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nursel56 has 45 years experience and specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty.

LVN - 1976. Started RN school 1984. Left nursing never to return in '87. Working in private duty nursing since 2004. Now halfway to the pasture.

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  1. nursel56

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Over the years I've seen the "leaving in droves" cycle repeat over and over. It's never happened at any of my workplaces, but I don't think that means too much statistically because there is such a widespread variety in nurses, specialties, and the local economy where your facility is located. Very often when the economy takes a hit, you'll see a corresponding story that retired nurses are returning in droves. I can't say I've observed that personally either. Sometimes you'll read articles or even read statistics from people who can profit financially by declaring anything highly specific about the nursing job market as a whole. This includes degree programs that will die without new students, and professional nursing associations. Sometimes you need to "consider the source" or sometimes do a little digging to identify the real source. Having said all that, I know a number of people who were considering leaving anyway, and Covid tipped them over the edge. Probably because the systemic problems with nursing became intolerable under the stress of the pandemic.
  2. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    Did you read your article? If you read your article you'll notice that in total, things look pretty good considering the problems he inherited from the guy who never cracked 50% approval during his entire term. My guess is most politicians could only dream of "erosion in support... mainly from fellow Democrats" that looks like the quote below, from the same article.
  3. nursel56

    Guliani's Law License suspended

    It's not just for "lying in public". It's for knowingly lying about the integrity of the United States election process as well as doing so as a "public figure". You can read it for yourself: Matter of Giuliani-- document cloud A lawyer is subject to a higher ethical bar as part of their license involves being an officer of the court, or legal system as a whole. "The court emphasized that public falsehoods issued by public figures who are attorneys damage the legal profession’s “mandate to act as a trusted and essential part of the machinery of justice.” It's exactly the concept Twitter and facebook chose to apply to Donald Trump and other conservatives who claim the election was stolen, and which you falsely claim is "censorship" when a warning is attached or the person is suspended. Trump Junior is still there spewing lie after lie, just not the kind of lie that will get you kicked off the site.
  4. nursel56

    Guliani's Law License suspended

    Let's hope this becomes a trend! Lots of lying lawyers repeatedly pushed The Big Lie . . . Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, Matt Gaetz (already investigated by Florida Bar for witness intimidation among other slimy activities). There needs to be consequences for all of these people.
  5. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    I don't know why Obama kept him around for his whole term, but the "White House Physician" is not normally where presidents go first when they need a provider. They go to the best people in the field...where Trump eventually went when, after he recklessly disregarded mainstream medical opinion, he not surprisingly became infected with Covid. Other than that, I will just speculate that Trump brings out the worst in people pretty much universally. As to the rest of your response, the answers are either contained within my post, contained within the links I included in my post, or have been thoroughly hashed over in the news or in this very thread so many times...LOL I can't believe you thought I would spoon-feed you the obvious! I do appreciate that you seem to grasp the general concept that replying is the right thing to do, regardless of the quality of that reply.
  6. nursel56

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    I'm sure the problem is not that she doesn't like you. I would find it very bothersome to be interrupted while providing care, because it is disruptive to your thought process and what observations you might be making, or not. It's the same principle as defined in the study that shows nurses who are interrupted during a med pass make significantly more errors. It doesn't seem like something a nurse educator should do, but I've been lucky enough to have educators who are focused on patient care, and not the issues you mentioned especially if she is "livid" and "in a panic" over those things. I would make sure to plan what you do carefully, because of the high regard the rest of the staff must have ("seems to be well liked and gets along with everyone") despite her tendency to react to non-urgent issues so dramatically. If she's been there a long time, it may be that the staff sees her as she was, and will circle the wagons accordingly.
  7. nursel56

    Donald J. Trump official website launched

    One has to wonder about the level of logic now employed by McConnell and McCarthy trying to run with the fantasy they can be Trump sycophants and somehow scare the significant number of anti-Trump Republican defectors back into the fold by casting the Biden administration as dangerous radical left socialists who want to "destroy the American way of life". They can't do that, but I expect we'll continue to see some entertaining manifestations of the disconnect like this one. Mike Lindell kicked out of Republican governors’ event after vowing to confront leaders about election
  8. nursel56

