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Miss Infermiera2b has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Oncology.

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  1. Miss Infermiera2b

    Is there any risks in becoming an Oncology nurse?

    To piggyback on this post about the potential fertility issues of being an oncology nurse...does anyone here receive any form of hazard pay? Are you paid extra for having the ONS/Chemo certification? I've never been offered a cent extra for being a c...
  2. Miss Infermiera2b

    Hiring issues when experience nurse..

    It might not be a bad idea to ask for feedback from the people who interviewed you. You are getting interviews, so it sounds like your resume is not the problem.
  3. Miss Infermiera2b

    Pre-nursing student seeking advice: MA vs CNA?

    CNA would probably be the best transition to bedside nursing. Personally, I was a medical scribe. I learned an enormous amount of pharmacology, medical terminology, and the flow of the ER. I credit that job to doing very well in the last two semeste...
  4. Miss Infermiera2b

    Should I study nursing at this age?

    I'm sure India has plenty of work for nurses, and you already have a foot in the door of the healthcare system there. Why are you thinking of moving to the USA?
  5. Miss Infermiera2b

    Nursing school help

    Okay, with that outburst aside, please understand that we are trying to help you. The people on this thread are nurses and student nurses who have been there and are trying to tell you that a poor science GPA isn't going to cut it. Nursing is a scien...
  6. Thank you. I have busted my butt in my RN program so far and gone through the most stressful academic experience of my life and it infuriates me when pre-nursing students say they're a "nursing student". Sorry kids, you didn't earn that badge quite ...
  7. Miss Infermiera2b

    Daytona State College RN Program Fall 2016??

    For those of you concerned about your TEAS scores, I just wanted to let you know that DSC only considers the TEAS score if you have exactly the same GPA as another student and they have to pick one of you to get in. As long as you passed, it shouldn'...
  8. Miss Infermiera2b

    Nursing school help

    Besides the question of getting accepted to nursing school with such a poor GPA, it's also important to remember that nursing school will likely lower your GPA. In the case of my program, I got straight A's through my pre-reqs and I am now a B/B+ stu...
  9. Miss Infermiera2b

    Planning a wedding in nursing school?

    My boyfriend proposed to me during my first semester of nursing school. We have firmly decided to wait unti I graduate (May 2017) to start wedding planning. Nursing school and holding a job is hard enough without the stress of putting together a wedd...
  10. You might be a bit confused regarding how nursing programs typically work (or I just may not have understood your post correctly). You will need to complete pre-requisites in college before you can be considered for a nursing program. I'm not sure ho...
  11. Miss Infermiera2b

    Help, completely confused (pre-nursing, entry-level jobs, etc)

    In my semester right before my RN program started, I took 2 science courses (with labs) with 3 other pre-reqs all together. With a job in the ER working nights. Managed to make straight A's that semester. I'm sure you could handle it.
  12. In my state, LPN's cannot make assessments or provide a nursing diagnosis, so my guess is that it's not the same. We don't do "concept maps for diseases", we create a care plan gathering data and making diagnoses on a patient.
  13. Miss Infermiera2b

    Difficulty of nursing school?

    I got straight A's in my pre-reqs and I am now a B/B+ student in my RN program. Most of the information isn't too difficult to grasp, but there is a huge volume of work for a short time, especially for those of us who work in school. Also, like othe...
  14. Miss Infermiera2b

    Bad semester...

    I'm sorry you had a tough semester. Is there a way you could retake those classes? Unfortunately, I don't think C's will fly so well at NYU for your pre-reqs.
  15. Miss Infermiera2b

    Need help finding schools that will accept low GPA or lottery

    If this is the case, unless you go for a for-profit BSN program, there's no chance in hell to get into any other BSN or ADN program with a 2.1, I'm sorry to be so blunt. Also, I have no idea where you heard that you can't do RN-BSN with an ADN. RN-BS...