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NRSKarenRN has 44 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion.

Homecare Guru & Nursing Advocate. Widow + 2 adult sons. Needlepoint addict --watch out for needle sticks.

The sky's the limit if your heart is in it.  ATTITUDE: The Difference Between ORDEAL and ADVENTURE!!  

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair" - Shirley Chisolm

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    Cats + Civilization

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    President Biden thread

    I'll leave it to you experts with Psych DX --"over my head". Only got pulled to our Psych unit 1 night in late 70's; as LPN then, pulled me to help run 8 bed CCU night shift instead when several critically ill -- was 2nd LPN to staff unit. Beat being solo nurse/charge on 26 bed Medical unit --existed 2 years due to two older seasoned nursing assistants who took me under their wings as 22 yo married newbie (4yrs SNF aide experienced helped).. When new 14 bed Telemetry/Respiratory unit night charge opened, changed unit. PS. starting 9wk onsite camp nurse position Moday --will pop in sporatically.
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    Covid and Hospitals: How are things now?

    Had in-office followup surgical visit yesterday (first in 6 months), he's been Director of Surgery for years.. Thanked him for his caring attitude + telemedicine visits. Inquired how he's going with Covid. Told me he worked daily for 8 months, starting end of April---COVID pandemic worst experience of his career. Minimal Covid in the health system and manageable, Philadelphia Inquirer Jun 10, 2021 Hospital doctors are seeing far fewer COVID-19 patients now. Pandemic IS NOT OVER, just more manageable. Many concerns for Fall 2021 spike since restrictions lifted.
  4. NRSKarenRN

    President Biden thread

    Bidens gift to Englands Prime Minister Boris Johnson: custom Bicycle made in the USA --and Philadelphia, PA of course! Both he and Dr Biden ride bikes when at their Rehobath Beach, DE home. How a Philly shop built a bike — quickly and at a discount — for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The buyer: Joe Biden.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    Drat, grrr copy and paste mistake despite new glasses!-- corrected U.S. stats Cases: 33,427,925 Deaths: 598,797 Reviewed and edited my above post.
  6. NRSKarenRN

    COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives

    From Merriam Webster: Public Health and Pandemic: Vaccine: U.S. Covid vaccine's have a 70-95% effective rate in preventing serious COVID infection, part of preventive medicine strategy. Covid-19 statistics 6/11/21 @ 1045 AM: John Hopkins Univ. Covid-19 dashboard Worldwide Cases: 174,940,496 Deaths: 3,775,180 U.S. stats corrected Cases: 33,427,925 Deaths: 598,797 Current World Population counter: 7,871,938,450 CDC: US COVID-19 7-Day Case Rate per 100,000, by State/Territory for the past week. Darker the blue map color, higher COVID infection rate. Navy color = 55-108 cases per 100,000. Pandemics cross all continents irregardless of political views of a country. US is donating 500 million Pfizer vaccine doses worldwide as a PUBLIC HEALTH measure to decrease worldwide transmission. How have nurses forgotten basic Public Health tenets developed since 1918? Masks, handwashing, social distancing, vaccine administration = the Principles of Disease Elimination and Eradication Prior government administration made everything about red and blue states. To gain control of this pandemic, need to change thinking to RED, WHITE and BLUE --together we can stop needless pandemic deaths. Majority of adults over age 65, have received at least one Covid vaccine dose, so focus is on the age groups driving new coronavirus infections My 30+ yo keep telling me Social Media and You tube is what millennials pay attention to, so if a lottery, fishing license, beer increases vaccination rates so US can acheive herd immunity, I'm all for it as I''d like to extend my lifetime by 20-30 years --especially without Covid Long Haul illness.
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    Ouch.. ... License Application with ask about criminal Hx. So contact courthouse where case handled requesting a copy of your case to submit with application. Obtain character references from two professors. along with your explanation of event + turnaround in your life from this experience. How to Write a Letter of Explanation for a Criminal Record ... Criminal History Records, Background Checks - NY DCJS Sample letter of request for your own criminal history record Best wishes moving forward.
  8. Thanks.... BRB.
  9. NRSKarenRN

    Caitlyn Jenner announces bid for California governor

    Don't need another Governor afraid of Trump.
  10. Off to locate Wray's testimony. Suspect TONS going on behind the scenes, that's why Chief of Staff Ron Klain stayed in WH instead being with Biden on first International Trip --does have other staff with him. Shakeup @ DOJ coming per my crystal ball.
  11. NRSKarenRN

    CDC COVID-19 Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps

    Updated CDC 2021 Guidance for Youth and Summer Camps (New! May 28, 2021)
  12. First noted on Rachel Maddow Show --- Rep: Adam Schiff key target in who was leaking info to the press. Apple had gag order re data release. DOJ regs prohibit this unless investigating corruption. More cleanup by Merrick Garland, soon he'll be working long days like Dr. Fauci! NEED 1/6/21 commission PRONTO! NY Times report tonight By Katie Benner, Nicholas Fandos, Michael S. Schmidt and Adam Goldman June 10, 2021 Updated 8:40 p.m. ET Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress The Justice Department seized records from Apple for metadata of House Intelligence Committee members, their aides and family members.
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    Active RN license working as an LPN

