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cinlou has 44 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Emergency and Critical Care.

I have been a nurse for 37+ years. I was an LPN for 10 years before returning to school for my ADN when LPN's were being phased out of the ICU's. I have worked in many different specialty areas, mostly Emergency and Critical Care.

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  1. cinlou

    Texas Abortion Law

    sounds like you took on your responsibility to the best you could to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately there is lack of education at home and in schools for prevention methods other than abortion. Don't get me wrong, I am not against aborti...
  2. cinlou

    Texas Abortion Law

    exactly, and thank you for the stats, but that is not what the people hear, they only hear the word abortion and think that is the only choice (my opinion)
  3. cinlou

    Texas Abortion Law

    Ahh, where are our Ethics Committees now? I personally do not agree with the tattle tail portion of the law. I came out of the late 70's and I was very naïve. I had no clue about the political back stories about Planned Parent hood, I thought it was...
  4. cinlou

    Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    perhaps people feel they do not have enough information to make informed consent. There continues to be a great deal of mixed messaging out there. It is my role as a nurse to provide the best information available and let the patient make their decis...
  5. cinlou

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    I was noticing the similarities in responses based on years as a nurse, and I find it very interesting. I went through many different diseases throughout my nursing career such as AIDS, H1N1, SARS and not once did we shut down the world, even though ...
  6. cinlou

    The Needy Patient

    Often times these patients have had bad experiences in the past and are afraid of being forgotten. If they are on the light often stop and ask the person what is not being met in their care. example: It appears that we are not meeting your needs, wha...
  7. cinlou

    MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

    I know how intimidating it can be to be the new person/rookie. As nurses we watch over other nurses, aides, techs, medical students, residents and Dr's. to be sure our patient's are receiving the best care, and yes I have had to stop a resident and t...
  8. cinlou

    Racial Refusals In Nursing

    I look at this no different than the elderly lady who didn't want me to take care of her because I was fat, she thought I would be lazy. I took care of her anyway. Or the patient who didn't want any male nurses. we said we would accommodate as best w...
  9. cinlou

    What would you do?

    Hunter, I have worked with many awesome second career nurses. I hear you want to give back. Have you thought about starting out doing some EMT to be sure this is the field you want to go towards. I teach nursing students and some find out in their fi...
  10. cinlou

    Feeling Bored

    try joining a float pool. Never stop, keep trying new things, don't let yourself go stagnant, be active in shared governance, do as much as you feel comfortable doing without it becoming too much. I found floating was awesome, the staff was excited ...
  11. cinlou

    Disrespect & Profanity

    I'm old too. I always told my son that if he was being cussed at the best comeback from him would be coherent intelligent words, it makes the person stop and wonder what you just said. The English language and the semantics within have changed so muc...
  12. When I was in Nursing school about 1978, there was no question about who to take care of. We were taught to keep our beliefs etc to ourselves it was not up to us as nurses to judge anyone, we were there to provide the care required. If there was an i...
  13. cinlou

    NEW RN "But old LPN"

    I had too, been an LPN for about 10 years when I went back for my ADN. I had spent those years in mostly critical care before they removed LPN's from ICU. When I received my RN I was also considered a new grad. Even at that I still made more money, a...
  14. cinlou

    Can't Smell-Can I be a Nurse?

    I have had peers with same issue, one had and then lost it, and she said she did not miss it except when she ate. She did not feel it impaired her ability to be a good nurse, because she learned how to compensate for the loss. Some nurses can smell ...
  15. cinlou

    Why so many negative nurses in the field?

    I have worked on floors and in units with bad moral. If I couldn't influence change I left for my own sanity. Behavior roles down from the top. trying to run healthcare using business models does not help. Why are we not using nursing theory? I once ...