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MountainGoatRN has 1 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. MountainGoatRN

    Is malpractice insurance worth it?

    I work for a large hospital system as a floor nurse. I'm curious to know if getting insurance is a good thing to have. I have been given mixed reviews about it. Higher ups (at work) say it's not needed if you follow protocol to a t (I understand that and try to do so!). However, I've also heard that you're a target for malpractice if the other party learns that you have insurance- you're an even bigger target and on a radar. I'll take any stories/experiences you want to share.
  2. MountainGoatRN

    New Nurse now?

    I'm in the same boat...it's slim pickings and I've been a tech for a year. At this point, I'm grateful to have a job. I'll stay where I'm at on a PCU as a new grad, even though it's not my desired area.
  3. MountainGoatRN

    UCF RN to BSN Summer 2019

    They are slow in processing applications. Super slow. I wouldn't expect any replies until after March.