School Nursing, Ambulatory Care, etc.

Hi! I'm BunnyBunny, but you can just call me Bunny. I love being a school nurse and personally think it's the best nursing specialty out there. :)

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About BunnyBunnyBSNRN

BunnyBunnyBSNRN has 13 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in School Nursing, Ambulatory Care, etc..

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  1. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Summer School

    Who's working Summer school with me this year?
  2. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    PHH in San Antonio

    I am in the interview process with PHH in San Antonio and I have questions. I have never considered home health before, and am wondering what I am getting myself into. Also, I'm going in for my skills test next week, and I'm trying to figure out wh...
  3. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    School nurse interview

    Tell them about your nursing experience. Example: I've been a nurse for 18 years. I received my Associates from Blah Blah Nursing School in 2005, worked in blah blah specialty/specialties until 2010 when I went back to school at Blah Blah for my B...
  4. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Why lift foot of bed up to lift pts in bed?

    And we wonder why "nurses eat their young" is still a saying....
  5. Um...have you done school nursing? Less stress???? You are THE medical expert on a campus full of educators, admin, counselors, and support staff. Sometimes, depending on the district, you may be the only medical person, or one of a few. I left s...
  6. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Developmental Disability Nursing

    Hi, All! I've posted in the Developmental Disability Nursing Specialty group (there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity there) and am trying to increase activity there. I am new to the field and am looking for support, information, etc. I was...
  7. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Any IDD Nurses in Texas

    I am new to this area of nursing - started in August 2022 - and have so many questions! I'm looking for Texas IDD nurses so I can find state specific information. Thanks!
  8. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    New Grad on Orientation...Developing Slowly

    Do not rush this. Just because other new grads are taking more patients doesn't mean they are better nurses. If you feel like you can take more, speak up - learn to voice your needs now.
  9. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Student w/ PDN

    It's a district thing here, not an agency decision. I feel like it a "this is the way we've always done it" thing
  10. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Eating disorder concerns

    Good job, @Csn2016! and, thanks for the update. 🙂
  11. As long as your facility's policy says you can.
  12. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Eating disorder concerns

    I would contact the student's parent first. Let her know there has been a concern raised and ask if it is okay to weigh the student and, if there is a change, to refer her to the counselor. The parent may be noticing changes at home and not know ho...
  13. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    I was actually wearing a different shirt and then I remembered it is Wednesday and changed! 🙂
  14. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    Student w/ PDN

    I have a student with a private duty nurse who is brought to my office every morning for me to do an assessment. It's pretty basic - HR, RR, O2, temp, bowel and breath sounds - so it doesn't take a lot of time. My question is why am I doing this as...
  15. BunnyBunnyBSNRN

    FMLA for Stress/Mental Health

    Has anyone attempted to get FMLA for mental health reasons? I have an appointment with my doctor next Friday and am hoping he agrees that I need some time off, but I'm not sure if he will. Aside from the past couple of years COVID stress, my mo...