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nursel56 has 25+ years experience and specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty.

LVN - 1976. Started RN school 1984. Left nursing never to return in '87. Working in private duty nursing since 2004. Now halfway to the pasture.

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  1. nursel56

    Does your pt/pts family love you like “family?”

    Hi, dholly Hi, dholly! I don't have much to add to the great advice already given-- other than what you've experienced is extremely common and that private duty has boundary pitfalls unlike any other areas of nursing. On the plus side-- you recognized it early on. We always have to be vigilant, because the family will use a variety of means to manipulate nurses. It may not be a conscious decision on their part. I have, and I imagine other nurses in PDN have been told "you are like family" until they encounter that "family" will turn on you suddenly and that is no fun at all. Best wishes to you!
  2. nursel56

    Angry and need to vent

    It seems there's no rhyme or reason to why one story grabs hold of us and not another, and I have close family members with substance abuse problems. I felt the same about a teen suicide at my long grown-up daughter's high school. I wrote about it on the Breakroom side of allnurses, and felt better doing that, too. Hugs Hoosier_RN
  3. nursel56

    New nurse guilt

    I think most of us can relate to what you are going through right now, PsychRN_2018. I'm glad you didn't turn a few weeks of obsessing on this to months or longer obsessing on this before you recognized the need to talk to someone about it. Your instincts and behavior indicate to me a high potential to be an excellent nurse. Best to you.
  4. nursel56

    Bullied nurse. I quit. :(

    You aren't obligated to post anything on a thread when you get an email notification. If you scroll to the bottom of your allnurses notification email, you'll find a link "Edit My Settings" for all the options. Good luck!
  5. nursel56


    So happy for you, also seriously sorry your former employer didn't have your back after 11 years of service there. They definitely got the shorter end of the bargain with your exit. Best to you!
  6. nursel56

    This Nurse Deserves To Be Remembered

    Thank you for sharing the story of this beautiful human being. Thank you for generously offering your book free of charge.
  7. nursel56

    Should I divorce my husband

    I agree! Changing Nurse's Week to Hospital Week was their first mistake. You give nurses cheesy tote bags and polar fleece throws you can see through. If they'd stuck Las Vegas hotel and meal vouchers in the card package well then OK. Your backpack sounds like my backpack. 10 years ago would be the basement of my backpack. Maybe your husband burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all. He's probably heard lots of "can you believe this?" work stories over the years.
  8. nursel56

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    I'll never forget this one exception to the rule, though. Middle-aged guy we rarely saw came in and said he was there because "my wife and daughters keep nagging me to get my hearing checked". When I was finally successful instead of being overjoyed his shoulders drooped as though he was a little disappointed.
  9. nursel56

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    I've always liked to hold liquid meds at eye level to check for the meniscus. I liked giving babies the pink oral polio vaccine, because it was the only one that didn't hurt. Trach suctioning and ear lavage not exactly fun, but "wow, I can breathe/hear again!" is pretty awesome.
  10. nursel56

    Does anyone here actually like nursing?

    I would add that "nursing" isn't one job, it's many jobs. Not all of them suit every personality. I know that I have at times, and read posts from others here who have felt guilty about preferring a certain specialty or slow-paced vs fast-paced environment. All the best to you!
  11. nursel56


    I really miss her, too. Can't believe it's been a year already.
  12. nursel56

    Conflict of Interest

    Your account of things is difficult to follow, so I feel it's much better if the person describes their experience themselves. Above all else though, I would advise against going to a community meeting to share my personal problems in an open discussion. If he was falsely accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by multiple people he needs to fight back. Having anything of that nature stay unresolved would cause questions to follow him, as well as unnecessary anxiety. Working as an exotic dancer isn't usually a crime, nor is this the first time that topic has come up among nursing students facing severe financial hardship.
  13. nursel56

    Getting kicked out because of panic attack

    So sorry this happened to you. Especially with just one incident. Panic attacks are awful. You don't mention whether or not you've received a diagnosis of anxiety disorder, even though the subjective experience generally leaves little doubt. Things like hypoglycemia and thyroid problems can aggravate a predisposition to these episodes. If you haven't yet, I would encourage you see your medical healthcare provider first. Anyway, the other posters have given you great advice, too. Just know you are far from alone with the issue and do not assume this is the end of your goal to become a nurse. All the best!
  14. nursel56

    PAs Do Not Like Us

    Thanks for posting that, Dodongo. Aside from the detailed comparisons of the program content, all their angst and hand-wringing struck me as funny, as it made me think of all the posts we get from the student doctor network as well. It seems that for all the accusations we get about our profession being so insecure, I just don't see NPs feeling the need to go out of their way to trash others on their home turf as they do to ours.
  15. nursel56

    Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

    I used to hang around and participate in The Break Room quite a bit, you wanna see a bunch of nuts? Whooo boy! Many of them (not mentioning names ) post here on the the main forum as well and manage to come across as quite normal! But seriously, the few people I really worry about have been those who are extremely depressed or anxious and make comments to the point you worry about suicidal ideation which should definitely be handled by the admins here, but those are infrequent.
  16. nursel56

    Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

    I think I can read and think critically, too. I noticed, for example that the OP ended her article by asking if any other minority nurses had experienced racism in their workplace and the first few posts seemed to be addressing that question. I'm not a minority nurse either, but I have noticed that whenever someone posts on this topic, the thread is very often sent sideways by someone who makes it all about something other than that, by bringing up gender discrimination or religious discrimination, usually the thread ends up as an argument about that and not what the original post was about. I always feel bad when that happens because the real concern gets lost in the noise.