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Mavrick BSN, RN

15 years in ICU, 22 years in PACU
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Mavrick has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in 15 years in ICU, 22 years in PACU.

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  1. Mavrick

    Bad signs? New department

    Is there any way to learn EPIC before you start a job? I'm going to a new hospital that uses EPIC. My current one was scheduled to go-live earlier this year but the COVID Plague messed that all up. Any on-line or Youtube tutorials you would suggest? I'm afraid I'm going to get shoved in front of a computer with 2 Post Op patients rolling through the door let the chips fall where they may. And the terminology is foreign. Narrator? Blank notes? .............................. help ................. glug, glug.
  2. Mavrick

    AZ PACU Contract plus Call

    Would like feedback on an AZ PACU contract. $1600/week total package based on 40 hours averages to $40/hr. No extra for housing/medical/relocation/etc. Call is, of course, expected and is above and beyond the 40 hours at $56/hr. I'm not out to squeeze every last dime and am willing to fall for the "they pay you in sunshine" mantra. I'm thinking this gig sounds pretty reasonable. Go ahead, slap me up side the head if this contract is loony tunes. Anything I am being naive about?
  3. Mavrick

    What To Do When A Professor Is Insensitive

    You've stacked all your hopes on a school that may not be any better but will sure load you up with student loan debt? Doesn't sound like a very good choice for such a sensitive student.
  4. Mavrick

    HOMEWORK HELP Please help!?!

    What I hate about this question is the ambiguity of "normal". What is normal for a person who has just sprinted across a parking lot? HR of 110? RR of 30? Patients are always asking me if their HR or B/P or temperature is "normal" and I always have to ask "Do you know what is normal for you?" I can give you a number but depending on the situation it may not be at all normal for you to have a B/P of 92/55. Then again that might be perfectly normal for you.
  5. None. New grads should not specialize. They don't know enough about nursing to know what they know or don't know. So many nursing students don't have a clue about what real nursing is. They have made massively erroneous assumptions about nursing from watching too much TV. Picking a "specialty" too soon is an easy way to end up stuck in something you don't really like because your parents thought you should be a CRNA or because you think working with babies would be fun. I had no idea how much I would enjoy Interventional Radiology until I floated there on a whim at a friend's suggestion.
  6. Mavrick

    IV insertion: 20 gauge vs 22 gauge

    Totally agree. The catheter obviously isn't even in the vein yet if it is "bunching up" on the skin.
  7. Mavrick

    Advice for Nursing Student?

    I don't see that OP has the basic temperament for nursing. It's not all "fun stuff" and wellness. If you're looking for a way out, take it now before you really get stressed, have a lot of student loan debt and hate your first job after 3 weeks.
  8. If you already have a NY nursing license you don't "change" to a CA license. You get an entirely new license. It will be in addition to your NY license. You will then have two licenses. If you want to keep them both, you will have to keep up all the requirements for each state and pay their separate fees. Here is a link to the current processing times for obtaining a CA nursing license. Processing Times Seems to be 10-12 weeks for license by endorsement.
  9. Mavrick

    Nurse dating former patient?

    That you can't see the awful signs of stalking/harassment/controlling behavior is worrisome that you have shaky boundaries, low self esteem and seem desperate for male attention. These predators can sniff that out and use it to your disadvantage with a smile on their face as they twirl the zip-ties behind their back.
  10. Mavrick

    AZ New Grad RN

    Uninformed is certainly the correct term. I disagree that calling him out on his not useful suggestion is not "unnecessary". Suggesting travel nursing to an inexperienced new grad needs to stop.
  11. Mavrick

    AZ New Grad RN

    I'm piling on. This is such bad advice from some totally uninformed stooge. Travel nurses are used as a short term answer to a staffing problem. Hospitals have no interest in training you. They want someone to hit the ground running and be done with you when they hire their own staff. You can continue to wait for a better job offer to come to you or make arrangements to move to where the jobs are. Your window of opportunity to snag a new grad residency position is limited. You are gaining no experience now and will soon be an "old" grad with no experience and in an even more difficult position to find employment in an acute care setting.
  12. Mavrick


    I suppose if you only give yourself two choices 1) go to nursing home to die OR 2) be able to do what they always wanted to do, then flip a coin and be done with it. Most adults realize there are many more options than just two and appreciate getting facts and opinions from many sources. You asked a nursing website if your age would be a factor. A nurse courteously responded that yes, you would have fewer opportunities and less time to pay off any student loan debt you might incur. You jumped all over them in a post that does not sound that intelligent at all. Proof reading and spell check work wonders in conveying intelligence via the written word. Who knows what country you are from but here in the United States healthcare employers generally do not hire people out of the kindness of their heart. It is a business and an employee is a return on an investment to do a job for the minimal cost possible. Another thread on this very board emphasizes that employers don't care what you look like. They want to believe you can do the job in exchange for money.
  13. Mavrick

    Jobs for older nurses

    Duh, this thread is 6 years old.
  14. Mavrick

    Unfit for career?

    I suppose I meant to write " field" but, if nobody notices ........
  15. Mavrick

    Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

    Absolutely true that we are curious as human beings and do notice people that are at the ends of the bell shaped curve for "normal". Very tall people, very short people, people with a lot of freckles etc. I know a guy who had some pretty severe burns on his face. After "noticing" them a few times it got to where it wasn't even a thing. It's just who he is. Heck, there is a woman with two heads (actually more like two women with one body) on TLC. I've seen the show a couple of times and have gotten over that they're different. It's fascinating to see how they walk, ride a bike, drive etc when they are essentially two people with control of half a body. So yeah, at first people may notice you look different but you teach them how to treat you as a caring competent nurse and that's who they come to know.
  16. Mavrick

    Unfit for career?

    Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse. There are plenty of other jobs in the healthcare fiend. I sometimes wish I had gone into radiology and specialized as a nuclear medicine technologist.