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vintagegal has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. Adding Robots to Help Nurses?

    Maybe I am a wishful thinker but I hope one day charting can just be replaced with an audio video system that captures all we do. That would save a lot of time.
  2. Karen MD started YouTube channel to bash nurses and NP

    No problem! I appreciate your background and what you have to bring to the table- no complaints from me 😊
  3. Karen MD started YouTube channel to bash nurses and NP

    Bahahaha this was not a post about you! LOL 😂 It was addressed to the bone head that made the YouTube channel.
  4. Karen MD started YouTube channel to bash nurses and NP

    Eye roll. Umm we all get that you're "super smart" here Karen MD, and yes you went to medical school. That however does not make you better than anyone else. And if you have the audacity to think you, alone, are more suited to take care of patients t...
  5. Antisocial personality disorder, left untreated, can harm those around the person who has it. Oftentimes these individuals use and exploit others for their own personal gains because they have no sense of right or wrong and the only thing that matter...
  6. Can you give an opioid without a Dr's order?

    For goodness sakes who would stick their neck out there like that? Get the order. Period.
  7. Outpatient Nursing for New Grads??

    I never worked bedside and I am quite content in my career. I’ve ran long term care and spent most of my time as a hospice/palliative care nurse. When I went back to school for my Doctorate to become an NP there was no deficiency. In fact, I think my...
  8. Silver bell, instead of tackling all the worlds issues, foster their growth and importance by delegation. When they come to you about a specific issue, ask them what their plan is. “Telephone not working? Hmm that is a problem, what is your idea to s...
  9. Anxiety Makes Me Want to Quit

    As a hospice RN I can tell you that there is often no smoking gun when it comes to why patients (especially elderly) pass away. It is a cascade of multiple issues like dominoes falling one by one. This particular patient was of advanced age with mult...
  10. I Have Poor Judgment As A New Nurse - Not Sure How To Improve

    Information is currency, and you just gave large stones for your enemies to throw at you. Do not share your opinions, keep a low profile, stay off social media. Now everyone knows every flaw you have ever had. Shut it all down, get a different job, f...
  11. Failed My AANP Today, I'm Very Upset

    Let me first start out by saying I am so sorry you didn’t make it on the first attempt but there is hope… I am a DNP student for AGNP. I took my exam on December 9th. I took it in one hour and I am happy to report that I passed. All through m...
  12. Nurses Fired For Viral TikTok Video

    Plastic people make plastic nurses. Is it the degradation of society or a lack of consequences? Perhaps a shift in social values is to blame or a lack of morality. Either way, the patients suffer and so do the honest hard working nurses who have to a...
  13. Harassment?

    It’s unprofessional to use a company phone to contact a co worker for engagement in a personal relationship. Many workplaces have rules against this sort of thing. As a woman, I would be uncomfortable with a male co worker asking me out at my jo...
  14. Patient Assessment

    Umm, assess every patient every time. I’m not giving up my license because I miss lungs filling up with fluid or a change in cardiac status. I don’t care what anyone says with any amount of knowledge- you have to assess your patient to know what’s go...
  15. Don’t let established staff act like creations gift to the world, or treat new staff like dirt because they’ve been around for awhile. Nurses can be snarky, workplace hostility should be taken seriously and reprimanded as such.