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GdBSN has 6 years experience as a RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. GdBSN

    I'm tired!

    I have not and will not apologize for following the guidelines established by the school board. We are trying to keep our schools open in the middle of a pandemic. We have been F2F (optional) since August and have done well keeping the positive numbers low. If a student comes to the clinic c/o multiple symptoms possibly RT Covid, they are going home. It is not my job to call the student a liar and not believe their symptoms, that is a discussion the parent needs to have with their child.
  2. GdBSN

    suspected under the influence

    I found this one a few years ago. Impairment Assessment for Suspected Chemical Use Gen.doc
  3. GdBSN


    You did a great job!
  4. GdBSN

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    I received my first vaccine 01/08 and had no symptoms at all, not even arm soreness. Second vaccine was on 02/05, and I had mild arm soreness the next day that was gone by day 2. I feel very fortunate not to have had any symptoms, and now I am completely vaccinated.
  5. GdBSN

    Just Can't Make This Up

    Parents show up on campus to tell me their son tested positive 😫
  6. GdBSN

    What Has Been an Upside to Covid?

    Love this! Thank you for sharing. My positives are being able to spend more time with my family and learning how to make bread. 😂
  7. GdBSN

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Sittin at the cool table (pink long sleeve shirt/pink tennis shoes) 😎
  8. GdBSN

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Save me a seat at the cool table 😎 (pink tee and pink sneakers)
  9. GdBSN

    Parents STILL Sending Sick Kids to School

    Fever is not the strongest indicator of the virus. I have students with very minor symptoms (headache, sore throat, stomachache) with no fever who are testing positive. So knowingly sending a student to school who has two or more of the symptoms listed as a possible Covid symptom is putting other students and staff at risk.
  10. GdBSN

    Second interview, with principal?

    Congratulations! Come hang out with us often! Lots of good information on the SN board.
  11. GdBSN

    Athletics = Madness

    This 1000x! This has been my biggest complaint through this whole circus show. Parents expecting school staff to risk their lives so their kids can have a "normal school experience." **Parent Alert**There is not going to be any return to previous normalcy.
  12. GdBSN

    Dealing with Our First COVID Quarantine - Siblings!

    All my puzzles seem to be missing pieces. 😩
  13. GdBSN

    Exclusion Guidelines- AHHH

    Texas sure could learn a lot from this info!
  14. GdBSN

    Intoxicated staff member

    Stick strictly to the facts of her nursing assessment.
  15. GdBSN

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to have all y'all to get me through the days!
  16. GdBSN


    Apparently broken acrylic nails are now a medical emergency. No, this is not your personal nail salon, here's a piece of tape, go back to class!