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mirandaaa has 3 years experience and specializes in PCT, RN.

I'm an RN grad with aspirations to commission into the military and do active duty combat nursing in the Nurse Corps.

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  1. Hey All! I used to be a hardcore dedicated AN user and then life and school got me pretty busy and many things have changed since I used to come on here all the time. But the good news is I've made it to my final semester (FINALLY) and what a wild ride. Anyways, over the course of the past year, I got involved with (and heart broken) by someone in the Army. In that time I learned a lot about the military and did a ton of research over the past 7 months or so and decided that nursing in the Air Force is something I really want to pursue. I'm speaking to a recruiter tomorrow but was wondering if anyone out there does nursing in any of the military branches currently and what you like about it. I'm finishing school with my associates and trying to decide if I should go back to school for my Bachelors first and commission in as an officer or if I should jump right in as an enlisted and attend school for my Bachelors that way. I'd love to hear some good stories and opinions on this.
  2. mirandaaa

    Let's Be Honest...

    How hard is it to get an RN position in Hawaii (specifically O'ahu) if you're coming from out of state as a new grad? Would letters of recommendation help? I ask because I'm graduating nursing school in May and taking my NCLEX shortly after and have plans to move to O'ahu by the end of summer (projected date is somewhere around August/September).
  3. I currently live in the Chicago suburbs and there's a possibility that I'll need to move to Nashville over the summer. Does anyone know if any of the Nashville RN programs would take my nursing credits? Yes, I know my best bet would be to call but it's the weekend and I also am curious if anyone has done it and how it worked.
  4. mirandaaa

    Nursing School Update Pt. 3

    First semester is halfway through (thank God). I got a job as a PCA on a med/tele unit; it IS possible to do well in school and work (although I am negative sleep sometimes). The guy I'm seeing is leaving on tour next week and won't be back home until May. Is it wrong I'm actually sorta excited for him to go so I can focus solely on school? Assess everything. Pay attention in pharm. The instructors have great stories. I hate waiting to see how I did on an exam. I miss taco Tuesday's; will need to return to that routine again. I haven't broken down yet, but I'm waiting for it. Sometimes drinking wine while studying helps. I'm really freaking tired and stressed but I'm doing well in school and I like my job. Toodaloo.
  5. I've learned that I never have time for AN anymore! Friendships suffer a bit and sometimes those friends can't stick around. Drinking 3 margaritas the night before Pharmacology and Fundamentals day is not a good idea. It is actually possible to go through an entire container of coffee by myself. Not biting my nails is really hard now that I can't wear nail polish. 'til next time.
  6. You cheat, you die. Basically don't post anything on social media. Ever. Pharmacology is going to be a nightmare. The manikins are freakin' astounding. My instructors are awesome. They keep the classrooms at approximately 32 degrees. Those are basically the fun ones. Of course I learned actual nursing things as well. Non-school related things: It is possible to eat out 4 lunches in a row and not die (although I feel like I might). I still don't know what triggers my anxiety (but I am determined to find out). Three words: Underoath. Reunion. Tour.
  7. mirandaaa

    lost my first CNA job because of age

    Try doing home health! I think a big reason why they denied you is because you have to be 18+ to use the mechanical lifts and some other equipment. It would be too difficult to have someone on the schedule that is unable to perform these tasks (especially in LTC). Home health would be good because they could be more flexible with giving you clients that do not require mechanical lifts. Good luck!
  8. mirandaaa

    Help! How do I study these gigantic chapters!?

    I feel that was rather rudely stated and a little unnecessary. I'm sure when you started nursing school and started getting your books, you also were amazed at the sheer size and weight of them. OP stating that it's huge and intimidating isn't something to be snarky about; they are huge books and the amount of information within them is intimidating. Asking for study pointers for using these books was a great question and thank you jadelpn for answering.
  9. mirandaaa

    August 2015 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    Please immediately award this to Jbudd omg hahahaha.
  10. mirandaaa

    CNA Agencies?

    Hi All, I start the RN program on Monday and I'm not going to be able to keep my office job. I have enough money saved on top of receiving grants that I'm not too concerned with finding a new job for a while, but I was wondering who works for an agency as a CNA and what does it entail? I've been applying since May to any and all CNA/PCA/PCT positions that have opened in all of the hospitals nearby and have interviewed for a few of them, just to find the facility would have a hard time scheduling around my school schedule (even though I have the ability to work 2nd and/or 3rd shifts). I'm looking into CNA agencies, thinking that would give me a little more flexibility but I've never done that before.
  11. mirandaaa

    I handled this poorly. What would you do?

    I would have said, "Mine is bigger." Saying that as a woman, I feel that would have wiped that ugly smile right off his face.
  12. mirandaaa

    You know you're a CNA when...

    When you can see some really gross things and continue on to eat lunch like it never happened lol.
  13. mirandaaa

    12 hour shifts question

    That would still equal 45, not 42 lol.
  14. mirandaaa

    12 hour shifts question

    Well, technically it would be 48 hours. (3 shifts that are 12 hours = 36 hours + the extra 12 hour shift = 48).
  15. mirandaaa

    He/She Said What!?

    I still think one of the worst ones is having an RN saying that an LPN "isn't a nurse".
  16. mirandaaa

    2nd day of school!

    Woah, relax a little lol. You're not doing yourself any favors by being this freaked out.