If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

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On 2/27/2021 at 6:16 PM, JenTheSchoolRN said:

So, sharing this also in this thread.

Got Moderna #1 on 1/16. Gave platelets at the Red Cross on 1/31. They test all blood donors now for COVID antibodies.

My COVID antibody test result was Reactive just 15 days after shot #1.

I donated again on 2/17, 4 days after shot #2. Waiting on those results. I usually give 1-2 times a month, so I'm curious to track my antibody test results over the next couple of months.

Ooooo.... That'll be an interesting experiment!

On 2/15/2021 at 5:44 AM, JenTheSchoolRN said:

But as I’ve already told my admin (who luckily do listen to me), be prepped when teachers get shot #2. Some may need the day off after and in my state, there is no way I can be sure they’d all be be able to get shot #2 on say, a Friday. 

My district had a mass vaccination event for all school staff and converted the day after the second dose to a "remote planning day" in anticipation of a good amount of people calling off. I'm very glad they did that. 


I had my second dose about 3 weeks ago (Moderna) and right at about the 24 hour mark (3:45pm) I started with body aches and then developed chills a few hours later. I went to bed early to sleep it off and when I woke around 3am to use the bathroom I felt fine so I'm not sure exactly how long it lasted but it was under 12 hours. 


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sore arm both times.  Quite sore. both times.


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On 2/12/2021 at 9:36 AM, meanmaryjean said:

Got my first dose of Moderna 48 hours ago. Minimal soreness. This morning- I got a text from the Board of Health with a link to the VAERS site to report any side effects. I was impressed by that. 

The hubs has had both and Mr. Hypochondriac's only complaint was he got tired after doing yardwork for 2 hours in the 80 degree heat (he's in FL at my daughter's house) FIVE DAYS after dose #2. 

So I ended up getting what they are now calling 'Covid arm' from my first dose- minus the itch. I think that is because I take antihistamine daily year round for allergies. 

Yesterday was dose #2- and I'm having chills and headache and my arm HURTS. But I work from home so not too much of a problem. 


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Tattoos, birth and vaccinations.  Short term pain for long term benefits.  Definitely worth it!

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I actually got more SE from my 1st dose than my 2nd (got the Pfizer), which surprised me. The first time was very manageable anyway- fatigue, sore arm, a little GI upset. 

But a day or so after the first dose, I started getting this strange muscle spasm under my left eye. It's annoying and looks a little strange. It seemed to go away but after the second dose, it reappeared and now I have a mild twitching of my right eyelid (different muscles). I don't mention this to anyone because it might just be a coincidence and I don't want to discourage ppl from getting the vaccine- there's enough crazy talk going around and I have no desire to add to it. I did a little research and saw a bit about Bell's Palsy being a rare SE. I don't remember enough about it to give details.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this? I wonder if it's even related. 


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I got my second one and the reaction wasn't so bad.     Shingrix hit me worse (I had chicken pox and though I'm not 50, it was recommended I get it since I didn't get the Varicella vaccine as a child.