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GdBSN has 9 years experience as a RN and specializes in School Nurse.

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    SY 2021-2022 Roll Call

    I'm back for year 8, and contemplate leaving everyday. I just figure how to make money rescuing dogs and drinking wine. I hope Covid starts to settle down. this has been the craziest year, and we are only six weeks in.
  4. GdBSN

    Therapeutic communication for anxiety

    I will get on the floor and do deep breathing exercises with them initially (I feel that getting down on their level helps them relax instead of standing over and looking down to them) Once they are feeling better we will walk around the school or re...
  5. GdBSN

    I'm tired!

    I had a teacher come to my clinic to have her temperature taken. Argued with me that her symptoms were only allergies. I strongly encouraged her to go to urgent care to be evaluated and tested. Results=Covid + ?
  6. GdBSN

    That was a first

    BAM! (in the words of old dude) Great job! It was only anti-climatic because you were there to do what needed to be done. Great job!
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    Happy School Nurses Day!

    Happy School Nurse's Day! We have weathered the storm, and it will be over soon (the school year that is).
  9. GdBSN

    I'm tired!

    I have not and will not apologize for following the guidelines established by the school board. We are trying to keep our schools open in the middle of a pandemic. We have been F2F (optional) since August and have done well keeping the positive numbe...
  10. GdBSN

    suspected under the influence

    I found this one a few years ago. Impairment Assessment for Suspected Chemical Use Gen.doc
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    You did a great job!
  12. GdBSN

    CPS Nurse Dies of COVID-19

    This is so sad! ? Prayers for her family and her school family.
  13. GdBSN

    C'Mon Now!

    I'm sorry this is happening to you!
  14. Thanks for sharing, another aspect of Covid most people probably haven't thought of.
  15. GdBSN

    NBCSN test tomorrow!!

    Good luck! You got this ?‍⚕️?