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  1. Hi Elkpark, I'm considering a position as a State Health Facilities Surveyor Nurse and I noticed you were on a thread about that position. I'm curious if you have any insight about career growth in that role and/or any opportunities that can become available from having that experience? Thanks

  2. elkpark

    One Thread Wonders

    "What graduate degree should I get?" "Should I leave my boyfriend/husband?" "Should I go into nursing?"
  3. elkpark

    One Thread Wonders

    Lots of threads in which the new member seagulls, and lots in which the new member comes back to complain bitterly and snark at long-time members about getting responses and advice that weren't what s/he was hoping to hear.
  4. Do the schools not even explain the basics of how licensure and certification work anymore? What else are they not covering?
  5. elkpark

    Different Sort of Shoe Question

    I've had good experiences with SAS shoes. Super comfortable.
  6. You are forgetting the direct entry MSN programs. Start with no nursing background or experience, come out in 2-3 years an NP. People are doing it every day. (Not saying I think it's a good idea, but the programs are there and v. popular.)
  7. elkpark

    Pennsylvania Compact State??

    PA is not a member of the NLC and I'm not aware of any plans to join. Each state makes its own decision about this.
  8. elkpark

    Is this mental abuse???

    Since all of this took place nearly two years ago, I imagine the situation has been resolved by now, one way or another.
  9. That was my immediate thought, too. lol OP, the state of Florida passed legislation a number of years ago specifically to make it easier and cheaper to own and operate nursing schools. They took control of nursing schools away from the BON and gave it to the state dept. of education. Since then, quite a few "nursing schools" have opened there that would never be allowed to operate in any other US state. Many of these "schools" have horrible NCLEX pass rates, and would get shut down in other states simply because of their poor pass rates. The "schools" get away with this because the state of Florida doesn't care (apparently) and the students they prey upon don't know any better. I would encourage you to tread carefully, and look for a legitimate, established program with strong NCLEX pass rates and low attrition. Lots of people are getting taken advantage of in Florida; they're paying a lot of money for substandard nursing "education" that doesn't prepare them for the NCLEX and doesn't prepare them to enter practice successfully. I would not be surprised if the rest of the country doesn't eventually catch on and start refusing to license by endorsement graduates of some of these Florida "schools," or just stop recognizing Florida graduates altogether.
  10. elkpark

    Med life institute

    I recognize that name -- there are some existing threads here about that "school." Have you taken a look at them? You can find them with the "search" tool in the upper right hand corner of each page here. Welcome to allnurses! :balloons: Best wishes!
  11. elkpark

    My coworkers dont like me because I bragged

    I agree -- better to just not bring it up, keep your head down, work hard, be a good coworkers going forward, and things will improve over time.
  12. elkpark

    Not sure if I'm happy as a PMHNP.

    What were you expecting? How much research did you do about the role before you went to school? I've been a psych CNS for many years, currently working on an inpatient psychiatric consultation & liaison service in a large academic medical center, and, yes, we spend at least as much time writing as we do talking to people. That's the nature of healthcare these days, and it's not likely to change. In my experience, there's a lot less writing in outpatient (some providers write only brief, vague eval and progress notes), but it's been a long time since I worked in outpatient so I don't know how much that may have changed. Since you mention you're new, some of the issue may just be getting more familiar with and adept at documentation and your specific organization's medical record system. You will probably get more efficient as you get more experience. Also, in my experience, new people tend to over-document out of their own insecurity (I'm not saying that as a criticism, just a natural part of the process of gaining experience and confidence over time). Best wishes!
  13. elkpark

    ADN at private school to public for RN-BSN?

    Welcome to allnurses! :balloons: When you say "private school," do you mean a private-for-profit (proprietary) school? Does it have regional general academic accreditation? If not, you might have difficulty transferring credits from your previous school into a "regular" university.
  14. elkpark

    Should I Attend a Non-Accredited School?

    Yes. Few schools bother to be accredited by both. Either one is adequate.
  15. Please provide some actual documentation of this. You know, an actual source.
  16. A bad day for antivaccinationists: A possible retraction, and the "CDC whistleblower" William W. Thompson issues a statement | ScienceBlogs