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  1. danceyrun

    Disturbing things that I heard Dr.s say in the Labor room

    These quotes make me not want to birth a baby.
  2. Just roll with it. Part of nursing is being flexible in less than (your) ideal situations. Also, capstones are generally only a handful of shifts. It isn't like you are absolutely committed to that drive for years to come.
  3. danceyrun

    The politics of transferring units

    I think you should be honest and tell him or her that you are interested in growing as a nurse. It may be uncomfortable in the interim but you have to do what is best for you. In the future, it's considered respectful to let your manager know that you are interested in transferring so that they aren't blindsided by HR (at least in my neck of the woods anyhow).
  4. danceyrun

    Your Patient

    I don't ask people in social situations if they've pooped today, and if so, what did it look like?
  5. danceyrun

    Drug seekers

    I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, but besides the labeling etc.- you are there for 12 hours (technically more but you know what I mean) and you can give it q6. You are giving it twice. Three times maybe. Get the wad out of your panties and give the drug.
  6. danceyrun

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    At my facility, all roles wear different colored scrubs and I can tell you from experience that nobody (patients) really notice or care. I have also never had someone describe a nurse or tech as "that person wearing the purple scrubs."
  7. danceyrun

    Meds in unlabeled bags... Is it safe?

    It's more of this: many times I have found the incorrect beds in the incorrect bins in our Pyxis. I do not trust every charge nurse that I work with to check every single med after they pull it out to make sure they grabbed it from the bin (sadly), which means if it is incorrect then I have to go back to the Pyxis anyway. Also, many of the meds I give are IVP so if we are referring to someone else drawing them up and labeling them for me to give, that ain't happening.
  8. danceyrun

    Checking O2, suction

    Just a side note- no question is ever a dumb one, so don't be afraid to ask someone for help if you don't know something. It is always so much better for you to ask than to not know something and potentially harm someone :)
  9. danceyrun

    Meds in unlabeled bags... Is it safe?

    I personally don't give mess that someone else has pulled unless it's in an emergency situation. To answer your question, I would have a problem with it.
  10. Peyers patches are lymph nodes in the gut. Why do I remember that?
  11. danceyrun

    Metallic taste/nausea with saline flushes

    This is often time consuming, but sometimes if I have these patients I will take some empty 10 ml syringes and make my own flushes from NS bags. It has helped. If you do this, ALWAYS LABEL your syringes.
  12. danceyrun

    How do you spend your first day off?

    Sleep in (no alarm = amazing), exercise, tidy up the house, and get some sunshine.
  13. danceyrun

    Lost my IV skills

    Does your hospital have an IV Team that you can follow and watch?
  14. danceyrun

    What do you do to protect yourself on floor?

    Ohhhh this guy.
  15. danceyrun

    should I call in or not?

    As an oncology nurse, please stay home. Pride isn't worth a septic pt. Hope you get to feeling better!
  16. danceyrun

    Professionalism....name your irritation here!

    Asking me if I need help and then when I tell you what I need help with, you don't help. Why did you even ask me? Or, similarly, sitting around on Pinterest while your coworker is running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Nursing is a team sport.