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LadyFree28 has 19 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Emergency, Trauma.

A highly skilled, adventurous nurse in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area

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  1. LadyFree28

    Adding Robots to Help Nurses?

    This is an interesting post, as I created a paper in one of my Master's Courses addressing this issue. The short version is: robots aren't going to replace us. Due to overhead, patients satisfaction, it's not going to happen. Humans-even though ...
  2. LadyFree28

    Nursing Shortage

    Like a poster stated...there has been a nursing shortage for DECADES. I entered the profession in's was a shortage and to take 1/2 a unit with the charge nurse, pass meds and turn them-the patients were SCI (Spinal Cord Injured) o...
  3. LadyFree28

    Waste of time/money to earn extra certifications?

    Get ACLS...that certificate WILL enhance your practice ASAP when your patient goes south. As for the certification in your specialty? Definitely pursue it once you have 2-plus years of practice. I'm studying for the CPEN after 3 years of practice-I ...
  4. LadyFree28

    Nurses with PTSD

    I have PTSD. I have many posts describing how I've handled PTSD for years on this site. My PTSD is a result of being a domestic violence survivor; I also am a gun violence survivor-my exempted abused me shot me seven times point blank. I found worki...
  5. LadyFree28

    Fight for Mandated Nurse - Patient Ratios Heats up - Pennsylvania

    This is the tip of the iceberg...feeling proud of the work I do as a nursing activist! We will NOT stop until it is done! As far as the ANA and the PSNA not supportive-I have stopped supporting them when the "alternative" came out about five years a...
  6. NOT true; obtained my position while working at a nursing home; my unit also hired a co-worker I worked with at the same nursing home and has also hired a "new nurse" that worked in a nursing home. And the hospital pays MORE-agoing not necessary tru...
  7. LadyFree28


    In some areas, depending on the facility, there are nurses who have varied hours; it's not surprising if one unit works 80 and one unit works 72. At my employer, I have been a 1.0 and worked two 12s and 2 8s, but desired 0.9, however I had to apply ...
  8. LadyFree28

    ED RN Duties

    I work at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center as well as a Stroke/Heart Center Adult ED (non-trauma) They both have a "Main ED" which patients that need complex medical interventions are placed as well as a "fast-track"/urgent care, which are simple m...
  9. LadyFree28

    Part time plus per diem?

    I currently have a full-time position at my hospital and an on-call position in another unit; the on call is minimum 24 hrs per month and doesn't interfere with my full time hours. I also have a minimum 24-hrs per diem position at another hospital. i...
  10. LadyFree28

    Where are the nursing discounts?

    Nurse's USA has discounts for nurses if you join their membership: NursesUSA:.Member Benefits I've received discounts for my local Zoo membership, to sports events, etc. They're out there.
  11. LadyFree28

    Are nurses and doctors equal?

    In all my years of healthcare, I have ALWAYS been an advocate of the patient-always. I remember my first patient refusing further treatment and a physician attempt to persuade a patient to go through with the surgery; I stood by and stated "she has r...
  12. LadyFree28

    The Union Is Coming

    I concur. I am in my first contract with my facility; I came to negotiations, and engaged passionately for myself, people who were fearful, yet saw the newbie (that's me) join because there was a serious and sadistic power struggle where the manageme...
  13. LadyFree28

    WILTW-Summer Edition: What HAVEN'T I learned?

    I hope you find a neurologist, and corneas and eyes are cool, especially if one ever has to use a Morgan lens! Positive vibes in getting into nursing school!
  14. LadyFree28

    WILTW-Summer Edition: What HAVEN'T I learned?

    Sorry for your loss! Sometimes being the family healthcare proxy is stressful, but an obligation I uphold; she doesn't advocate we'll because of many stereotypes about healthcare. For example, she thought she wouldn't get a refill of her pain medica...
  15. LadyFree28

    WILTW-Summer Edition: What HAVEN'T I learned?

    That is very great news! Living paycheck to paycheck is stressing-sending positive vibes for your family, and that wild weather in your state!