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  1. Full Practice Authority of Nursing

    Teaching anything is something you have to be passionate about. While colleges demand at least a graduate degree usually, if you don't have a passion to teach, it doesn't matter what degrees you hold. I was in a DNP program but my goal was incr...
  2. Middle-Aged Nurse with Dyspraxia in Need of Advice

    Americans with Disabilities and Job Applicants I apologize that I'm not familiar enough with Canada and their employment practices. In the US we have the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Is there something like this in Canada?
  3. Struggling no experience NP need guidance

    Solid orientations are necessary for successful student to practice. When I became an APRN in 2006, I had approx 5 months of orientation - it took that long to get credentialed at all the hospitals and dialysis units anyway. It was very clinically fo...
  4. Full Practice Authority of Nursing

    Nope, DNP is fluff and PhD is for teaching.
  5. You wouldn't drive your car without insurance? You wouldn't own a house and not have insurance? Your career is worth insurance
  6. Medication Charting Errors

    Please consult with an administrative law attorney in your state that has experience with your BON.
  7. Newbie Questions About NP Career

    Nursing is a second career for me, I've been an APRN for 16+ years now - all in nephrology. Our role in a very large nephrology practice has evolved over the years. I've worked in-pt, out-pt, dialysis units and also telehealth. I'm a CNS but I'd advi...
  8. What does this order permit? In terms of frequency?

    After reading all the replies, there is much confusion so the correct answer is to clarify the order with the prescriber
  9. Degree over Experience?

    Depends on the job. For a staff RN position, of course you have to be an RN. However, in my area staffing is so bad, facilities are closing, surgeries being delayed and the stress is tremendous for all staff members. Degrees are important when i...
  10. Leaders need to learn to be followers. If you are a leader, you should be able to do all the jobs. Please don't hire someone with an MBA to be the leader of nurses. I've been a nurse for >30 years now, started as a nursing assistant, LPN, AD...
  11. Chances to land a first job as FNP at age 55?

    How long do you plan to work? How much more will you be earning as an NP versus RN? I would certainly consider the cost of the program too in order to factor in the viability of this.... If you plan to work till 70 or so, I say go for it. However, i...
  12. Injured on Job and Fired

    Great advice as usual Nurse Beth. I would go a little further and say there are many ADN to MSN programs that are online and offer career opportunities that would take you into retirement. Would you be able to do an office job? Primary care NPs are i...
  13. APRN Student needing interview answers

    I'll give it a try: Things you were not prepared for I am a nephrology APRN for 16 years and had NO nephrology experience. I was provided with a very solid orientation combining both clinical as well as didactic experiences. Solid ori...
  14. I'm in Illinois and I only look up what I need to look up - I would never look up anyone unless I had the need to know. Here is what it says: "Who can access the data contained in the PMP? Licensed prescribers and dispensers of controlled s...
  15. Truth vs. myths

    Okay, I have been sued (will not go into the details but it took >7 years to settle). While yes, your practice/hospital will support you while you are going thru court. However, IF you are found negligent or in any way liable, YOU will be reported...
  16. Job ideas with a Restricted License

    Agree dialysis in a large unit might be the way to go. The only caveat to dialysis nursing is that sometimes you do have to hand a narcotic prescription to a pt. Would that be an issue?
  17. How do you go about looking for a job?

    Hmmm...word of mouth usually. Do you belong to your state's APRN organization?
  18. Am I Crazy? A New NP Story

    Listen to Juan - knows what he is talking about.
  19. Should I renew license

    So very sorry! What is your plan to obtain work? Are you going to continue to look for work? I guess that would be my input. If not planning or looking for work, maybe not renew?
  20. MedSurg to Dialysis Transition

    I'm a nephrology APRN who sees pts in several chronic units. Each company has their own personality. Personally, I'm glad I'm employed by a large nephrology practice. I don't care to be called a "team-mate" (I'm not on a sports team) or have to ackno...
  21. Happy School Nurses Day!

    Did you know that only 39% of schools in the US employ full-time school nurses? Did you know that in a recent study it was reported that "nearly half of 5- to 17-year-olds have experienced trauma in the form of at-school victimization. Exposure to tr...
  22. Radonda Vaught

    I just keep going back that she didn't have intent to hurt that pt.
  23. Finding a preceptor in Chicago Illinois

    Look to ISAPN IL Society of Advanced Practice Nurses
  24. Unemployed 68 yr old NP told she is "too old" for job

    Congrats on beating cancer! Agree with NurseBeth - project an energetic image, smile, know the lingo of the specialty you are interviewing for and network. Thats the biggest hint I can give you.
  25. Tips to increasing efficiency as an Outpatient NP?

    I work in nephrology (so kinda related) and we use Epic. It's all about the HCC's. We have templates and some smart phrases that our practice uses in order to capture the charges. I've also added some of my own. Don't get caught copying and past...