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mirandaaa has 3 years experience and specializes in PCT, RN.

I'm an RN grad with aspirations to commission into the military and do active duty combat nursing in the Nurse Corps.

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  1. Taking My NCLEX Wednesday

    Welp guys, passed with 75! Got my results in 24 hours. Officially an RN and starting my new job the day I get back from Seattle í ½í¸Š
  2. Taking My NCLEX Wednesday

    Oh my gosh hi! I remember you too! I used to run rampant constantly on this site but got so busy with school that I cut back. Test shut off at 75 questions. Pretty sure I felt like dying but I tried the Pearson trick just for some peace of mind and ...
  3. Taking My NCLEX Wednesday

    Test shut off at 75 questions and I felt like I was gonna puke. Did the not-totally-reliable-but-peace-of-mind Pearson Vue trick and that looks good so far. Just gotta wait for the results on the BON website!
  4. Taking My NCLEX Wednesday

    Thank you thank you! I used UWorld, Mastery, Saunders, and ATI!
  5. Pass/Fail With 75 Poll

    I'm aware of that. This is just a research topic for a project I'm working on.
  6. Pass/Fail With 75 Poll

    Hey all, I know there's an old poll with the same question, but it's several years old now and the NCLEX has changed over the years. I was wondering if recently-taken NCLEX-RN test-takers whose test shut off at 75 would vote and say if they passed ...
  7. Taking My NCLEX Wednesday

    Welp, after a very long, hard, and stressful few years, I completed nursing school and graduated last month. I take my NCLEX on Wednesday. I've been studying like crazy and can only hope that I have enough knowledge retained in my brain to pass. I ...
  8. Hey All! I used to be a hardcore dedicated AN user and then life and school got me pretty busy and many things have changed since I used to come on here all the time. But the good news is I've made it to my final semester (FINALLY) and what a wild r...
  9. Let's Be Honest...

    How hard is it to get an RN position in Hawaii (specifically O'ahu) if you're coming from out of state as a new grad? Would letters of recommendation help? I ask because I'm graduating nursing school in May and taking my NCLEX shortly after and have...
  10. Transfer Programs/Schools - Nashville

    I currently live in the Chicago suburbs and there's a possibility that I'll need to move to Nashville over the summer. Does anyone know if any of the Nashville RN programs would take my nursing credits? Yes, I know my best bet would be to call but ...
  11. Nursing School Update Pt. 4

    Oh my god this is fantastic hahahahaha.
  12. Nursing School Update Pt. 4

    Onward to the last half of the first semester (seriously, already!?) I passed my fundamentals course and was able to progress into Med-Surg and clinical! I realized nursing school does not give instant gratification; you must wait to find out if you...
  13. My advice: Stick out your current job until you're done with school or until you can find something more accommodating to your school schedule. I know what it's like to dislike your current job, but this is why you're in school, so you can get into ...
  14. Nursing School Update Pt. 3

    First semester is halfway through (thank God). I got a job as a PCA on a med/tele unit; it IS possible to do well in school and work (although I am negative sleep sometimes). The guy I'm seeing is leaving on tour next week and won't be back home un...
  15. I've learned that I never have time for AN anymore! Friendships suffer a bit and sometimes those friends can't stick around. Drinking 3 margaritas the night before Pharmacology and Fundamentals day is not a good idea. It is actually possible to go t...