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nursel56 has 46 years experience and specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty.

LVN - 1976. Started RN school 1984. Left nursing never to return in '87. Working in private duty nursing since 2004. Now halfway to the pasture.

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  1. nursel56

    FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    I can't quibble with what he is saying because it's written from a lawyerly point of view and deems to delve into what Donald Trump subjectively believed throughout this process. Because Greg Jarrett is a lawyer, he's a notch above most of the other...
  2. nursel56

    FBI Raid of the Traitor's Country Club!

    It will, and like the January 6 riot, is exactly what he intends as evidenced by this irresponsible and untrue terminology. Trump said his residence was “currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. He knows e...
  3. nursel56

    New Nurse At State Facility

    Hi lpnguardian! My advice would be-- don't get discouraged! Nursing contains such a diverse range of options that it's perfectly normal to take time to transition to the new expectations in the new job just as it would be if you transitioned fr...
  4. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    Most people aren't glued to political news. The point is to present the information in a coherent way for those who are usually busy living their lives. I think they've done a great job with that. Also, they're creating a record which can be ac...
  5. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    Thinly veiled racism is part of his schtick.
  6. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    Explain to me why this partial quote in a tweet from the official dirt-digging account for the RNC is "a disgraceful smear of Israel". I'm not saying it is or isn't, but just what in particular qualifies it as that. Biden:
  7. nursel56

    President Biden thread

    I'm not familiar with this person, but his opinion piece is riddled with flimsy statistics, false equivalence and the wrong belief that people are single-issue voters on abortion, which I derived from his comment about electing a "pro-life Republican...
  8. nursel56

    Judgmental rant about time off

    Hi, another compulsively present-at-work person here! I've actually been given crap from coworkers due to this trait-- although I've never criticized anyone for calling out, I would get ticked off when management seemingly believed the latest bs stor...
  9. nursel56

    RN Jobs That Do Not Require Covid Vaccine

    I'm not a mod, Grumpy-- but I think this thread went sideways the minute a new member thought it would be entertaining to provoke an anti-vaxxer vs science throwdown in the guise of an innocent-looking job query. My own supposition, obviously....
  10. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    Did you not see this question or are you deliberately ignoring it? 👇🏻 Your idea that a West Wing staff member should be questioned about the particulars of possible violations of firearms laws in DC as if she should know makes no sense and ha...
  11. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    What kind of information do you think some sort of cross examination might have revealed?
  12. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    He did that when he found out William Barr did an interview stating he did not feel there was evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election. I personally feel emotional stability is an important quality for a President to possess. It's the u...
  13. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    I had seen those texts before, so I really felt the most riveting moment was Ms. Hutchinson's description of herself and the President's valet cleaning the rivulets of ketchup running down the wall of the Oval Office dining room after he chucked his ...
  14. nursel56

    January 6 Select Committee

    I happened to listen to that again a few days before Bowers, Raffensperger and Sterling testified. In those waning few weeks before, during and after the attack on the Capitol, these people literally seemed to be spending all their time badgering an...
  15. nursel56

    New Job Anxieties For "Mature" Nurse - Help!

    I can relate! What really jumps out at me is this, though. Through all my specialty changes, and even a hiatus from nursing altogether, I've had to accept the above quality about my personality and slog through the awkwardness until I get to...