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  1. meanmaryjean

    Hyatt Place vs Residence Inn

    I love the Residence Inn (Marriott property). Stay at them all the time. VERY home like, fully equipped kitchens and they have socail activities 3-4 evenings a week that include food enough to make dinner out of it.
  2. meanmaryjean

    Do I have time to take 'fun' classes when in nursing school?

    You need to be mindful of your GPA as well.
  3. In my clinical career, I was the go-to girl for transitioning newly-vent dependent kids home. Now, I talk brand new grad students in off the ledge.
  4. meanmaryjean

    Trying to Decide Between an Online or In Class Degree?

    "Most of us have cheated on a test at some point"? Really? I never have. Do you have a source for this revelation?
  5. meanmaryjean

    You Never Know What's Beneath the Surface - I'm a Prison Mom

    Thank you. {{ hugs }}
  6. meanmaryjean

    Magnet Designation: What's the Attraction?

    Incorrect. Magnet does not 'certify' anything, and thousands of nursing research projects happen in non-Magnet hospitals every year.
  7. meanmaryjean

    Magnet Designation: What's the Attraction?

    I am reminded of the fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes......
  8. meanmaryjean

    I have an MSN and need the 3Ps!

    I currently hold an MSN in Education and want to get into the DNP program at University of Southern Indiana. I missed the application deadline for Fall, 2014. In the meantime- I would love to take the 3Ps somewhere (online) as my MSN program did not include them. Are there ANY programs out there that allow enrollment without being degree seeking? I can do them once I (hopefully) get into USI- but it puts me back a year and I want to do SOMETHING in the meantime. (Let's just say I'm 55+ and tempus fugit!)
  9. meanmaryjean

    Critical Thinking