmylouox

    DON on cart

    Just make sure this is a VERY once and awhile thing. Getting asked to do both roles isn't easy when it becomes a frequent thing. In my current role I also work outside of my leadership role to help fill a need when we are short staffed. I don't mind it either, but I make sure my boss knows I'm not superwoman. If I work the floor, my leadership activities won't be getting done that day.
  7. Some states have "graduate nurse" status, but they are pretty much glorified CNA's. They should not pass meds alone or do any "nursing" tasks. Many places use it as a way to start they training process for nurses.
  8. I agree. I wouldn't start looking until you have received your ATT. Some BONs are known for moving at a turtle pace so you might be waiting for quite awhile about this issue.
  9. xoemmylouox

    Should I tell my employer about a public reprimand

    So you were told by your employer they were reporting you? Have you actually received anything from your BON about this? If not, nothing may even come of it. I think it's great you are being very prepared and talked to someone about this early in the process. Just try to not get too upset at this point. Best of luck.
  10. xoemmylouox

    Eating the patients' food?

    Seriously? A band aid? If I get a paper cut at work I'm using a band aid. That's not stealing, that's protecting my patients from my possibly infectious blood. I eat our snacks occasionally. I try not to because none of them are healthy, but I'll eat an ice cream or drink a milk with my peanut butter crackers. I can't lower myself to the turkey sandwiches though. I'll go without. I've taken a blanket from the warmer and used in one night when the a/c was cranked up too high and I was shivering from the cold. I have used plenty of Kleenex. I have even "gasp" taken a toothbrush and toothpaste from our supply room after I vomited from my patient's seeping wound that stunk like rotting flesh and was dripping god knows what ALL OVER THE PLACE. I also used one of our green vomit bags to catch said vomit. Yes I have stolen and no I am not ashamed.
  11. xoemmylouox

    Three 12s vs Five 8s

    I loved the idea of 4 days off when I worked 3 - 12s. However RARELY did I fully get that time off. There was always some mandaroty class, meeting, or committee that interrupted this. I am back to 5 - 8s, and I feel so much better. I get to see my kids, I get to get work done, and I actually get sleep.
  12. xoemmylouox

    Coworker had a needle stick, HR is not supportive

    While it is true that most infants are less likely to have certain diseases/disorders, I have personally cared for at least 10 children/infants with known HIV. I'm sure over my years I've cared for many more we just didn't know about. ALL needle sticks should be reported, and care should be sought.
  13. xoemmylouox

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    Who gave my aspiration precautions patient a tray?!?!?
  14. xoemmylouox

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    I told you not to order the lunch "special" today.
  15. xoemmylouox

    What Else Can I Do For A Living?

    I feel burnt out myself. I was about to start a Nursing leadersip/management MSN program and backed out. Instead I think I'm going for my MBA so I can pursue my desire to open my own business. I've still not entirely checked off a Healthcare Admin MSN either.
  16. xoemmylouox

    What is a Sugar Cleanse and Do I Need It?

    We are all going to die of something. I've met plenty of "healthy" people that watched every calorie/carb/fat and who exercised like it's a religion. They still develop cancer, they still die in MVA's, and some deny themselves food that they really want. I've met plenty of "unhealthy" people like myself who don't overindulge every day, but don't come between me and my cookies, because you're going to lose an arm or leg. Most days my exercise comes from chasing my kids/dog/hubby and the thousand miles I walk at work. It's possible that I too will develop cancer, I could get hit by a semi, and I don't deny myself the indulgences I want. At the end of the day to each their own, but this article need a major revamp it is wants any credibility. In honor of my sugar addiction I'm going to go eat a few hot coco oreos.

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