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  1. Flu Shot or Mask?

    Or that they are non-American articles not submitted to American journals. The original question asking why non-American articles aren't published in American journals was self-answering, I thought.
  2. Be honest: do you feel valued by your employer?

    That would be a "Nope."
  3. Quitting job during orientation?

    Yeah, what Wuzzie said. I was let go during orientation on the day they found out I would be moving. In the middle of a shift. It was very annoying.
  4. ADHD Student on Rampage

    I would ask for more training so you can deal with this child appropriately. The current plan sucks. I am a bit upset that you tried to force the kid to take the medication. That never works. It just escalates the behavior. It sounds like this child ...
  5. A fungus among us...Ringworm

    If it keeps coming back, it's likely from a home source. I used to get it from my dog. You could send a letter home with the class's students educating the parents about possible home sources. From Sources of Infection | Ringworm | Types of Diseases ...
  6. Stupid, lazy, or ADHD?

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I'm working on my BSN and don't come here as often. I haven't disclosed at work to my management, just to a couple of my coworkers. So far, I haven't needed accommodations. Just realize, nurses are some of the most jud...
  7. We've all been venting

    I'm not one to call "bully." I usually denounce the mistaken assumption that someone is being bullied. You, however, are being bullied. I would report the principal. A) His remark about your wedding planning was inappropriate. B) He is attempting to...
  8. I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Thank you! That means a lot!
  9. Tube feedings: To pause or not to pause?

    1. When providing basic patient care (turning, perineal care, dressing change, etc), I always pause the patient's parenteral nutrition. False - I don't see the point. The residual in the stomach isn't going to magically go away because you paused the...
  10. I hate nursing

    Neezy, I read through about the first 10 pages. As some of the long-term posters know, I have ADHD and the attention span of a puppy. I may have missed some important things, but I did want to comment on what I saw in your posts. I want to tell you t...
  11. Precedex vs. fentanyl/versed vs. propofol

    You may get a better response in the ICU forum. You can go to the help desk and ask them to move it for you.
  12. Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    I thought it sounded racist, too. littlepammy, I am sorry you experienced discrimination. It is very hurtful.
  13. Attention nurse bullies... and victims!!

    No, it isn't. It is perception. Sometimes you need a change of perspective to get a view of the truth. That being said, I was bullied by a nurse when I was a CNA. It wasn't any of this "she's so mean to me" whiny crap, either. She systematically set ...
  14. Narcan pens for kids to use on parents?

    Nobody sets out to overdose in front of their kids. Addiction has been recognized as a legitimate medical problem. It isn't a character flaw. Please watch this video. It may change the way you approach addicts. Uplift Connect - Timeline | Facebook In...
  15. How to politely tell a patient "do it yourself"

    This type of patient is manipulative and is pushing to see where your limits are.