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xoemmylouox has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN.

Happily married ~ most days anyway ~ to my high school sweetheart. We have 2 very busy, stubborn, and opinionated kiddos (I don't know where they get that from, lol) and a four legged fur baby.

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  1. xoemmylouox

    No Order

    At the hospital I work at we have a nursing judgment protocol that allows us to bladder scan & straight cath a full 24hr for retention (or sx of) before we need an order. Perhaps that is something you can suggest at your next meeting. This was pu...
  2. xoemmylouox

    How do you get called in?

    I get that they are trying to find the fastest solution, but I don't think it's actually doing anyone any good. I would NEVER rely on a text message to call someone in. Our house supervisors will send a mass text to us if they are looking for volunte...
  3. xoemmylouox

    How would Medicare for all affect nursing?

    I keep hearing about the wait times in other countries. My question is how many Americans simply just go without care because they can't afford it? How many don't address their health concerns, or receive any treatment because they cannot afford it? ...
  4. xoemmylouox

    How I Made $93,000 My First Year of Nursing

    That's great. I wish more places paid like this, but we also have to keep in mind cost of living expenses. Kudos to you and keep rocking it out. Save some for the future and enjoy your time away!
  5. xoemmylouox

    Rapid response in the clinic

    We have different codes. We have the usual code "blue", but we have a specific code "white" for those times a patient passes out, has a vagal, etc. We have a specific team that responds, and there are enough people on it that we are typically fine. I...
  6. I stand corrected. There are pockets where there are not enough nurses.. Again - overall there isn't a nursing shortage. If the areas were attractive enough, nurses would move from overly saturated areas to work in those areas where we need nurses. E...
  7. xoemmylouox

    Pyxis Problems

    We don't have a med room. Most of our pyxis machines are in main hallways so there is no hiding from patients. They can walk right up to you and demand their meds.. It's super convenient for them to walk up and request their diluadid right then and t...
  8. xoemmylouox

    BLS renewal—ouch

    We recently had a code at work. There was 5 of us that rotated for compressions. We did compressions for about 45 minutes before they pronounced the poor guy. It was awful. I was sore for like 3 days. We were all dripping with sweat when we were done...
  9. The patient is right. They aren't enough of us at the bedside. Before I start hearing the nonsense of a nursing shortage, I'll shut it down. There isn't a true nursing shortage. There is just a shortage of nurses willing to be at the bedside. The rel...
  10. xoemmylouox

    A statistical death

    Sounds like it's time to find a new employer. Most places are going with bare bones staffing, but some places are worse than others.
  11. xoemmylouox

    Is it a bad idea to return to the hospital?

    I would wait until this summer when you aren't working your school job. This will give you time to go through orientation, training, and get some hands on job experience. I would go for a PRN position so if you decide it's not something you want to d...
  12. I would see what they say during your 2nd interview. I would also let them know when/if you get the other offer. Perhaps this will speed up their several week waiting period. The hiring process for some companies is so long, it's no wonder some spots...
  13. xoemmylouox

    Flyin' high in April, Shot down in May

    We all make those mistakes. That's something we have to keep in mind when others commit similar errors.
  14. Stick with your current job. It (hopefully) pays you well. You should have a decent career ladder if you are looking to move up. Volunteer if you want to add purpose to your life. You can volunteer at hospice, LTC, even the hospital holding preemie b...
  15. xoemmylouox


    That doesn't make sense. The thickness of the formula does not prevent orders being written. What is more likely is that they are not sure how at what rate your patient will tolerate this thicker feeding. Sometimes feeding rates have to be changed de...