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  1. 1 day left

    Today is it! Our last day ?
  2. How to use insulin pump + juvenile diabetics

    For me, the trickiest part to having a type 1 diabetic at Summer camp is overnight. The activity level at camp is so much higher than at home plus there's different food, snacks all the time, and the excitement of being around friends all day/night. ...
  3. The tricks we use

    This reminds me of a story my dad told me about when we were moving back in 1984 (I was only 4 so I don't really remember). He was a truck driver at the time and asked his coworkers to come help us move. It was a Friday afternoon and he gathered ever...
  4. 1 day left

    4 days left...
  5. The tricks we use

    What "tricks" do you use to get compliance? One of my go to tricks when I need something from a parent (I.e., paperwork, health update for IEP) is to call and leave a vague message "Hey this is the nurse from [school]! I need to get a hold of y...
  6. Nice! This gives me an idea for another thread... the tricks we use!
  7. Do You Work at Your Kid's School?

    I work in my kids' district and occasionally sub in their schools. They love when I sub in their school and beg me to. Maybe that would be different if I was there all the time though. I also work as a camp nurse at the camp my daughters attend...
  8. Medication Error in School

    Thinking of you!
  9. Thoughts??

    The only thing I would've added is checking BP. Low or dropping BP is a symptom of anaphylaxis. The one time I've given epi, I took the student's BP and it was fine, 5 minutes later it had dropped and her O2 was also low. Great job!
  10. Summer Summer Summer!

    I have worked 3 summers as a camp nurse (last Summer was cancelled ?) It's a sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania (we live in Illinois) My kids attend the camp I work at for the first session which is 3.5 weeks and they absolutely love it! Not s...
  11. COVID Testing Fatigue

    Holy shnikes! This sounds exhausting!! How do you have time for anything else??? Awesome news on the promotion! Hoping it comes with a hefty pay hike! I recently took on more responsibility in my district after a higher up quit unexpectedl...
  12. Frequent Flyers

    Immediately. They were not happy but I told them that it was just like they were in class. A little therapeutic boredom gets them back to class much faster.
  13. Dealing with other staff

    I don't mind checking out a (recent) injury or a BP check here and there. As always, there are some that will take advantage. When this happens, I want a memo to go out that MOST workplaces do not have a nurse on staff so please handle your hea...
  14. Transgender Students

    I work at the preschool level now so we don't have this come up. But my first year as a Summer camp nurse we had a transgender camper. It is an all girls camp and he was allowed to attend still because it was his last year before aging out and ...
  15. Frequent Flyers

    We want the health office to be comforting but not comfortable (as in, a place to relax from math class). I switched schools in the middle of a school year a few years ago and the previous nurse was obviously a lot more casual than I was....