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  1. I am interested in pursuing a per diem position at this facility in Los Angeles, anyone have feedback on the place? It is for their resource pool, thanks!
  2. But what if you use a pen name on Facebook and use a different email to login than the one you use for work? Couldn't that potentially hide you from employers?
  3. PacoUSA

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    When I was a kid in the 70s, they ALL looked like this :) But alas, times have changed ... they just don't care anymore
  4. PacoUSA

    So i'm a Nurse right????

    lt's the same in the legal profession ... When you graduate from law school you are considered a JD, the same academic degree which you earn ... sometimes they are called law grads. But you may never add "Esq." after your name until you have passed the bar exam of any state. That is the designation of a licensed lawyer. To be honest, if it could be done I would gladly trade in my Esq. for an RN right now. Just have to be patient (no pun intended) ... as in about a year I can have both
  5. PacoUSA

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    About 60 more or less.
  6. PacoUSA

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    Just sent you PM, yes got yours ... sorry, you guessed right, I am swamped with last week of work and an impending move!
  7. PacoUSA

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    I'm good like that, bern!! I know of two students personally through Facebook that have chosen to go to other schools. The other one I found out through email, as this student inadvertently hit Reply All to an email from the school when she should have just hit Reply. Hopefully one of those empty seats will be YOURS! :monkeydance:
  8. PacoUSA

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    Just found out that the one that was still on the fence is headed elsewhere. That makes 3 open seats.
  9. PacoUSA

    Waitlisted? Rejected? NEVER Give Up!

    Good post. I, like you, took only the prereqs I could handle at once and did them well. You're right, sometimes it only comes down to grades and I don't even know of a school that actually looks at how long it took you to complete prior degrees or courses (except of course, sciences that have to be completed within last 5-10 years). If there is a school like that, best to look elsewhere! Nursing is very competitive these days, might as well go full force with everything you do!
  10. PacoUSA

    Is being a Male nurse weird?

    Ugh, stop that already! It's Registered Nurse. No big deal! :smackingf
  11. PacoUSA

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    The ABSN 2011 starts in 6 weeks! For anyone who is still on the waitlist for this program, just wanted to pass along that it seems 2 of the originally accepted students have since decided to attend elsewhere, and I know of 1 other person still on the fence. There may be more, who knows - but these are the numbers I know of so far. A glimmer of hope for those of you still grabbing onto the rope! Good luck!
  12. PacoUSA

    Z-coil Shoes

    Honestly would feel guilt-free to water-balloon anyone I see wearing these.
  13. PacoUSA

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    Yeah, more than likely you spoke to the wrong nurse on the wrong day! Definitely speak to as many nurses as possible, don't let one bad apple change your mind about things! That is what I did. I certainly got more positives than negatives. PA programs are not for me, I just don't want to spend that much more time in school right now. Very happy to be completing this program in one year, and getting to work thereafter. I will pursue grad school later if I desire. Time is just not my friend right now - but very happy nonetheless in my plan. But if you can afford to invest the time and determined you could be happy doing PA, by all means go for it! This should be my first weekend of significant packing. I expect to see some progress by Sunday night. Cross your fingers! The accelerated program always starts in June, so the next entering class is Summer 2012. The next deadline (assuming everything is the same) should be Nov. 1, 2011. Application is made available online in early Sept.
  14. PacoUSA

    Waitlisted? Rejected? NEVER Give Up!

    Congratulations! Thank you for being yet another success story living the spirit of this article!
  15. from myfoxorlando.com: a lake county man is facing a number of charges after deputies say he took a dead man's nursing license and altered it for his own use to work as a school nurse. the lake county sheriff's office arrested jose carlos rodriguez, 37, monday and charged him with impersonation, uttering a false instrument, and practicing nursing without a license. he was released from the lake county jail on $5,000.00 bond ... read more: http://www.myfoxorlando.com/dpp/news/lake_news/051011-man-arrested-for-posing-as-school-nurse#ixzz1m0sphj6h so how does this happen? it's the 21st century, how do these people manage to fall through the cracks?? where is the due diligence for background checks? freaking scary that people like this can easily have access to kids too.