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  1. scaredsilly

    Jahi is still on 'life support'?!

    She is dead! And one person who IS affected is her 8 year old sister who is being forced to live with a corpse
  2. scaredsilly

    Look who's back..back again...Jahi's back...

    A few months ago they went to court to try to convince the judge that Jahi is alive. If she were alive, they can bring her home to Cali and they can sue for unlimited millions. Since she is dead, they must stay in one of the 2 states that make legal exemption for someone claiming that their religion does not accept brain death as true death, and they cannot sue for more than $250k. Everyone thought that the courts would uphold the death certificate and that she would finally be allowed to RIP. Instead, judge Freeman said basically 'if she is alive, prove it'. They went back to court and instead of offering proof they filed a request to bifurcate the case in order to establish malpractice without first determining life or death. So, basically, they are admitting (without admitting it) that they have no proof and the girl is dead. So far all they offer as proof is reports of menstruation that cannot be proven, claims of breast development that can be disproven because they posted photos that proved she had breasts pre-death, and some hokey undated manipulated videos showing reflexive movement. As for her "maturing"--I don't think so! She was morbidly obese pre-op and she is losing weight due to wasting. Get rid of all that fat, and she is going to look more mature! Here is the article explaining what they are trying to do now: Medical Futility Blog: Jahi McMath Family Moves to Bifurcate Trial
  3. scaredsilly

    Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

    I love my career as a nurse, and I would have loved it with an LPN or an ADN as well--IF I could get a job. Where I am, LPNs cant work in hospitals and those that work in clinics or Dr offices get paid a lot less. Same holds true for ADNs in this city. I don't think it is fair, but I don't think that it is gonna change either. I became a nurse because that was who I was meant to be. I got my BSN and RN because I wanted to be able to make a living as a nurse without relocating.
  4. scaredsilly

    Computer shut at 265

    Happened to me a year ago and I passed.
  5. scaredsilly

    failed nclex 5 times

    You graduated 4 years ago and failed 5 times. In my opinion you should take a review course. I know that is not cheap but after 4 years and that many failures it is pretty clear that you are missing something. Contact your school (or any school or the BON) an find a good course, after the course try Kaplan or a tutor to learn how to dissect an answer the questions. If you try to test again without getting that remediation the results are not as likely to be what you want.
  6. scaredsilly

    Pearson Vue Trick- Took my 200 :(

    Not completely sure, but I think that 3 is the limit in Colorado
  7. scaredsilly

    NCLEX - what the heck?!

    ALL numbers are emotional on NCLEX. People pass and fail at 75, at 265, and at any number in between. Go do something fun for two days and if your state offers quick results you will know in 48 hours.
  8. scaredsilly

    Denver School Of Nursing vs Front Range Community College

    We got into a similar conversation at work-a CNA I am friendly with wants to go to nursing school and was considering DSN. Well...2015 NCLEX pass rates came out and DSN has a pass rate of only 78%. That in my opinion would make me run as far and fast as I could. The stats are awful. All that money and you do not emerge prepared to test. ugh!
  9. scaredsilly

    Help me if you know please

    No one know why it say business days. It is actually 48 hours
  10. scaredsilly

    nclex result! help

    OP, most of us cry! Sorry, but no one on here is going to be able to tell you if you passed or failed. If anyone tries, it would be a guess. If you were a good student, did well in school on exams and really knew your content, there's a great chance you passed. Relax, and if PI offers quick results, you should be getting them soon. Good luck
  11. scaredsilly

    NCLEX survival Kit ideas please! Bonus points for humor ;)

    For while they are studying: Phone numbers of classmates to form a study group (with their permission) Large water bottle Card with the hours of the school library (great place to study) A gift card to starbucks (another good place to study) Granola bars are good-any high protein snack I like the iTunes idea. There is also a phone app for practice questions, I don't think that is too expensive either Amazon has pharmacology flash cards that are awesome for around $25 if you budget allows.
  12. scaredsilly

    New Grad outlook in Denver

    ADNs have a tough time getting a hospital job here, but LTC, SNF, and clinics are easier.
  13. scaredsilly

    Oh No! I got 265 questions on NCLEX!

    Great post! And Congrats! I did all 265 and passed as well. I was so sure I failed that I spent the two days in the library studying to take it again. The test is a monster that steals your soul and crushes your confidence, but it's worth it. I love being a nurse.
  14. scaredsilly

    Scheduling NCLEX vs being prepared enough - question

    If you are not able to go back and study what you got wrong, then I would say postpone. In my opinion, it is better to reschedule and give yourself plenty of opportunity to prepare than to fail.
  15. scaredsilly

    Nursing Textbooks

    Your fundamental and assessment books will be used for more than one class, as will med surg and possibly pharmacology. The other books are going to be used for one semester only. Those that you need for one semester can be rented at a huge discount. Pharmacology needs to be the edition they ask for because things change so quickily. Otherwise older editions if they are fairly recently published should be ok...but be careful to find out if there are assignments right from the book. My school never did that, but I know someone that went to school where they would have assignments like "answer questions 1-20 on page 200. You would need the right edition if you have classes that do that.
  16. scaredsilly

    New Grad outlook in Denver

    Last year when I was anew grad, it was not terrible, but a lot of my classmates got hired at places where they did clinicals. A lot of others walked their resumes in. The online application process is very unfriendly to anyone without experience. You might have better luck if you could come out here for a couple of weeks after you pass NCLEX. I got hired in L&D, but I did my practicum there so knew the managers.