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MountainGoatRN has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Cardiac PCU, ER.

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  1. possible violation

    I'm confused, you are an ER Nurse with an ICU hold and still had other patients on top of that? The topic seems more about exerting power by an unreasonable and unsupportive director. Give yourself a break, we are not ICU nurses in the ER, but what...
  2. Is it really this bad every where?

    I've noticed some similar things you describe. One thing that has ramped up significantly at my place is the domination of travelers, more of them than regular staffers. What is getting to be annoying is regular staff getting called off or sent hom...
  3. Second Thoughts on Becoming a Nurse

    I did nursing school in my late forties and took the NCLEX at the height of the pandemic last year. Finding a job was not an issue at all. I did a year part time as a Nurse Tech during school and it made my transition to becoming an RN much easier ...
  4. Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    I’m in the ED as well. 60 bed ED & 6 trauma rooms. Always 110 pts & because the hospital is full, we hold pts for admissions, which creates a bottle neck of angry pts waiting all day to be seen. I rarely get out on time as a mid shifter ca...
  5. Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    I graduated in 2020, the height of the pandemic. I'm an older new nurse (51). Worked as a tech for a year, then cardiac PCU for a year as an RN, now and ED RN. Probably 30-40% of my original graduating class has left the hospital already. Some co...
  6. New Job: controlling preceptor

    I just transferred to the ER myself from cardiac nursing. I’m not new to practice & there is a steep learning curve in the ED. I ask a lot of questions but I have 2 weeks left of a 5 week orientation. My preceptor micromanages to the point of ...
  7. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    I put all my eggs in this one basket, but I really feel for anyone who is under the pressure with multiple school acceptances. Rough spot to be in.
  8. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    Just got the email the decisions will be out end of May.
  9. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    If you got into USF or UCF, I wouldn’t sweat it. Other than personal choice of UF, the working world doesn’t care. All of them are solid schools. One doesn’t carry more weight than the other when applying for NP work.
  10. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    Just a feeling & research, but who knows. I’m sure the field of applicants is extremely competitive due to no GRE.
  11. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    If you got into UCF, you’ll get UF. UCF is a mo’ fo’ to get into. Harder than UF imho.
  12. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    Me too. I never got any acknowledgment from UF, but called the head of the nursing dept. She confirmed they had everything they needed. I’m not feeling great about getting in, but it’s fine. I’ll try next year.
  13. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    I’m glad cause I bring a ton of political experience, which is very uncommon. Hopefully they’ll see the uniqueness to that.
  14. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    It was the no GRE this year that triggered everyone. Is what it is at this point.
  15. University of Florida DNP Fall 2021

    I just got off the phone with UF, they said is was a massive amount of applicants and they will likely being letting people know end of April. FYI