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  1. kidzcare

    All I want for Christmas is . . .

    And what color unicorn would you like?
  2. kidzcare

    Colorado closes entire district for illness

    I had something like this once. We had a half day and in those 3.5 hours, I sent home 10 kids with active vomiting. I was still a newbie school nurse and thought it would be a really proactive, thoughtful to send home a notice to parents that we had quite a few students with a bug and to watch their kids closely and keep them home for nausea with or without fever the next day (which was a Friday) I had taken that Friday off for something and turns out it was a complete sh!tshow the next day. 10% of the school called in, dozens of messages from parents looking for more info, kids streaming in all day saying they felt nauseous. The sub I had that day left me a note that started with "You must NEVER want me to come back"
  3. Yep. I have this conversation every year with the camp counselors in the summer. Most of the counselors are former campers and every year, one of them will say something like "I love the nurses this year! When I was a camper, the nurses were mean!" I always ask them "Were they really mean or were they just not giving you what you wanted?" and every time, they've had a light bulb moment.
  4. kidzcare

    Eyelash Lice

    This makes me feel very uncomfortable. Dislike.
  5. kidzcare

    Thank you

    This board is so awesome! Thank you all!!
  6. kidzcare

    Sped Diabetic Student Requesting Escort

    It really is. I was just lamenting about this to my boyfriend last week. Had a parent not show up for an IEP meeting. The meeting had already been rescheduled once. This is for a very high needs preschool student so there were a lot of people there for the meeting- psych, OT, PT, ST, nurse, and the teacher that we had slated for this student when they start (child is not quite 3). We had two hours blocked out on the calendar for this and they don't show. No call and didn't answer when we called. When I was talking about it to my boyfriend, he was like "Oh, I guess they're out of luck then!" but NOPE. We will just continue to accommodate to them because that's what we have to do.
  7. kidzcare

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    I live in Illinois and go to Pennsylvania to work at a camp in the summer. I have been going for 3 summers. I originally got the job by posting a profile on https://www.campnursejobs.com/ I was contacted by several camps and went with the one that impressed me the most. If you start looking for a camp nurse job, make sure you go to a camp that is ACA certified! https://www.acacamps.org/
  8. kidzcare

    Good PRN job for school nurses

    Camp nursing is great! I have been doing a month as a camp nurse for the past 3 summers. If you decide to look into it, PM me and I can give you some advice about what to look for in a camp. A camp that doesn't have a well run health center will NOT be fun to work at!
  9. kidzcare

    School nurse salary non-negotiable?

    Same here. Salaries are spelled out in the contract.
  10. kidzcare

    Bad day, Bad year

    Glad you are ok and sorry to hear about the little one. I cannot imagine. I am also relieved that the parents did not have to make that call. It's impossible to think about! Virtual hugs coming your way!
  11. kidzcare

    ? for those paid on teacher scale

    In my district, no years of experience counted. Really frustrating. I am certified and started on the bottom rung. We are in contract negotiations now and trying to get credit on the salary schedule for years of experience as a school nurse.
  12. kidzcare


    Hey OD!! Thanks for popping in! I'm sure retirement is treating you well!
  13. kidzcare

    Hearing & Vision screens PRE-K

    I estimate about 5 minutes per kid for preschool screening (both vision and hearing). I have around 600 in my district. So fun
  14. kidzcare

    When to start looking...?

    Make sure you give yourself enough time to get a license if you need one in a different state. PA took so long to get approved! Also, do lots of research on camps! Look for one that is ACA certified and ask tons of questions!
  15. kidzcare

    Classism in the Hospital-MD vs. RN

    Real talk. This is a huge reason. I think some of it may be rooted in sexism as well. Lingering effects of when only men could be doctors and only women could be nurses.
  16. kidzcare

    C'Mon Now!

    http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/02/boyfriend-doesnt-have-ebola-probably.html Awesome blog.