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traumaRUs has 31 years experience as a MSN, APRN and specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

I have a total of 31+ years of nursing experience; including 10 years as an RN in a level one trauma center ED. Now, I'm an experienced (17+ years) nephrology APRN. In my spare time, I volunteer on my rural fire department as a licensed Pre-Hospital RN. I'm also a proud USN veteran. 

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  1. Retired means that the certifying exam is no longer offered. Those of us that hold the "retired" certifications can continue to hold the certification provided they meet the requirements for recertification.
  2. Hmmm....I thought Demerol was gone long before 2019
  3. traumaRUs

    to Pursue a 2nd MSN or Post MSN certificate

    I did two post-MSN certificates. I would not repeat an entire MSN if I were you. You have to decide though
  4. traumaRUs

    Clinical Manager offer

    Ugh! So very frustrating. It's reasons like this ie poor communication from the suit folks that cause RNs to leave I'm very sorry for your frustration
  5. traumaRUs

    CM with no dialysis experience?

    I will say that Davita uses a business approach to hiring for management positions - so this often results in the dietician or social worker being the manager, I would take a nurse without any dialysis experience over a non-clinical person. ...
  6. Agree with most of this. However, with healthcare much more of a business now then ever before, it is very important that all APRNs bring something ie $$$$$ to their practice/hospital. Otherwise, you might soon find yourself out of a job. Also...
  7. traumaRUs

    Things to Know Before Starting Your New Job as a Nurse Practitioner

    Great suggestions. I've been an APRN for 17 years now and can't endorse learning coding enough! This is what makes you worth $$$$ to the practice
  8. traumaRUs


    In IL, I used the IL Society of Advance Practice Nurses - they keep a list
  9. traumaRUs

    Have you ever returned to an old job?

    Yes, I worked at one place for 11 years, thought I wanted something different so left it. Was absolutely miserable - difficult boss, boring job. So I went back to old job after 6 months and have been there 5 years now so 16+ years total
  10. traumaRUs

    New NP position

    Yes very much so. We have 10 APRNs and our longevity is 2-23 years with most of us having >5 years in our present position
  11. traumaRUs

    Ageism in Nursing

    I echo Tweety's comments: what are you looking for? I'm almost 65 and I've not experienced ageism at least...not yet. I plan to work much longer. I do know that as an APRN my value is not based on my age but rather on my knowledge and my ability...
  12. traumaRUs

    New NP position

    I work in a large nephrology practice. Our orientation is 5-6 months long as it takes that long to get credentialing done. It consists of didactic as well as shadowing. Most of our APRNs have been here >5 years and several of us have been here >...
  13. traumaRUs

    Greetings, Younglings, from a Crusty Old Bat

    I've been a nurse since 1992 and agree with most of what you say. What I find for me (and I'm working past 65 now) is that with the increasing pressures and job demands being put on nurses and all healthcare staff, I don't get the same satisfac...
  14. I have not changed specialties but when I graduated, I went from ED to nephrology. It was a huge change and learning curve. However, I looked at the practice and the longevity of the APRNs. I've been there 17 years and most have been here >5 years...
  15. Great info! My own viewpoint is that of a nephrology APRN. Providers must always consider a pts renal function prior to prescribing many of the osteoporosis meds. These meds are typically long-lasting (6months for some) and can result in profoun...