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Miss Infermiera2b BSN, RN

Med/Surg, Oncology
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Miss Infermiera2b has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Oncology.

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  1. Miss Infermiera2b

    Depressed... Failed Teas Exam

    Please don't let your age discourage you. I have students in my program who are pushing 60.
  2. Miss Infermiera2b

    Daytona State College Spring 2016

    You are correct. For first semester you can start registration after orientation. For other semesters, you have to sign up yourself when registration opens.
  3. Miss Infermiera2b

    Daytona State College Spring 2016

    I am a student finishing up my first semester at the Palm Coast/Flagler campus. My schedule is as follows: Tuesdays: Nursing Process I lecture 9-12 Foundations of Nursing lecture 12:30-3:20 Wednesdays: Lab Day 8-11:50 Thursdays: Clinical 7-3:20
  4. Miss Infermiera2b

    Getting a C in Anatomy :(

    I really am sorry that you're having a tough time. However, I cannot describe to you how easy A&P is in comparison to nursing school. Unfortunately, some people don't get into nursing school even if they have B's in A&P because nursing programs are incredibly competitive. In my program, if you don't make 80%, that is an automatic failure of the exam. It's an entirely different level of academic difficulty, and you might want to reconsider nursing if you're having this much trouble now.
  5. Miss Infermiera2b

    Nursing School Application rejected

    Like the other posters already stated, it was probably his GPA. I think the only thing he can do at this point is look at another nursing program and/or reapply to this one, maybe with an extra course or two to pump up his average. Some nursing schools won't even look at you if you don't have at least a 3.8.
  6. Miss Infermiera2b

    Depressed... Failed Teas Exam

    I'm so sorry, I'm sure you must be feeling pretty devastated right now. The great thing about the TEAS is that they give you an overview of what you need improvement on after you complete the exam! I would invest in an ATI study guide if you haven't already and look at the sections you needed some help with, then retake. I actually know a few people who felt that the TEAS was pretty difficult for them, so not everyone thinks it's a piece of cake. Don't compare yourself with others, it won't go anywhere productive.
  7. Miss Infermiera2b

    BLS training

    Look at what the American Red Cross or American Heart Association has to offer in your area. That's what I did for my BLS certification.
  8. Miss Infermiera2b

    Night Shift Relationship Woes

    I also work the night shift in the ER. My boyfriend (whom I live with) misses me when we don't get to sleep beside each other and will often wake me up earlier than I'd like after I crash post-shift. Your husband needs to realize that you are providing for your family with these night shifts. It seems like he's not showing you respect.
  9. Miss Infermiera2b

    Teas v

    I took it in January, passed it, and have been in nursing school since August. What is your question?
  10. Miss Infermiera2b

    School Reputation

    Around here, it's mostly that they hire from schools that they know produce good nurses, so again, local reputation. On top of that, they might also look at a school's NCLEX pass rate, which is a good marker of how successful the program is.
  11. Miss Infermiera2b


    I can definitely admire that you are working so hard towards your goal, but I have a question for you: what have you changed to make sure you are prepared physically (and mentally, really) for nursing school? I promise you, it's not a walk in the park. It will be a very rigorous 2 years. Try to identify what might be the problem.
  12. Miss Infermiera2b


    Good luck! Don't stress too much and be careful with the Reading Comprehension!
  13. Miss Infermiera2b

    Should Our Study Group Allow a Failing Student to Join?

    As a current RN student, let me tell you from experience that letting a student who is way behind into your study group will make you regret it later. My tight group is all A and B students who really like to get to the point and make the most of our time when we get together to study (especially because most of us have jobs on top of school, so our time together is very limited). The last time we let a student who was really struggling work with us, we spent most of the time explaining simple nursing concepts to her when the rest of us really wanted to move on. Sometimes you need to think of yourself first.
  14. Miss Infermiera2b

    FNP in the Main ED

    No NP's in the ER I work in. We do have NP's that work in critical care or as hospitalists but they only come down to the ED to admit patients.
  15. Miss Infermiera2b

    Anyone excited about your RN life ahead?

    Congrats on this exciting life change! I definitely feel the same way. I've worked in retail for most of my adult life, and now I have a job as an ER medical scribe that makes me feel like an indentured servant for what I'm paid. Can't wait to complete nursing school and be able to afford "adult" things one day!
  16. Miss Infermiera2b

    Flunked nursing school, any way to return?

    Also, ADN programs can be very competitive, don't let the "community college" element fool you. Many won't accept students with a GPA below 3.5 or so.