    Worried I made a mistake

    I agree with hannahbanana, the root of the problem is anxiety. I had lots of unreasonable fears related to medication administration over the years, and several jobs required quite a lot of injectable medication administration. Even though, like you-- I was very certain to do all the required checking, and my conscious mind knew that, the "what ifs" in my mind ran away like a freight train. I wish I had aired some of that with a trusted person outside of work, although in hindsight I can almost laugh at some of my fears. That little old lady was so skinny! Did I hit her sciatic nerve? Is she paralyzed? Wishing you the best in dealing with this issue, em3120
  9. 😴 He pretty much broadcast his guilty knowledge by his extreme effort to hide his tax returns. I suspect his change of official residence to Florida was a defensive move of some sort as well. Also, the "very stable genius" apparently hasn't noticed his attack "statements" are so boring and repetitive he could use a fill-in-the-blank form letter and nobody would notice the difference. The idea that he believes his designated targets are upset by his playground taunts is really just hilarious.
  10. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    No, a politician is not elected to use the powers of their office to advance their political objectives. Nixon was willing to use the CIA to prevent the FBI from fully investigating Watergate, which when disclosed was described as "the smoking gun", because his real concern was damaging his reelection prospects. The first impeachment was all about Trump withholding approved foreign aid and dangling a White House meeting to the Ukrainian president in exchange for a public announcement that the newly-elected president Zelensky would appoint a prosecutor to investigate the Bidens. That is just one of many examples. People who voted against impeachment didn't say he didn't do anything wrong. They said they didn't think it was a big deal, or that it was a big deal, but believed he learned a very big lesson, implying that he would certainly never do anything like that again. I don't disagree with the idea that it takes some level of narcissism to think you can do the job, but I came to that opinion by reading a book called What It Takes: The Way to the White House by Richard Ben Cramer, which profiles several politicians and that theme.
  11. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    I cannot imagine the emotional toll losing half your census to Covid, Heron. It makes the "how dare you wear a mask" issue so trivial by comparison. To address this more generally. I'm fully vaccinated, but there are quite a few fragile-appearing elderly people walking in my neighborhood. Most of them are still wearing masks. I still wear one when I'm out walking because I think it may be reassuring to them in some way. To those who object to that, oh well.
  12. nursel56

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    Having known the administrators on this site for many years and the person who has overall responsibility for the design and layout of this site, I can say without qualification there is no degree snobbery or attempt to glamourize any specialty over another.
  13. nursel56

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    To me this kind of points to the plethora of opinions out there, said by whomever, that merit skepticism, at least at first. A longtime private duty patient said to me and every other new nurse in orientation. "This is not a hospital! We do things differently here.". The meaning was exactly the opposite of what you heard, however.
  14. nursel56

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    The only people I've encountered who assume things like that are other nurses who haven't been nurses for very long, or nurses who are very insecure. In the rare instance when a patient knows my job history, it's of passing interest. They generally judge by how well you meet their expectations. Another thing to consider is, just about everyone who has spent time in the hospital has, or knows someone who has a hospital-nurse-from-hell story, in which a good nurse may appear to be a bad nurse from their perspective because the unit is chronically understaffed.
  15. nursel56

    Nurses That Never Worked In A Hospital...

    I worked in a hospital for a few years, then I worked in outpatient clinics and a few doctor's offices. I didn't miss the hospital as it really was, because most of the time I was too swamped to be the bedside nurse I envisioned before I ever worked for one day as a nurse. I took a break from nursing, when I returned I almost got hired by a hospital, but ended up doing private duty on vent-dependent patients, and I found that to be a great balance, and provided enough challenge. Just passing that along. I can relate to how you feel.
  16. nursel56

    Caitlyn Jenner announces bid for California governor

    The other challenger considered by some to pose a big threat to Governor Newsom. . .🙂 Newsom challenger campaigns with a live bear as California's recall circus begins