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traumaRUs has 30 years experience as a MSN, APRN, CNS and specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

I have a total of 29 years of nursing experience; including 10 years as an RN in a level one trauma center ED. Now, I'm an experienced (15+ years) nephrology APRN. In my spare time, I volunteer on my rural fire department as a licensed Pre-Hospital RN. I'm also a proud USN veteran. 

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  1. APRN Student needing interview answers

    I'll give it a try: Things you were not prepared for I am a nephrology APRN for 16 years and had NO nephrology experience. I was provided with a very solid orientation combining both clinical as well as didactic experiences. Solid ori...
  2. I'm in Illinois and I only look up what I need to look up - I would never look up anyone unless I had the need to know. Here is what it says: "Who can access the data contained in the PMP? Licensed prescribers and dispensers of controlled s...
  3. Truth vs. myths

    Okay, I have been sued (will not go into the details but it took >7 years to settle). While yes, your practice/hospital will support you while you are going thru court. However, IF you are found negligent or in any way liable, YOU will be reported...
  4. Job ideas with a Restricted License

    Agree dialysis in a large unit might be the way to go. The only caveat to dialysis nursing is that sometimes you do have to hand a narcotic prescription to a pt. Would that be an issue?
  5. How do you go about looking for a job?

    Hmmm...word of mouth usually. Do you belong to your state's APRN organization?
  6. Am I Crazy? A New NP Story

    Listen to Juan - knows what he is talking about.
  7. Should I renew license

    So very sorry! What is your plan to obtain work? Are you going to continue to look for work? I guess that would be my input. If not planning or looking for work, maybe not renew?
  8. MedSurg to Dialysis Transition

    I'm a nephrology APRN who sees pts in several chronic units. Each company has their own personality. Personally, I'm glad I'm employed by a large nephrology practice. I don't care to be called a "team-mate" (I'm not on a sports team) or have to ackno...
  9. Radonda Vaught

    I just keep going back that she didn't have intent to hurt that pt.
  10. Finding a preceptor in Chicago Illinois

    Look to ISAPN IL Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
  11. Unemployed 68 yr old NP told she is "too old" for job

    Congrats on beating cancer! Agree with NurseBeth - project an energetic image, smile, know the lingo of the specialty you are interviewing for and network. Thats the biggest hint I can give you.
  12. Tips to increasing efficiency as an Outpatient NP?

    I work in nephrology (so kinda related) and we use Epic. It's all about the HCC's. We have templates and some smart phrases that our practice uses in order to capture the charges. I've also added some of my own. Don't get caught copying and past...
  13. Would you rather stay as an RN or work as a NP?

    I enjoyed my 12 years as an RN but I've enjoyed my 16 years at my APRN job more
  14. How to let your manager know you’re quitting after a week?

    I took a job that I thought was my "dream job". Inside of a week, I realized it was a nightmare and I wanted OUT!! I just told my boss that I realized this wasn't a good fit and I didn't wish to waste their time/energy. Went back to my ol...
  15. Nurse Practitioner Career Trajectory

    Awesome background! Personally I think its important for an NP to have bedside experience. However, there are many that disagree with me on that. That said if time is of the essence, ie you are older (and I don't mean OLD, I mean >50) y...