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nursel56 has 47 years experience and specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty.

LVN - 1976. Started RN school 1984. Left nursing never to return in '87. Working in private duty nursing since 2004. Now halfway to the pasture.

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  1. That's quite a lot of change in a relatively small window of time, klone! I've been hanging out in the Politics Forum more often recently, but I felt some kinship due to what an awesome manager you are, based on your posts about outpatient leadership...
  2. nursel56

    The Trump Thread

    When I look back at scandals which have occurred in my lifetime, I'm amazed at how little attention this concept attracts compared to those. I'm beginning to think a larger political realignment is taking place, and that probably it is better t...
  3. nursel56

    The Trump Thread

    Trump is really no different than other notable authoritarian personalities. It's frightening to me that so many people aren't alarmed by someone who says they rely more on their instincts than what the experts are telling them. I can't think of a hi...
  4. nursel56

    The Trump Thread

    I agree, and while I find the exchanges between Luttig, Tribe and others on this topic fascinating, it has the drawback of not being well-understood by most others, (including me a good deal of the time) much as the original rationale Eastman predica...
  5. nursel56

    Decapitated baby

    Yes, if the baby had died in utero, as they seem to be claiming, there would have been an entirely different sequence of events involving the grieving process, support for the family, etc. Absolutely awful, but thank God for the man at the fune...
  6. nursel56

    The Trump Thread

    Yes. I feel comfortable speculating that Trump's fondest wish is to do January 6 all over again, and if he incites violence again, he'll point to exactly this type of language to exonerate himself, because he didn't explicitly tell people to beat a p...
  7. nursel56

    The Trump Thread

    Are you saying Nixon knew Ford was going to pardon him in advance of his then undetermined Watergate-related crimes before he appointed Ford to replace Spiro Agnew? Not trying to derail the topic-- just that I hadn't seen evidence of that beyond spec...
  8. nursel56

    Was this unethical of me?

    This is one thing that has changed since the advent of HIPAA, which is still able to induce panic in people. In support staff as in your concern "did I need to know that?", and in employers because they fear lawsuits. I would not call curiosity ...
  9. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    If you compare and contrast all the press surrounding another prominent Democrat-- Senator Dianne Feinstein (blatant sexism aside) it becomes quite clear, in my opinion anyway-- the difference between something that is probably real and something tha...
  10. How misleading is this? My very strong impression over the years is that the "significant ongoing debate at a national level" is generated from well-funded MD lobby groups protecting their turf. Really disappointing to say the least.
  11. I would add that the challenges of changing specialties remained present for me throughout the years. Sometimes we older nurses get mad at ourselves while starting a new job in an unfamiliar specialty and think "I should know this! I've been a nurse ...
  12. nursel56

    Rocky Start/Orientation and Nurse Confidence

    Yeah, but ants aren't so bad...🙂 we private duty nurses love to trade war stories to a certain extent. There is also Home Health Case Management if you can handle the driving. I found private duty worked well for me, and I was determined to avo...
  13. nursel56

    NPO except for medications

    I have done this in the past as well. I skip the usual cream and sugar and cut the liquid volume to 25% or thereabouts.
  14. nursel56

    Obesity | 6 Nursing Diagnosis, Care Plans, & More

    Very thorough, and a great job organizing the information and highlighting the key points!
  15. I think there was about a 2 week window in there, right around the time those pictures of nurses wearing trash bag ponchos for PPE everyone was gushing about heroism and "thank a nurse today" etc. I had a feeling of foreboding because I knew it would...

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