LIAR: ADN RN prompted to lie about holding a BSN... is it passable?

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Wasn't there research done on this? I believe nurses who were at the BSN level performed safer care than nurses at the ADN level. I'll try to find some articles on it.

That's possible, I really don't know the answer. I passed NCLEX last June, and am 7 months into my first job, so my observances are probably not as important as more seasoned nurses. I kind of think experience has a lot to do with I though. A nurse who has been doing this for many years with an ASN is a far better (and safer) nurse than a newbie like me and I for one am grateful I have them to learn from!


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Still in denial.

Most of the jobs I have had, nursing or not, perform, at the least, a rudimentary background check and credit check.

The only ones that didn't do this also employed either undocumented foreigners or employees that were paid under the table.

Any assumption that credentials aren't checked in this day and age is naive at best and idiotic at worst. Especially in the healthcare arena, where facilities are so vulnerable to lawsuits.

I just can't get it through my head that anyone could believe that such dishonesty would go unnoticed, much less unpunished.


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Although I am fully cognizant this is not another ASN versus BSN debate, I feel compelled to point out that associate degree nurses have the exact same scope of practice as baccalaureate degree nurses.

So tell me about the 'tons' of nursing skills that only BSN-prepared RNs can perform. I personally made the transition from ASN to BSN, and my scope of practice has remained unchanged. I am really dying to know about the nursing skills I can now perform due to conferral of a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

This. I would have no idea who on my unit holds an ADN vs. BSN unless I asked. Also, in my area the community colleges get way more clinical time than 4 year schools.

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