What I've Learned In Nursing School So Far


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I've learned that I never have time for AN anymore!

  • Friendships suffer a bit and sometimes those friends can't stick around.
  • Drinking 3 margaritas the night before Pharmacology and Fundamentals day is not a good idea.
  • It is actually possible to go through an entire container of coffee by myself.
  • Not biting my nails is really hard now that I can't wear nail polish.

'til next time.


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You are no longer in competition with your classmates, it is now about teamwork and building a support system for each other.

Be prepared to feel humbled, even if you start the class period feeling like you know what is going on, that can change within a few short hours.

A saying that is starting to become a favorite from one of my instructors, "remember you are a guppy in a fishbowl"

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The other day a student showed up completely hungover to our first fundamentals exam. Hopefully this won't be a pattern for clinicals...


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I miss AN so much. This is the first time I have been on here in a while. I have learned so much new stuff since starting NS.

I miss my friends a lot.

My instructors were right when they told us we would probably no longer be straight A students :unsure:. (still passing with a decent grade)

We have very, very strict testing policies.

My tattoos are a bigger pain in the butt than I thought they would be. (hating long sleeves)

Assess, assess, assess!

And basically live by the nursing process.

What a fun, exhausting, challenging chapter!


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Oh yea! I also really, really, really dislike SATA questions. Hoping to get a better hang of them as quickly as I can.