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GdBSN has 6 years experience as a RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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  1. What state are you in? This is interesting. I count my controlled meds once a week, and after returning to the clinic when someone else gave meds when I wasn't on campus.
  2. GdBSN

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    I think we should all get a pair of these glasses and put them on every time we are asked if something is broken.
  3. GdBSN

    Student Overdoses

    <<<Hugs to you>>> Of course you were affected by this situation, you're human and have a relationship with this student. It was great that this other student felt like she could come to you and tell you the whole situation. Take time for yourself to decompress from this situation, and keep doing a great job! (cue OD) BAM!!! Another student saved from the jaws of death by the school nurse!
  4. GdBSN

    Pink Eye Policy

    Check with your department of health. Tx DOH states that it contagious and excludable, readmission with a doctor's note.
  5. GdBSN

    OMG I got teary-eyed reading this...

    What a wonderful story! That student and the school are lucky to have such a great school nurse.
  6. GdBSN


    Yes, I here that all the time..."I have a migraine, no I've never seen a doctor." I think they say this to make their headache sound more severe.
  7. GdBSN

    Blood Disorder and Severe Bruising

    Until you receive a medical diagnosis and documentation from a doctor, I would make a CPS call every time you saw a new bruise.
  8. GdBSN

    Wearing hoods inside your building.

    Their used to be a no hood policy, but admin for some reason stopped enforcing it. I guess I'm old, I make students remove their hood when they enter the clinic. It's more for the reason of them hearing me and not getting "huh, what" while I'm doing my assessment.
  9. GdBSN

    Christmas Break

    Happy Holidays to all!!! I hope you have a very restful break.
  10. GdBSN

    tick tock....1 more sleep

    4 more hours and counting. HS students taking finals, so if they are on campus they have to be here for their test. It has been a very quiet week, thank goodness. I have had 8 EMS calls since Thanksgiving break, I need a break!!!
  11. GdBSN

    Lice found, but not on head

  12. GdBSN

    The rules apply...until they don't...

    Its referred to when parents "mow down" any obstacles in front of their students. Students never develop coping skills or problem solving because their parents do it for them.
  13. GdBSN

    Eyelash Lice

  14. GdBSN

    Eyelash Lice

    Yes, it's real! Saw a story on the news this morning. People are getting lice on their eyelash extensions. Just thought I would warn you, so now you can be on the lookout for those crafty buggers!
  15. GdBSN

    Panic Attacks

    I'm a HS nurse and am dealing with a lot of panic attacks this year. They are full blown attacks with hyperventilation, shaking, unable to stand...etc. I am chasing my tail all over this school this year for students having attacks in the classroom. When I contact parents about seeing a doctor for possible treatment, they agree and state they will take their LD to be evaluated. Until the next week or month when I'm called to the classroom for the same student, and the student states they have not seen a doctor. I guess my question is, how do you guys treat reoccurring panic attacks when parents don't take their student for a physician eval?
  16. GdBSN

    Prepping for School Nurse Job Search

    In my area, most school nurse positions are posted on the school district website, so you have to go to each individual website, search jobs, and fill out an application with each district. Good luck!

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