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15 years in ICU, 22 years in PACU
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Mavrick has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in 15 years in ICU, 22 years in PACU.

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  1. Mavrick

    Bad signs? New department

    Is there any way to learn EPIC before you start a job? I'm going to a new hospital that uses EPIC. My current one was scheduled to go-live earlier this year but the COVID Plague messed that all up. Any on-line or Youtube tutorials you would sugges...
  2. Mavrick

    AZ PACU Contract plus Call

    Would like feedback on an AZ PACU contract. $1600/week total package based on 40 hours averages to $40/hr. No extra for housing/medical/relocation/etc. Call is, of course, expected and is above and beyond the 40 hours at $56/hr. I'm not out to squ...
  3. "Your chances of getting in/through nursing school = slim. Getting your record past the BON = none.

    You have not been able to learn from (and stop repeating) your mistakes.

    This is a serious wake up call that you need to stop drinking and driving. The BON has the responsibility to keep the public safe, not giving you a license to endanger that public.

    Look for work elsewhere."


    youre a stupid *** bro

  4. Mavrick

    RN-BSN (Affordable!)

    It's not clear from your post but are you already an RN?
  5. I applied for a job at Kindred in Kansas City in 2003. They had a mandatory 8 hour orientation shift for which you were paid NOTHING!! I am still a bit miffed I did it then never got called for a shift.
  6. Mavrick

    Honesty with Recruiter

    Well, I stand corrected. Based on the increase in "impaired driving" accidents in the state of Washington, I don't think it is a good idea to wait for an incident of "impaired nursing" to take action. How can you ****** prove it was the use of mari...
  7. Mavrick

    Honesty with Recruiter

    not regularly USE.
  8. Mavrick

    Honesty with Recruiter

    Totally irrelevant that marijuana is legal in any state. It is a federally controlled substance and it's use subject to criminal prosecution. Also, no BON will allow use of marijuana by its licensees. And also, no reputable healthcare employer will ...
  9. Mavrick


    I suppose OP didn't really ask a question just a very limited-option poll. I would agree, the BON in question will determine what is or is not a sealed record/felony. Unfortunately so many of these inquiries don't write follow ups here on AN so I'm ...
  10. Mavrick

    56 With Multiple Back Surgeries Wants to Become an RN

    Exactly what I was thinking. You still have clinicals just like everybody else. First things first .... take care of your back, you will need it.
  11. Mavrick

    Math question help please!

    Is this exactly how the question is written?? The body weight/day part is totally unnecessary and just sounds kinda weird. Anyway, I think your math is right. Can't explain why the book doesn't agree.
  12. Mavrick

    New Grad Resume

    Also don't use your cell phone to write your resume. (The only reason I can think of that this post has so many typos and grammar errors)
  13. I can't think of why a "direct entry" is so important to you other than you think once you get in you can just coast on through. If you haven't improved your study skills to better than "not the greatest", you will flunk out of a direct entry school ...
  14. Mavrick


    All the posts were helpful but I think this boils down the essence.
  15. Mavrick

    Quesrion for NICU nurses

    This thread is just asking for trouble.