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traumaRUs has 27 years experience as a MSN, APRN, CNS and specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

I have a total of 27+ years of nursing experience; including 10 years as an RN in a level one trauma center ED. Now, I'm an experienced (13+ years) nephrology APRN. In my spare time, I volunteer on my rural fire department as a licensed Pre-Hospital RN. I'm also a proud USN veteran. 

Presidential Executive Order about Kidney Care - July 2019

UCSF Alarm Fatigue Study

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  1. Hello traumaRUs! I want to thank you for your post and replies on NPs and nephrology. I really find them helpful and helped me decide on what specialty will I want to be in. I am a hemodialysis RN and will be finishing FNP school this month. The clinic that I'm trying to apply has 3 PAs, no NP. I am worried that they will not consider me because they don't have experience with an NP. In this case, I want to ask you how is your scope/billing in a dialysis center. I did some research about direct pay, incident to and split/shared but I want to hear from an nephrology NP themselves. Compared to PAs, we have a written agreement/Collaborative agreement with a physician, Do you round and see/bill a patient in dialysis without the physician or will there be a certain time that the physician is with you?

    Lastly, I noticed that the salary of nephrology NP is at the lower end, do you estimate your reimbursement so you can negotiate for annual salary? or you get reimbursed after you see your patients?


    All the best! - brooklynNP

    1. NRSKarenRN

      NRSKarenRN, BSN, RN

      Hello, Brooklyn03. 

      traumaRUs has been a great resource to AN members regarding Nephrology.  However, she's not been active on the site in 2020.

    2. brooklyn03

      brooklyn03, BSN, RN

      Thank you for your reply. I hope she's okay.

  2. Hi TraumaRUs! I have been reading a lot of your posts today, and you seem to be so knowledgeable in your field. I have accepted a position as a nephrology NP. I recently graduated in December, so this will be my first job as an NP. Could you please recommend an informative nephrology book to purchase and study before starting this job? I have downloaded all of the links you have posted, but would also like to have more of a comprehensive resource. If you know of any it would be greatly appreciated! 

  3. traumaRUs

    What's the least saturated specialty in APRN?

    Hmm...do you mean FNP, ACNP or do you mean pediatrics, family practice, dermatology? Can you clarify a bit?
  4. traumaRUs

    NP vs FNP

    Moved to advanced practice forum
  5. traumaRUs

    Why Nurses Should Join the Gig Economy Right Now

    You should make your time count. Totally agree. However the reality of life is that most of will work a long time. Why not do something you enjoy? With decreasing pensions and 401k’s and the fact that you do t want to outlive your retirement options are always a good idea to consider. that’s all this is - an option
  6. traumaRUs

    Happy Veterans Day 2019

    I just wanted to wish all my fellow military veterans a wonderful, peaceful day. This is a day to honor all veterans and active-duty military. Many businesses honor us with discounts today. However, more importantly, is our country recognizing our commitment and sacrifices. So many veterans have returned from military service disabled either physically or mentally. allnurses.com salutes our veterans! Veteran's Discounts Thank you for your service to our great country!
  7. traumaRUs

    Most important thing to look for in training/school

    Moved to SRNA forum
  8. traumaRUs

    RN. BSN

    We are going to need some more info - what kind of experience do you currently have? You need to choose a specialty in order to decide on NP track?? FNP, ANP, ACNP??? Moved to student NP
  9. traumaRUs

    What should I do?

    Moved to student NP forum - congrats
  10. traumaRUs

    To retake chemistry for CRNA school?

    Moved to SRNA forum.
  11. traumaRUs

    RN --> CRNA or Law School?

    IMHO life is too short to do something you aren't passionate about. What do you LIKE to do? Have you shadowed or talked with any RN, JDs? That might be a starting point.
  12. traumaRUs

    Post-interview update

    Great - first hurdle done. I would be leery of the Friday call - sounds like it could really eat into your weekend unless there is a "night call" MD. In our practice our "call" ends at 5pm when the "night call" MD comes on.
  13. traumaRUs


    Can you be more specific?
  14. traumaRUs

    NP in genetics?

    Moved to APRN forum
  15. traumaRUs

    First official NP job interview

    Congrats on your upcoming graduation. 1. What is orientation like? Didactic/shadowing? Amt of time? Pay during this time? 2. Where will you be practicing? Hospital/office? If you are an FNP, do your local hospitals credential FNPs to see pts in the hospital? 3. How long is the credentialing process for insurances? Is there a dedicated credentialing person at the practice? This can be a deal breaker for me as credentialing, licensing, etc., can vary so much that it can be so time consuming and frustrating - I wouldn't take on this task alone. 4. Have they worked with APRNs before? Will you be the first APRN employed in this practice? Difficult place to be in IMHO - to be the first APRN they hire as expectations might not mesh with reality. 5. Who will be your boss as an APRN? As an employee? In my practice, we have an MD we answer to clinically but we also have a practice manager (non-clinical person) who we answer to as an employee. Best of luck - let us know how it goes
  16. traumaRUs

    FNP school-Georgetown vs USC

    Moved to student NP forum.

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