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meanmaryjean has 44 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia.

Started as a nurse's assistant in the Dark Ages, then LPN, then AAS-RN, then BSN, then MSN, and finally DNP. Director of a prelicensure BSN program.

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  1. meanmaryjean

    Trying to help daughter

    John O, You wanting her to be a nurse does not equate to HER wanting to be a nurse. And being forced into a career path not of your choosing is a recipe for unhappiness. She's not yet 21, let her decide what her path will be. Not every one knows that young - it's OK. PS: Rad tech is a well-paying respected job in health care.
  2. meanmaryjean

    Graduating with MSN

    I will add that if you are thinking of academic education positions, you are unlikely to qualify as most require significant course work in Nursing Education which most L&M programs do not contain. If you are truly interested in education, a post-master's Education certificate is what you'll need.
  3. meanmaryjean

    How to deal with guilt after pt's death

    This was on my Twitter feed the other day: "CPR is great if the heart is trying to kill the body. It is not helpful when the dying body is taking the heart with it..." Your patient had a dying body and the heart went with it.
  4. meanmaryjean

    Requirements for Licensure endorsement

    It likely will not as it is UK-based and Open University does not grant transferrable (to US) college credit. You will need courses from US universities like Written Communication Oral Communication
  5. meanmaryjean

    Achieve Test Prep for CNA to RN

    PLEASE stop talking to Achieve. Seriously- BLOCK them
  6. meanmaryjean


    WGU remains a competency-based university. That has not and will not change. 'Pass' is considered a 'B' equivalent- and there are literally hundreds of schools accepting WGU degrees for further study. I was accepted into three well-known accredited doctoral programs with my WGU MSN. Over 200k grads and 120k current students.
  7. meanmaryjean

    Achieve Test Prep for CNA to RN

    Achieve Test Prep is not a school, cannot guarantee entrance/ admission into any school and has been sued/ investigated by the Attorneys General of multiple states. Waiting to find a legit, accredited SCHOOL is worth it.
  8. meanmaryjean

    Any online lpn courses?

    Unfortunately, becoming an LPN requires hundreds of hours of in-person supervised clinicals in addition to the classroom part. Perhaps a different schedule? There appear to be only 6 programs approved by the BON in AZ. They are at the bottom of this document. https://www.azbn.gov/sites/default/files/2021-04/2021.04.12. Approved Nursing Programs.pdf
  9. meanmaryjean

    Volunteering in Third-World Countries

    "Third world country" is an outdated and offensive term in global health. The current nomenclature is 'high income', middle income' and 'low income' country. That said, I have a good friend who both volunteered and served as paid staff with MSF (Doctors without Borders) and it contributed much to her learning and eventual career here in the states. The American Red Cross does not have an overseas department- each country has its own Red Cross or Red Crescent organization. Twitter is an excellent source of information on global health concerns and the role of short term volunteers and missions. You'll likely be surprised how reviled this concept of voluntourism is among global health leaders.
  10. meanmaryjean

    Nursing with non-accredited

    I disagree. Non-accredited nursing school is a HUGE hurdle in getting into an NP Program (original problem OP stated). It is a large hurdle for many jobs (second problem OP stated). OP: I am thinking (not criticizing- just trying to get a clearer picture) from your sentence structure in your post that perhaps your first language is not English? Did you complete your BSN outside the US? If not, is the school you attended for your first BSN still operating? Did they gain accreditation AFTER you attended perhaps?
  11. meanmaryjean

    Remote working from a non compact state

    Licensing is so convoluted!
  12. meanmaryjean

    Curious about Troponin normal values

    Lab values often have differing reference standards in different countries. Your question is best directed to your instructor.
  13. meanmaryjean

    Remote working from a non compact state

    I've been an RN 40+ years and have current licensing in 6 states and I have NEVER heard that one state can keep you from working simultaneously in another. I think you've misunderstood something along the way.
  14. meanmaryjean

    License Certificate

    I REALLY need to know where the imposter pictures are posted! I worked with one in Indiana long ago and well, let's just say I'm curious!
  15. meanmaryjean

    Needs Encouragement

    I would recommend looking at all the schools in your area THAT YOU CAN AFFORD and making a list focused on admission requirements. Some schools (like mine) look only at your science GPA. You can re-take sciences as a refresher and to boost the GPA. Are you in California? It is tough to get into programs there, not so tough other places. You know what realtors say- location, location, location! Look at LPN programs- because once you have that credential, getting into a bridge program can be far easier than competing against a bunch of 18yo for a spot in other more competitive programs. (I started as an LPN) Beware of for-profits. They tend to have lower admission standards, but they also have lower NCLEX pass rates and higher attrition rates. And if it takes you a year or two to do the above- so what? Honestly, so what? I am the Director of a BSN program and just graduated a 62 year old. He is in good health and was hired right away at his first choice employer. NO ONE in nursing admission cares about your age. It is only YOU who has age as some imaginary barrier. I hope this is helpful.
  16. meanmaryjean

    Working Less Than 8-Hour Shifts?

    Not in the US sadly. But there is some traction in the UK and the EU. Maybe not surprising- many many other industries (mining, manufacturing, aviation, trucking to name a few) have embraced safe scheduling practices- just not healthcare.