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  1. kitkats4breakfs

    Mandatory flu shots????

    Hello OP, I have been a nurse for close to 3 years. Get a note from your doctor saying your are allergic. That is all that is required. One thing you need to learn in nursing, right away, when speaking to management is never let your left hand know what your right hand is going to do. Lols... Eventually it'll make sense. In nursing school I did get the flu shot, for the first time and after that 3 more times. Last year I refused to get the flu shot. This year I will do the same, wearing a mask isn't that bad. However, my thing is... to needlessly inject a solution into my body that I do not require, and possibly will not get the flu this year is silly and goes against nursing practice. Like in medicine perfectly nursing we don't just go and Medicaid patients just because. Example a patient is running a fever, we do not just rush to give them Tylenol. We do other interventions which include removing heavy clothing and cooling measures. If temperature doesn't decrease then maybe we'll give acetaminophen. Reading the first page of this post has infuriated me: "I hate to say it, but you are so incredibly unimportant to a clinical site, you wouldn't believe it. They don't care what documentary you watched about vaccinations or how super badly you want to be a nurse. " Cruel and insensitive to one another, however speechless to management. This is why they, nurses, get stomped on by aministration, doctor's and unionized CNAs. This is why they burnout we are understaffed all the time. As a nurse with close to three years of experience, I haven't an unlimited amount of opportunities in my current location New York City. There is no reason why nurses should ever have to take a back seat and just accept things for the way they are. "If you do not stand for something, you'll fall for anything."
  2. Hello fellow nurses I am an ADN level Registered Nurse. I've been practicing for a little less than 2 years. I do enjoy being a nurse, however I know that I do not want to be in health care forever, not even for the next 5 years. I am a mid 20's male. I have 6 of the 30 credits required for my BSN, however I am set on majoring in something else - such as Computer Science or Information Technology. I am also interested in possibly being a high school teacher. My heart tells me to jump into something else, but I know it would be more practice to continue nursing. Can anyone offer me more insight? I have been thinking of making this switch since my first day ever working the floor as a nurse. I know that with a nursing degree, one can only do nursing. However with other degrees like: accounting, business, education, psychology, Criminal Justice - other job opportunities are available. I've seen such instances were a person majors in accounting became a high school teacher. Another a person majors in psychology, has a job as a research coordinator. I feel like I have already made a decision, but I just feel like I could use some advice and insight.
  3. kitkats4breakfs

    "Objective" for new grad nurse

    @canigraduate thank your. I borrowed "team-oriented".
  4. kitkats4breakfs

    BSU RN to BSN

    Hello Dan, I am also interested in Boise's RN-BSN program. Particularly, if out of state students, like my-self, will be granted in state tuition. Some public colleges allow all online students to receive instate tuition, even out of staters. Overall how is the program?
  5. kitkats4breakfs

    Boise state online RN-BSN

    Hello guys, I am an out of state RN from NY. I am considering Boise State's program. However, I would like to know of online students get in state tuition? Thanks.
  6. kitkats4breakfs

    New Grad RN as an RN supervisor?

    Well I can add this. My father worked in computer science since the 80's. He was a supervisor in his company and realized that the people he was "over" made way more money than he did. He quit his job and became a regular staff member. The end.
  7. kitkats4breakfs

    Staying late, not getting paid.

    I just wonder what happened to you don't finish your med pass before your shift is over. is it okay to not give a medication you were supposed to and leave it for the next nurse? I am seriously asking.
  8. kitkats4breakfs

    Staying late, not getting paid.

    I am in the same situation. So when I do not finish my med pass @ 3pm, the end of shift, what should I do? Can I leave with out giving all my patients blood pressure meds? Or should I expect the nurse coming on what I didn't? And I'm seriously asking. Would there be any repercussions?
  9. kitkats4breakfs

    NP replacing RNs in ER?

    It does sound like a way to save money. And if it is, it's something that facilities will adopted. It doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'm sure if this is someone's first NP job, they will quickly take it.
  10. kitkats4breakfs

    Will LPN's be around for long?

    LPNs are a nursing homes, bread and butter. lpn aren't going anywhere for a long time, the baby boomers are going to end up in the nursing home someday. RNs are too expensive to hire in LTC.
  11. kitkats4breakfs

    Graduating soon...how are you preparing for your interviews?

    It's funny I've been on over 8 interviews for RN positions. Non have been formal. I remember my very first interview, about 2 months ago, I practiced three days in advance for the interview, I went over tough screening questions, only to have my interview complete in 5 minutes. I always make it a point to ask them if they have a high turnover rate. What are the current issues your facility faces: customer service, management...
  12. kitkats4breakfs

    I think Nursing is not for me :( :( :(

    Did not read your post in its entirety. I just wanted to say that I knew nursing "wasn't for me" my first semester. However my grades were really good, many of my professors liked me and I had classmates encouraging me to continue on. I stuck it, out graduated in December. 2 Months later - passed NCLEX, 1 month after that - found a job in a nursing home. The first week was tough. However in my second week, things went smoother. I couldn't believe that I enjoyed my job so much, that I would not mind being there on my off days. Being a nurse is a magical experience. good luck, it's worth it.
  13. kitkats4breakfs

    Lateral violence. How did you handle it?

    Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. When a confrontational person realizes that you're willing to go further than he/she is, usually they back off before things get bad. No one can do that to me at work, nor have they tried. Probably because they know I'm willing to go the distance. And I am not too terrified about being canned from my position. I am in my mid 20s, most of my coworkers are 30+. I see that you have a lot of pride in your abilities to work well with the doctors. Is it possible you can be more of a team player with your fellow nurses and CNAs?
  14. kitkats4breakfs

    Need to go school to avoid paying loan

    I don't want to pay my loans either... So I'm starting my RB-BSN program soon. This will work in my benefit, I'll be able to work part time while focusing on my studies. My loans will be automatically placed in deferment without penalty. However, your a nurse right... You should be able to pay for your loans. what sense does it make to accrue more loans and interest? try getting government job and work for 10 years and your lungs will be forgiven... At least that's what they claim.
  15. It's much better going into an RN program, brand new with no prior experience. I say that because many people who were lpns in the program. They relied on past experiences or "real world/ life nursing". Nursing school is much different than working as an actual nurse aka " real life nursing ". Exam wise especially, it's better coming in with no experience. FYI. . . just be prepared to wipe someone ass.