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  1. kidzcare

    1 day left

    Today is it! Our last day 🙂
  2. kidzcare

    How to use insulin pump + juvenile diabetics

    For me, the trickiest part to having a type 1 diabetic at Summer camp is overnight. The activity level at camp is so much higher than at home plus there's different food, snacks all the time, and the excitement of being around friends all day/night. During the day, the fluctuations are relatively easy to manage but at night they'd end up bottoming out. The first year we had a camper with diabetes, the overnight on call nurse was in her cabin 3-5 times a night for the first week and the camper was almost sent home. In the end, her endo adjusted her basal rates and we would send her to be running a little high (180-200) and that helped.
  3. kidzcare

    The tricks we use

    This reminds me of a story my dad told me about when we were moving back in 1984 (I was only 4 so I don't really remember). He was a truck driver at the time and asked his coworkers to come help us move. It was a Friday afternoon and he gathered everyone's paycheck and took them home with him so they couldn't back out of helping 🙂
  4. kidzcare

    1 day left

    4 days left...
  5. kidzcare

    The tricks we use

    What "tricks" do you use to get compliance? One of my go to tricks when I need something from a parent (I.e., paperwork, health update for IEP) is to call and leave a vague message "Hey this is the nurse from [school]! I need to get a hold of you. Call me back as soon as you can!" When they call back, they're usually asking if their kid is sick and I feign ignorance "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to alarm you! There's no emergency... I need XYZ from you ASAP"
  6. Nice! This gives me an idea for another thread... the tricks we use!
  7. kidzcare


    The only thing I would've added is checking BP. Low or dropping BP is a symptom of anaphylaxis. The one time I've given epi, I took the student's BP and it was fine, 5 minutes later it had dropped and her O2 was also low. Great job!
  8. kidzcare

    Summer Summer Summer!

    I have worked 3 summers as a camp nurse (last Summer was cancelled 😔) It's a sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania (we live in Illinois) My kids attend the camp I work at for the first session which is 3.5 weeks and they absolutely love it! Not sure what this year will look like with the COVID restrictions and whatnot but my kids are very excited to be getting back there and seeing their camp friends.
  9. kidzcare

    Frequent Flyers

    We want the health office to be comforting but not comfortable (as in, a place to relax from math class). I switched schools in the middle of a school year a few years ago and the previous nurse was obviously a lot more casual than I was. I had (junior high) kids coming going "I've got a headache" and proceeding to the nearest chair and pulling out their phone without another word. It took me about a month to get the number of unscheduled visits a day from 80+ to ~40.
  10. kidzcare

    40 days left!!

    I'm skeptical on whether or not I'll make it... but hopeful!
  11. kidzcare

    Staying or Going?

    I'll be staying in school nursing. Can't beat the schedule and I get to work at a Summer camp with my kids attending and they love it! Maybe when they are grown (currently they are 16, 13, and 13) I will have a different part time job in the summers or maybe I will enjoy leisure time. I started in school nursing in 2012 when I was 31. I got on the teacher contract with a certification in school nursing in 2017 when I was 36. I've built up my graduate credits and next school year I'll be on the top tier of pay and I'm going to ride that out until retirement. We'll see what kind of incentives they are offering at that time for retirement at 60ish. Twenty years to go.....
  12. I have done it both on days when my district offered to pay me and on days when it was a volunteer basis. We partnered with our local health department and it was extremely well organized. There were designated people to check people in/ask pre vaccination questions, others designated to monitor the line, others to direct people to an open vaccination station, more people to check people out, and still more people to monitor people for the 15 minutes of post vaccine observation. We have had huge vaccine clinic days- some where we saw hundreds of people and some where we saw over 2,200! It's been awesome. I prefer the days I get paid for it but I am also volunteering my time. I want out of this pandemic and I have the skills/license to make that happen by vaccination! My mom is a retired nurse and last time it was renewal time in our state she decided to renew even though she has no plans to return to work. She has now volunteered at several local clinics and told me "Maybe this was the reason I kept my license active. At the time, I just felt like I should" My district converted a day to a remote planning day for the day after 1200 of our staff got vaccinated. I was so glad they did that!
  13. kidzcare

    Menstrual changes following vaccine?

    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced menstrual changes following their COVID vaccine? I got my first dose (moderna) on 1/7/21. Sore arm, minor headache were my only side effects. But when I got my period, it was off. Very light, almost only spotting and while I usually have almost no cramps, I was in bed for about 5 hours with achiness from my shoulders to my thighs. Took ibuprofen and tylenol with no relief. I can't say it's for sure related, but I asked in a FB group of nurses and others reported that they had menstrual changes too. Women's side effects/symptoms tend to be understudied (I'm looking at you, heart attack symptoms!)! I reported on VAERS. I'm getting my second dose today and I guess I'll see if there's a pattern this month.
  14. kidzcare

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    We haven't had any staff (at least at my building) complaining! There are 23 buildings so I'm not sure how other buildings are faring. But we've started vaccinating staff as of 1/7. I was able to give some of the vaccine to staff members too and most people were nervous but happy to be getting it. I received the Moderna vaccine on 1/7 (first staff member in my district to get it!). I had very mild (less than my flu shot) in my arm for 2-3 days when I lifted above heart level and a mild headache the day after injection. I get frequent mild headaches but I think this was related to the vaccine since it was on the back of my head as opposed to my temple which is where I usually have headaches. Second dose should be next week! I'm hoping it doesn't get delayed due to lack of supply in my county. I'm worried about more severe symptoms for the second shot but ready to take the following day off work just in case.
  15. kidzcare

    50 school days left until Summer

    We have been getting communication from our district today about what our district will be doing in the immediate future- no visitors, meeting conducted by phone, etc. I'm thinking we will be closed next week and then the following week is Spring break. We will make up a maximum of 5 days at the end of the year. I'm even starting to think we'll be closed tomorrow.
  16. kidzcare

    ED nurse to School Nurse

    I'm frequently appalled by how little school nurses are paid. Don't forget to factor in that it's $26/hour for less hours per year also. 52 weeks a year, 40 hours a week at $42/hour= $87,360 36 weeks a year, 40 hours a week at $26/hour= $37,440