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Pfizer #1 12/17 - Soreness in my arm for 2 days

Pfizer #2 1/7 - Soreness for 2 days, about 12 hours after the shot I had fever, chills and a headache. I took an acetaminophen and went to bed. Symptoms were gone by the time I woke up the next morning other than the soreness.

I normally get a welt that lasts about a week with vaccines so this was actually much better than normal!

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8 hours ago, Nurse Trini said:

Got my Fauci Ouchi two weeks ago (actually didn't hurt much at the time, but my arm was mildly sore later in the day).     Haven't got my second.  (Moderna)


“Fauci Ouchi” ??

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FixerofUhohs, congrats on your grandbaby! Grandkids are the best ?.

I got my vaccination on Thursday. It didn't hurt when I got it, but later that day and the next it was pretty sore. I took ibuprofen and that helped. I've had fatigue and a HA since yesterday. I thought the fatigue was just me, but I guess it's not. I don't usually get SE from vaccines or get sick for that matter, so getting anything is unusual for me.

There are several staff at my place that refuse to get the vaccine and will not be able to work directly with the residents if they don't. We are already short-staffed so it's too bad that it will get worse. 

I've never raced to get myself vaccinated unless it was mandatory (I got my kids vaccinated of course). However, this is one vaccine that more than I'm willing to get, and grateful for the chance.


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2nd moderna vaccine last week.  Sore at site immediately, felt fatigued most of the day, then at 12 hours, chills, low grade fever, total body aches and frontal lobe headache.  Tylenol worked, but it stayed with my all day on day 2.  Would not recommend working the day after, it was nastier than I thought it would be.  Not fun.  Full disclosure, I'm 51, no hx, co-morbids.

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#2 Moderna on Fri @ 10:00 AM, breezed until 2:00 PM on Sat. I had sore arm, laid down, woke up at 5:30 with the chills and fever of 102.  Ibuprofen, a hot toddy and a good night sleep and I was just fine on Sunday AM

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I will start off by saying I was very skeptical of reported side effects reported on the news. In fact I am done watching the news, as non medical experts have been running the show as of late giving the public misinformation. I was very excited to receive my vaccine. I got the moderna vaccine 1/26/21. I was supposed to be observed but I had work to do and I wasn’t scared so after the injection in my left arm I made myself busy. No issues. Took 200 mg ibuprofen just to be safe. This was around 1 pm. At 6 pm my body began to feel off, sore, and I felt a little strange, as though I was getting sick. Took another 200 mg of ibuprofen. Went to sleep around 9. Woke up at 1 am with severe chills, 10/10 body aches. Now I am a tough person and I have a high pain tolerance. Never in my life have I experienced pain like this. My chills were so bad I took my temp (tympanic) and I had 105 fever. I felt as though I got ran over by a dump truck in the street. For two days I was out of work due to fever (hovering around 100-101) and this was with Tylenol and ibuprofen. I put in a call to my PCP to see if I should have the second dose. I still believe in getting vaccinated as this is the only way to be done with the pandemic. 

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I had my first shot on January 22. Had a very sore arm for about three days and that was it.  Getting my second dose on February 22 and hoping for the best.

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I received Moderna #1 on 12/30/20 with the only symptoms being soreness (like a Td) for about 2 days. 

I received my 2nd injection at about 3pm 01/27/21 and it kicked my butt. That night I had gone to bed feeling fine with minimal arm discomfort. I woke up at about 1:30am feeling ill (muscle aches, joint pain, chills, headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue), my temp was 101.0. I called in that day (Thursday). I rested in bed most of the day. My temp had been elevated the entire day. It was 100.5 when I notified my supervisor to ask if I could return the following the day if my temp was normal and since most symptoms subside within 24 hours. I honestly thought I was going to wake up feeling "normal" the following day. I went to bed and woke up at 2:30am feeling nauseous, my temp was 100.7 and then I threw up. I continued with muscle aches, joint pain, chills, headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue. When my alarm for work went off at 5am I was at 100.3 and threw up again. I had to call in for the 2nd day in a row (Friday). Later that day I started to develop throat discomfort, and my lips were cracked. I am one to drink plenty of water, especially when ill, but I was nauseous and was only taking sips of water (hardly anything). I went to my PCP that evening and was immediately started on IV fluid bolus, and was given IV Zofran and Tramadol since Tylenol wasn't helping my headache (I had taken it 2 hrs prior). I was pale and had sunken eyes. Once I arrived home that evening I had noticed an increase in energy and was actually able to eat a full meal. The following day (Saturday) I continued with fatigue and mild dizziness and chills, no more fever, nausea, vomiting, body aches or headache. I took a nap that afternoon as well as the following day (Sunday) which is something I never do. 

Even after going through all that, I would 100% recommend the vaccine. Many colleagues had mild symptoms after their 2nd dose and many didn't experience anything other than soreness. I have been the one nurse with the worst symptoms out of everyone!  


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First dose: mild muscle cramps. A little fatigue

Second dose: chills in 12 hours. Really bad. 22 hours: fatigue, HEADACHE, dizziness. 48 hours later: totally fine.

A little advil and tylenol goes a long way!

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Side effects for me were pretty much the same with the first and second shot. I received the Moderna vaccine.

The morning after each shot, I had a horrible frontal headache, light sensitivity, and my eyes hurt (sounds weird, I know). Lasted about 2 days after the first shot, only lasted 1 day after the second shot. I was also incredibly tired after each shot for the day afterwards (Felt like I was in the first trimester again ?). I had some very transient nausea with the second shot when I’d gone home that night and laid down for bed.


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1st dose was 1/6/21. Arm soreness 

2nd dose 1/27- Milder arm soreness, chills during the night, and dull headache from night to morning. Had some insomnia and wacky dreams (not sure if it was due to vaccine or not). Was fine the next morning w/ mild brain fog, probably due to lack of sleep. 


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I received my first vaccine 01/08 and had no symptoms at all, not even arm soreness. Second vaccine was on 02/05, and I had mild arm soreness the next day that was gone by day 2. I feel very fortunate not to have had any symptoms, and now I am completely vaccinated.