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  1. elkpark

    Ritttenhouse Trial

    I would argue that it was Rittenhouse who "went after others," when he made the decision to take his gun and drive to Kenosha in order to take part in the situation that had nothing whatsoever to do with him.
  2. elkpark

    Ritttenhouse Trial

    He's lucky they exercised better judgment than him, and didn't shoot him dead on the spot. According to him and his defense team, they would have been justified in doing so.
  3. I doubt very much whether you would be able to sit for the ANCC psych nurse certification exam, unless you are working in a psych-specific unit in a correctional facility or have some other experience that meets the requirement for 2000 hours of work...
  4. elkpark

    Texas Abortion Law

    The Texas bill is not about "babies with beating hearts," nor are any of the other so-called "heartbeat bills" around the country. There is no "beating heart" at six weeks. What these bills are calling a "heartbeat" is is the first stirring of elec...
  5. elkpark

    Nurse severely beat

    That's not necessarily true in every US state (what categories of health professionals can commit someone involuntarily), the specific requirements vary from state to state. But it is true that every US state has some mechanism for forcing people in...
  6. I also am a long-time psych nurse (child psych CNS), and I also vote "no" on disclosing. Furthermore, I would not disclose anything about my own past once I was working in the setting, especially to clients. Work is work and your personal life is y...
  7. elkpark


    "Lame duck" child psych CNS here. I'm no expert, but the rationale we were given at the time that our certifications were being "retired" was that it was part of the overall general restructuring of advanced practice nursing, part of the "LACE" or "...
  8. elkpark

    Religious Exemptions

    Not only that, but organized Christianity has gone for long periods of time without having any particular position on or objection to it. The vehement objections by some (certainly not all) Christians nowadays is a comparatively (historically speaki...
  9. Food for thought: The People vs. Donald Trump – Verdict: Guilty of Negligent Homicide – Trusted Legal Advice for Technology Companies (kelmanlaw.com) (Fiction, obviously, but an interesting read). Nonfiction: Glenn Kirschner, a reti...
  10. Not only that, but, at the same time, the perpetrators didn't bother to also take the majority in the Senate and increase the Democratic majority in the House -- pretty smooth! I guess that was to throw everyone off the scent ... MTG is the ...
  11. Nah, they were crazy long before COVID came along.
  12. elkpark

    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    If she's that worried about her safety in DC, maybe she shouldn't have gone to all that trouble to get a job there ...
  13. elkpark

    One Thread Wonders

    "What graduate degree should I get?" "Should I leave my boyfriend/husband?" "Should I go into nursing?"
  14. elkpark

    One Thread Wonders

    Lots of threads in which the new member seagulls, and lots in which the new member comes back to complain bitterly and snark at long-time members about getting responses and advice that weren't what s/he was hoping to hear.
  15. Do the schools not even explain the basics of how licensure and certification work anymore? What else are they not covering?