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vintagegal has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. vintagegal

    I have an idea...

    Don’t forget to add a mega ton of red tape and useless time consuming policies to go along with it!! Only if the policies are hypocritical, nonsensical, and created by people who aren’t nurses who love to govern nurses.
  2. vintagegal

    So, It's Come To This...

    It’s all well and good until someone ends up in litigation. There will be a patient, probably someone home bound, and the only person who visits them will be the unvaccinated nurse, then they will catch covid, and then they will pass. And all the family members who never bothered to visit or pick up the phone will suddenly be very sad that uncle joe died, and then they will sue, and then they will settle. And the company pulling this charade will be paying for it.
  3. vintagegal

    Covid-19 Religious Exemption

    I really hope you are doing this for the right reasons and for a true religious exemption as a part of your faith and not a political stunt to not be vaccinated by “the man”.
  4. vintagegal

    Anxiety over making mistakes?

    Anxiety brews when one focuses too much on the details instead of the big picture. There are many things one can do in nursing that isn’t textbook but it isn’t wrong. Was the patient harmed? Probably not. focus on concepts and not specifics for each pt. Just like when someone has low oxygen and you put them on O2 and raise the head of the bed. Your not going to go over the exact pathophysiology in your mind, just help them breathe easier.
  5. vintagegal

    Explaining Absence During Colleague's Vacation

    Why don’t you cut back a little and drop down to PRN or just work the floor? Less stress. If a urostomy is freaking you out it might be better to take a break, for your own mental health and well-being. Did you start off in management? Or end up there ? Or is this a position you’ve wanted for awhile ? sounds like your workplace either knows there are deficits and proceeds anyway because they need a fall guy or they are unaware of the shortcomings that you yourself have pointed out. either way my thoughts are with you and I wish you nothing but the best. Good luck and take care! Maybe a day off would be good for you
  6. vintagegal

    Nurses are Fleeing the Hospital

    It’s not just nursing. There is an exodus of the work force in general. Everywhere there is a “now hiring” sign. Many people are fed up with the abuse from customers/pts/management. I worked previously as a DON in LTC. People were always calling off even pre covid. So I worked, 16 12 hr shifts in a row, with no day off, caring for 40 people entire care from ADLs to meds. I was devastated at how dangerous that was. I begged my company for help, begged my manager for help. I got laughed at. Actually laughed at, and they told me to deal with it because that’s my position. And I was on salary. And the director of the entire building? She liked to get her nails done, and come to work Tuesday through Thursday 10-4. She didn’t even pick up the phone. “Not her job”. When she was trained to be a PCA… I was Not even making minimum wage with the hours I was putting in. So yes I left. Had enough of working every holiday, every weekend, every night shift that someone decided they were too hung over to work. I made peanuts for a wage while everyone else in higher management was busy cashing in. I begged for travelers. They said no because it was too expensive. there is no loyalty with employment anymore. As a worker, you are used and abused to the extent that they can use you. Employers leverage what they can get out of you and then throw you away.
  7. vintagegal

    Doctor refuses to treat the unvaccinated

    Back in the 80s when HIV had another nasty name (won’t even post it because it is so disparaging to our LGBTQ community) physicians were refusing to care for HIV positive patients… In my eyes that’s despicable. Kind of like refusing to care for someone based of the color of their skin, or lack of insurance, or non-compliance with their diabetic treatment regimen. It doesn’t matter if this situation is arrogance or martyrdom. The patient loses. Many patients aren’t educated enough to understand the importance of vaccination. Are we going to kick grandpa out of the hospital becAuse he has CHF and keeps eating salt?! Be the change you hope to see. I will continue to educate my patients on the importance of the vaccine…
  8. vintagegal

    Explaining Absence During Colleague's Vacation

    Research the pts you don’t normally care for, have the EMR open when you plan on doing the conference. Talk with your CNAs and ask them plenty of questions, more often then not they know their pts very well. Know the “why” behind the placement of the urostomy. Research it if your not comfortable with it. Ask your LPN/LVN what their thoughts are. Being a successful manager means being immersed in the team. And we all know there is no I in TEAM. Good luck!
  9. vintagegal

    I want to quit....Or find something new

    A lot of employers are predatory, they don’t treat all staff fairly. Ever notice how some nurses get the silver platter and some get the shaft?! It’s a real situation.
  10. vintagegal

    Just Want to Cry and Quit

    don't EVER TAKE A SALARY RN JOB. these facilities know exactly what they are doing and they will throw you under the bus quicker than you will come to find out.
  11. vintagegal

    Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    I mean, since we’re going down this path with *claws out* I will just say that this is a futile point to argue. Vaccines are health care community recommended just like using barrier contraceptives to lessen STI transmission. So I am not sure why we are all fighting. Many workplaces mandate the flu vaccine, to get into nursing school you have to have all your shots, so why is this a troubling conversation for health care providers? We’re not making burgers, we’re handling immunocompromised individuals fragile health…
  12. vintagegal

    Why Do New Grads Lack Critical Thinking Skills?

    I think in any form of nursing a balance between book smarts and common sense Is needed. Many programs focus on one or the other. For example, the local community college providing Associates degree prepared RN education focuses more on common sense. The state university focuses more on care plans and book smarts. You can see where each has its deficits.
  13. vintagegal

    Have you heard of this type of grading before?

    It is the students responsibility to seek feedback throughout the program and keep track of their grades. a situation like this happened at the local community college but it turns out the students had been caught cheating.
  14. vintagegal

    What would you do?

    I would list the manager but include a colleague as well. When asked, just say that you would prefer the colleague to provide a reference as they have worked alongside you and know your ethic, whereas the manager seemed to have many responsibilities and could not focus entirely on your performance as it is a busy unit, etc.
  15. vintagegal

    Termination From Employer For Refusing EUV

    I chose to get the vaccine back in January when it was very new and first offered to LTC. I was surprised to be the only RN in my area that was excited to receive the vaccine. On zoom meetings it was like you could hear a pin drop when we were asked how many would be vaccinated. Me, being the brave outspoken type that I am, proclaimed, “I will be getting the vaccine. First off, I have an immunocompromised family member receiving chemo treatments. Moreover, I am in my mid twenties and I will get the vaccine before you give it to any of my elderly patients- I can handle whatever happens I will be the guinea pig- not my sweet residents.” Yes I had terrible side effects both times. But I am relieved and would do it all again. Now as a hospice nurse I visit many LTC, ALF and private homes. People pop up positive from time to time. I feel protected and I feel I am protecting my family and my colleagues. It’s an unspoken elephant in the room but when a patient who doesn’t go anywhere and has us as visitors pops positive we all silently think to ourselves the most reasonable explanation is a non-vacccinated nurse was the one who probably spread it. Now I would never say that aloud or blame that nurse because we don’t know, but I feel more comfortable being vaccinated because I Am around very vulnerable people. I would rather their terminal illness claim there life than covid. Covid is a terrible way to die. good luck on your journey and whatever you decide to do I hope it’s the best decision you can make with the information you have. I will not pass judgment because I’m not you, I only want to share with you a different perspective. Life is a kaleidoscope formed off of different experiences and points of view.
  16. “The evidence shows…” “According to latest guidance from the CDC…” “Many parents have concerns and questions regarding the vaccine, I want to stress this is a personal choice, however I want to share with you what the health care community and what the research has shown regarding the effective use of vaccines to prevent serious illness and death related to the novel coronavirus”