AZ PACU Contract plus Call


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Would like feedback on an AZ PACU contract. $1600/week total package based on 40 hours averages to $40/hr. No extra for housing/medical/relocation/etc. Call is, of course, expected and is above and beyond the 40 hours at $56/hr.

I'm not out to squeeze every last dime and am willing to fall for the "they pay you in sunshine" mantra. I'm thinking this gig sounds pretty reasonable.

Go ahead, slap me up side the head if this contract is loony tunes.

Anything I am being naive about?


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Personally, I would not touch any assignment that paid less than $50 an hour in total compensation per PanTravelers Calculator. I suspect putting in your assignment details will result in about $42 an hour total compensation (including employer's share of payroll taxes).

The even more egregious part of your proposed contract is overtime (and probably call pay as well). Accept no less than $63 an hour. Even at this rate, the agency will be making out like a bandit. If the bill rate is between $60 and $70 an hour (almost certainly) and time and a half is paid on that rate (about 70% probability) then the agency is being paid $90 to $105 per hour.

The lowest amount the agency will bill for OT is base rate plus $10. So even there, they can afford to pay the rate I mentioned above. They can do no worse than break even at that rate, and already have negotiated a profit margin for the entire assignment that they deem fair (to lucrative). No reason they should earn more for your extra work.


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Also, you have a significant risk factor as you might get struck by Covid. Pretty hard to determine what that risk is worth, but some agencies are paying 2-4 weeks if assignment has to be terminated due to getting infected.