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  1. Mavrick

    Magnet Designation: What's the Attraction?

    I suppose there was a time when Magnet status reflected a hospital work environment that was so positively peachy it attracted and retained nurses. Child care, flexible scheduling, educational opportunities and nurse friendly stuff like that. Then the bean counters got involved and have tried to use magnet status in an attempt to attract patients. Marketing BS. That doesn't work so well when patients don't pick their hospital anyway, as stated before it's an insurance decision for the most part. Nurses certainly aren't fooled by the excessive "free" labor opportunities and presenting ideas that would make for a better work environment for the nurses but not necessarily bonuses for management. The conflict of interest inherent a mouse issuing free cheese vouchers is laughable.
  2. Mavrick

    Want to Begin Exercising? Check out Your Local Church

    Jiggly is the mental image I get when I see "loose weight". An exercise "date" really does make me more accountable and likely to show up. Don't wanna let my buddy down.
  3. Mavrick

    Want to Begin Exercising? Check out Your Local Church

    With this last birthday I am entitled to the senior discount at the local Community Center. $2.00 for a room full of all the stuff I need. Ellipticals, treadmills, rowers, weight machines, free weights, stretching room with mats and exercise balls. This church/fitness thing sounds good too! Thanks, Commuter, for the reminder that it's not just about a scale. There are many other benefits to being fitter.
  4. Mavrick

    Top States and Hospitals for Nursing Jobs

    Yeah for Washington! I love working here.
  5. Mavrick

    CRNA or NP?

    Why do you feel the need to choose either one? How will having an advanced degree help you?