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meanmaryjean has 40 years experience as a DNP, RN and specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia.

Started as a nurse's assistant in the Dark Ages, then LPN, then AAS-RN, then BSN, then MSN, and finally DNP. Director of a prelicensure BSN program.

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  1. meanmaryjean

    Online Nurse Practitioner Program

    No one was demeaning YOU. They were making their observations on the sorry state of NP education these days. And name-calling is never a good idea. Just because it is not what you wanted to hear does not invalidate the advice.
  2. meanmaryjean

    Can a Social Worker supervise an LPN?

    So why are you concerned about having a non-nursing supervisor? You are not working in a nursing role. If you were providing care- then I'd be worried, but you're not.
  3. meanmaryjean

    What if you cannot get into a nursing program?

    I have a LARGE number of second degree students whose original degrees in Exercise Science and Kinesiology qualified them for exactly ZERO jobs. ("but nobody toooooold me!") You wanna make some serious coin? Prosthetics/ orthotics is the way to go.
  4. meanmaryjean

    Can a Social Worker supervise an LPN?

    Not really knowing what an 'outreach specialist' does limits the discussion. Can you give some detail on exactly what they are supervising?
  5. meanmaryjean

    I passed my NCLEX! Advice and encouragement.

    All states have the same passing standard. It is a national licensing exam. That's what the 'N' stands for. Some states have different licensing standards- but it has nothing to do with NCLEX scores being higher. It has to do with program requirements governed by the individual states.
  6. meanmaryjean

    RN experience before WHNP Career

    January 2020 was six months ago. How long until you graduate and can you get an appropriate job for that critical experience NOW through the end of your program? Can you pause and get it? Because frankly I don;t see how you got accepted without some type of relevant experience.
  7. meanmaryjean

    Disposable Vs. Reusable Pill Cutters

    They are literally a $2 item. Even retail.
  8. meanmaryjean

    Pre-clinical drug screening

    Just don't. Because getting caught falsifying is your quickest route to NEVER becoming a nurse.
  9. meanmaryjean

    achieve prep test

    They've been sued by the AG in several states. As Rose Queen stated above- they are NOT a school. A bridge program would be nice- but even if you can't find one nothing to stop you from pursuing your ADN.
  10. meanmaryjean

    First time Mom

    Light duty assignments are for specific medical conditions verified and requested by your PCP. Most pregnancies don't get to that point (if they ever do) until late 3rd trimester- certainly not five weeks along.
  11. meanmaryjean

    Travel Housing Question

    I know the travel situation is very fluid right now- but am asking for recommendations to list a home a relative owns in FL for travelers. There are three medium-sized hospitals in this non-beach town and it seems like once things calm down there will be a need for travelers again. Go directly to agencies? Work with actual facilities? Thoughts?
  12. It's not the 'idiotic schools'. California's BRN has that concurrency rule they are unwilling to suspend. Every state has a regulatory agency. Nursing school is not a Choose Your Own Adventure.
  13. meanmaryjean

    Dilemma- my job or my boyfriend?

    And most firefighters are 24 on /48 off.
  14. meanmaryjean

    Need advise regarding uncomfortable, disrespectful situation

    The circulator never spoke with me, obtained a pmh or my meds/allergies. Do circulators even do this? I've never even really seen a circulator interact with a patient on that level. OP- you yourself said a separate RN did your pre-op. You wanted it done again? By everyone who came in the room? It gets put in the record for everyone who needs to have access. I am genuinely puzzled you are so upset by this.
  15. meanmaryjean

    Passed my NCLEX! Need help in Indiana endorsement info

    And coming July 1- you can convert your IN license to a multi-state for a piddling extra $25.
  16. meanmaryjean

    Medical exemption for nighttime capstone shift

    Where do your children go when you have day shift clinicals? Wherever that is- make those same arrangements for your night shift placement.

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