    Legal opinion: I have an active RN license. Can I work in an LVN position?
  14. Golden reply!! Should work.
  15. NRSKarenRN

    Camp Nurse Experience

    Missed this thread.... I just came back from visiting my Summer camp as last there 25yrs ago and they added 100 acres, so needed to get the lay of the new facilities. 1. Camp setup: You will need to bring own linens, towels, clothes, swim shoes, toiletries etc. Storage space is at a premium, often just one large wood cubby with 2 shelves or wire shelf -- duffle type bag with wheels allows you to keep clothes, personal items stored in it under the bed --get small lock for it. I bring small runner rug to place next to bed to add color and protect feet getting OOB. Need own hand soap for personal bathroom area. Infirmary air conditioned or is personal fan needed? After getting personal space setup, cleaning cabinets, setting up beds (just use bottom sheet on bed for those just needing to rest., stocking cabinets come next. I liked to have 1 cot as "trauma" location to get injured camper easily into (away from prying eyes) that had access on both sides. 2.First aid #1 issue I've experienced: cuts, boo-boos, scrapes, Gaga knuckles (ball hit by hand inside inside octogon pit --kids should bring golf gloves to avoid). Hydrogen peroxide + cotton ball cleaning, triple antibiotic + bandaid the cure. Surnburn --aloe gel, baking soda paste helpful. Bee stings-ice down, check for stinger -use tweezers to remove. 3. " Ice for Injury" -- daily ice chest run to dinning hall , small sandwich bag was my prior tx for scrapped knees bruises, swollen finger, etc. The mysterious missing ice when basketball/football players descend past infirmary and overheated. This year will try school nurse forum suggestion of freezing wet paper towels for cold compress (have large frige with freezer.and hid the ice chest inside office for serious injury. 3. Medical staff should review with you serious health issues: juvenile diabetics, asthmatics, seizures, food allergies Tell the staff you want to practice lung assessment --could you listen for wheezing once asthmatic child calmer. You should be able to do screening pulse ox, + TPR -- great practice experience. Diabetics: who's responsible for glucometer testing, campers have insulin pumps-- who oversees them changing sites, continuous monitor use. etc. Any possibility for observation? 4. Inquire infirmary schedule and medication admin. Sleep away camps often have few campers needing allergy shots. Are you able to administer? Are meds given at infirmary or dinning room during meals. Are they blister packed or RX bottles --nurses give out or do campers take from med bottles --policies vary by camp/state. Need Meal time schedule! Set sick call time --otherwise inudated all day with complaints. 5. Fire evacuation and Emergency phone # list --review. How long for ambulance to arrive --- is 911 available or is it remote location needing to call air ambulance, time interval to local hospital. Is there a physician on site? Who takes a camper needing xray/cast? One year our camp caretaker had a cardiac arrest while in the office falling halfway in/out of office owner doorway. Camp doctor and I did CPR-- took 20 min for ambulance to arrive in country area, another 20 min to the hospital, did not survive.. I should have known to call state police for air ambulance transport. 6. Documentation: EMR system or bound notebook to record campers complaints. Nurse intern used as scribe to record compliant: bug bit, rash, tummy ache, not feeling well, nurse added more detailed note. 7. Infection control will be key this year due to COVID. Are masks being required? Should have clean and dirty areas. Plastic grocery bags great for nausea/vomiting, tie up, toss into trash can. Who empty's trash, sweeps/mops floor, how often, Bathroom cleaning? How often are infirmary linens/towels washed - who does laundry. Our nursing staff did surface cleaning of table top surfaces and own room areas. Bring personal mask supplies in case camp runs out so you'll be protected especaily during camper arrival days. With Covid, PCR testing required within 72hrs for our staff and campers --negative only permitted. Staff are quarantining for 10 days prior to camp. Our Campers will be given Covid Antigen test day of arrival -- is there any need for you to assist with testing? Camp safety: campers need to wear sneakers, water shoes at pool---no running on roadway/paths, no black bugs in the ice cubes, 8. Work hours + time off: Sleepaway camp 24/7 for up to 2 months. If you have overnight camper in infirmary, who is up overnight. Are you scheduled in infirmary only during med times and sick call or is someone required during day/eve hours? Our staff given 3 days off in 9 weeks -- can only stay in camp this year due ovid. Off times, are you able to use camp facilities, swim, ride horse, play sports, arts n crafts, use exercise equipment etc. I'm lucky as camp is owned by my child's former pediatrician who's there 3 days a week, evenings when not on call @ hospital. So they would stitch up cut lip from fall, thigh filleted open from sliding on basketball court, remove wire from fish hook, debride wound from falling off go-cart into brush with retained twig in knee ( my child!), Hope these hints help you this month, Remember to smile and relax. You can get through this Summer, get hooked and can't wait till next session on last day.
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    Topical News

    Follow-up re Rep Swalwell lawsuit against Trump rally speakers for insuiting Capital Jan 6th, insurrection--Brooks wife served with Mo's subpoena. Timer now starts on his response to lawsuit. Rep. Mo Brooks served with lawsuit related to his role in Capitol insurrection CNN 6/6/21