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PacoUSA has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU / PCU / Telemetry.

Second-career RN and loving the change!

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  1. PacoUSA

    Racism in NYC

    So a Mexican-American calling an African-American the N word is not racist? Please. BTW, I am not White.
  2. PacoUSA

    CA Nurse moving to MN

    How are you liking Mayo? That's my dream job but I still cannot see myself living in Rochester MN. And Mayo locations in FL and AZ are honestly not good alternatives. Main campus is where its at!
  3. You probably already took your NCLEX by now, but I was going to recommend getting licensed in WA first and endorse to CA. The reason I say this is in the event that you would want to do travel nursing, you will be required to endorse your original st...
  4. PacoUSA

    San Diego hospital system with text paging

    Sharp has PerfectServe for physician paging but from what I understand it is only available at their Grossmont campus (sometimes it is useless because the MD calls back and asks why they are being paged when it is clear they did not read the page ?)....
  5. PacoUSA

    Nursing in Southern CA

    I have not found the cost of living that exorbitant here in southern CA, but I suppose that is because I come from the Northeast which tends to be similar. The salaries however are higher here and that has made all the difference. I am able to save m...
  6. PacoUSA

    I can't wait till next year can I just take my NCLEX in vegas

    I can see the appeal of people from California taking the NCLEX for a different initial state of licensure and then endorsing that license to CA, especially if they are thinking of becoming travel nurses later on. Verifying an initial state of licens...
  7. PacoUSA

    MSN Education @ UNLV

    Has anyone attended or completed this program? I am interested in feedback. Is it mostly online? Thanks!
  8. PacoUSA

    Experienced Nurse training program into specialty?

    Did you get hired? I was also hired into the Valley System.
  9. PacoUSA

    Moving from CA to Nevada soon, where to apply?

    I am also moving from CA to NV and just got a job with one of the hospitals in the Valley Health System. I have been offered a pretty generous relocation reimbursement and a bonus payable in certain time increments (fully paid by the 2 year mark).
  10. Hello, I have been PCCN certified since 3/2020 with 9 years of stepdown and telemetry experience. I am happily transitioning this Summer to the ICU, and as a result I would eventually want to earn my CCRN. I have no interest in renewing my PCCN certi...
  11. Try your luck with the Sharp Healthcare system in SD, they seem to be hiring quite a bit of newer nurses lately, especially ones that are switching over from focused specialties (like yours for instance and psych) into PCU and med/surg positions.
  12. PacoUSA

    San Diego Job market? ADN?

    Alvarado and Paradise Valley are area hospitals that will take you with an ADN but unfortunately are not top-notch facilities. They are both under the Prime Healthcare umbrella. My advice is to grit your teeth, get your experience there while you wor...
  13. Hello, I am trying to find information and feedback about this program, the fellowship for experienced nurses but keep finding threads on here for the residency (new grads). Anyone on here have experience with the FELLOWSHIP arm of Providence's ...
  14. PacoUSA

    UCLA, CHLA, or Cedars Sinai?

    Curious to know which hospital you (the OP) selected. I work per diem at UCLA and have absolutely no complaints, the pay is excellent and I love the units (float between units @ Ronald Reagan and Santa Monica)! I am looking to apply to Cedars-Sinai f...
  15. PacoUSA

    Where are the RN transition training programs?

    Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and Sharp Chula Vista in the San Diego area both had recent listings of transition programs for experienced nurses interested in L&D.

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