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  1. Hi Elkpark, I'm considering a position as a State Health Facilities Surveyor Nurse and I noticed you were on a thread about that position. I'm curious if you have any insight about career growth in that role and/or any opportunities that can become available from having that experience? Thanks

  2. elkpark

    NP program with low gpa

    (No, you're not.)
  3. elkpark

    MedLife Institute

    Oh, just visit the "school's" website. They'll be all over you.
  4. The OP didn't say s/he has an MSN, s/he said s/he has an MS in Health Informatics. Entirely different field. Unless I'm misunderstanding, OP?? If you have a master's that isn't in nursing (MSN), there isn't any "bridge." You have to take the full component of MSN core classes. There might be some individual courses, like graduate levels stats or research methods, something like that, that might transfer, but even that is not particularly likely. Best wishes for your journey!
  5. elkpark

    RN that Graduated from non accredited

    What state are you in? Most do not require ACEN or CCNE accreditation to be eligible for licensure, just BON approval.
  6. elkpark

    Partnerships will advance personalized medicine

    Further updates on Theranos (probably the last, I guess): Blood-Testing Firm Theranos to Dissolve - WSJ Theranos Closes Deal With Fortress to Shut Down Embattled Firm - WSJ
  7. elkpark

    Does California issue ID for Nclex passers

    What kind of "ID card"? A smaller copy of your license? States have gone to electronic systems in which licenses are verified by checking the state BON/BRN website directly, and copies of licenses are no longer considered valid verification. Most states still send a decorative certificate that you can frame and hang on the wall if you wish. What really matters, though, is the "primary source," which is the website. Welcome to allnurses!
  8. All the information and forms you need should be on the Florida BON website. Have you looked there?
  9. It simply depends on the individual school. Some schools will care, some won't. It certainly can't hurt for you to do your best to get top grades in everything going forward. Best wishes!
  10. elkpark

    MedLife Institute

    There are some existing threads here about this "school." I encourage you to use the "Search" feature to find them and have a good read.
  11. elkpark

    PAs Do Not Like Us

    "Funny," sure, but many of the comments (about large numbers of poorly prepared NPs flooding the market) are right on point.
  12. elkpark

    Did you keep your RN license and why?

    Well, if you're coming to the US, then the answer is simple. Yes, you'll have to maintain active licensure as an RN (in whatever state you'll be in) in order to be licensed and able to practice as an NP.
  13. elkpark

    % infants in Peds? Male RN in Peds?

    When I was in school 30+ years ago, one of our two peds instructors was a young man who was making his career in pediatric nursing. He was great! I wasn't aware of any issues related to his gender coming up during the time I was in clinical with him.
  14. elkpark

    Nursing Liability Insurance?

    The two companies that get mentioned most often are NSO (Nurses Service Organization) and Marsh. There have been people here who have said they have coverage through a rider on their homeowner's insurance, but I don't know any of the details of how that would work; I've always been more comfortable dealing with a company that specializes in covering nurses and healthcare workers.
  15. elkpark

    Did you keep your RN license and why?

    Oh! Ditto ... (Where did you see something about Canada?)
  16. elkpark

    Did you keep your RN license and why?

    Every state requires that advanced practice nurses maintain active RN licensure in addition to their advanced practice licensure/certification. Do people not learn this kind of stuff in school? The basics of how your licensure works?

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