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  1. kidzcare

    50 school days left until Summer

    We have been getting communication from our district today about what our district will be doing in the immediate future- no visitors, meeting conducted by phone, etc. I'm thinking we will be closed next week and then the following week is Spring break. We will make up a maximum of 5 days at the end of the year. I'm even starting to think we'll be closed tomorrow.
  2. kidzcare

    ED nurse to School Nurse

    I'm frequently appalled by how little school nurses are paid. Don't forget to factor in that it's $26/hour for less hours per year also. 52 weeks a year, 40 hours a week at $42/hour= $87,360 36 weeks a year, 40 hours a week at $26/hour= $37,440
  3. kidzcare

    ED nurse to School Nurse

    Come join us at the school nurse forum! It's under "Specialties" Generally speaking, the pay cut is significant. That is dependent on state and school district.
  4. kidzcare

    Gabriel Fernandez Docu-Series on Netflix

    What the focalin?!?!
  5. kidzcare

    50 school days left until Summer

    It's never too early to start a countdown. That is all.
  6. kidzcare

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope everyone feels full of love today! Boyfriend and I are going out to dinner and that'll be the extent of our plans. I'm looking forward to it
  7. kidzcare

    Doctor's Orders

    It is exactly the same at camp every year. I have kids that attend the camp too. I KNOW that there are at least 4 places you have to check or initial that say "No medications can be brought to camp with your child. All medications, including OTC medications, must be ordered through the camp's pharmacy" (There are also a ton of stock OTC meds that we keep in the health center that the parents sign off on for their child to have). Still, every year, kids show up with their prescription medication bottles, dayquil to use PRN, vitamins, ibuprofen, etc. It is so frustrating. And most of the campers arrive on buses so their parents aren't there to send the medication home with.
  8. kidzcare

    Smelly Kids

    I didn't know that! Yikes! This was about 4 years ago and in a district I no longer work in. Hopefully that was not the case! When I did see the mom, she did not have the smell on her. If it was from meth, I'd assume everyone would have the odor?
  9. kidzcare

    Smelly Kids

    I had this situation with a sixth grader a few years ago. The smell was BAD. Took over the entire classroom. I did have a relationship with the student since he took a daily medication so I said something to him. The only thing that did was have him spraying 1/2 a bottle of cologne on himself everyday. The social worker and principal reached out to the parents to see if there was an issue with getting laundry done at home and the mom went through the roof at the suggestion that they could not provide for their family and the implication that their house and family were unclean. It was a mess of a situation all around. The smell continued. Our best guess was a pet was using the laundry pile as a place to pee. Probably a cat since it was a very strong ammonia smell.
  10. kidzcare

    C'Mon Now!

    A few years ago when I was working at a junior high, we had a girl who had constant notes to be out of PE for a mysterious knee pain. Doctor also wrote for her to have extra passing time so she wouldn't be in crowded halls and risking further injury. She wore a knee brace and strutted around with attitude constantly. Several of her teachers came to me asking about it. She was definitely a drama llama too and I'm sure she was milking it in class for months. The mom was a piece of work, screaming at me on the phone when the doctor's note expired and she needed to get a new one, screaming at the principal when she called home about the girl's attitude in class. The mom was actually banned from the building for a while after threatening violence against the principal. A few times, teachers and other staff saw her running or otherwise rough housing in the halls and tried to call her on it. One day she wore the brace on the opposite knee. I was glad when I didn't have to deal with her anymore.
  11. kidzcare

    tick tock....1 more sleep

    Me too... I say as I unwrap more Rolos.... Gah! I removed a beetle of some kind from a kid's ear at camp. She and the two friends who came with her to the health center were horrified... and I slept with a blanket over my ears for the remainder of camp.
  12. kidzcare

    Lice found, but not on head

    I don't think I'll ever be not itchy when lice is mentioned!
  13. kidzcare

    Lice found, but not on head

    Now I'm itchy
  14. kidzcare

    All I want for Christmas is . . .

    And what color unicorn would you like?
  15. kidzcare

    Colorado closes entire district for illness

    I had something like this once. We had a half day and in those 3.5 hours, I sent home 10 kids with active vomiting. I was still a newbie school nurse and thought it would be a really proactive, thoughtful to send home a notice to parents that we had quite a few students with a bug and to watch their kids closely and keep them home for nausea with or without fever the next day (which was a Friday) I had taken that Friday off for something and turns out it was a complete sh!tshow the next day. 10% of the school called in, dozens of messages from parents looking for more info, kids streaming in all day saying they felt nauseous. The sub I had that day left me a note that started with "You must NEVER want me to come back"
  16. Yep. I have this conversation every year with the camp counselors in the summer. Most of the counselors are former campers and every year, one of them will say something like "I love the nurses this year! When I was a camper, the nurses were mean!" I always ask them "Were they really mean or were they just not giving you what you wanted?" and every time, they've had a light bulb moment.

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