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  1. kidzcare

    Body Image Sessions for MS

    I think this is a great idea for public or private school. Girls and women are harassed for their appearance at a far higher rate than men. Online and in everyday life. Self esteem drops significantly in adolescence for all children and especially for girls. Online harassment and seeing unrealistic body expectations in media do not help.
  2. We don't have ambulances at the preschool very often, thank goodness! I was called to the classroom for a second opinion from the nurse who was already there. This student has significant delays and is in a SPED classroom. He was lethargic and unable to focus. The teacher and classroom staff said he was way off his baseline. He has a history of seizures and bilateral shunts for hydrocephalus. With how he was becoming unable to focus, I wasn't taking chances on the shunts and we called 911. While I was talking to the 911 operator, the student started seizing and seized for 3.5 minutes. Luckily, it was not a shunt malfunction and the student was back the next day. I stopped in to see him and he was back to himself- bubbly and talkative. The opposite of how he was the day before!
  3. kidzcare


    I had to have my titers drawn for an internship I was doing a couple years ago. I was just over the line to be immune for mumps and ruebella and under the line for immunity to measles. I had to have the MMR series again (which, BTW, hurts like a b!tch). I never would have known if I didn't have to have the titers. Scary to think that I would be susceptible and have no idea! I had to have Hep B again too. Even scarier since I work in health care!
  4. kidzcare

    Most frequent complaints protocol

    I am putting together some bullet point cards to be a protocol for our health offices. Please let me know your thoughts and if I should add anything in!! So far I have: Stomach ache: *Assess for temp and general demeanor *When was the last time the child ate? *When was the last BM? *Was there vomiting/diarrhea? *If temp is WNL and no vomiting/diarrhea, give saltine crackers and allow to rest for 10 minutes before sending back to class. Nursing judgement. Headache: *Assess for temp and general demeanor *When was the last time the child ate? *Does this student have frequent headaches and/or keep PRN medication in the health office? *Any other symptoms? If temp is WNL and student is not in distress, encourage/offer water and allow to rest for 10 minutes before sending back to class. Nursing judgement.
  5. kidzcare

    Make Up Your Mind Please!!!

    Perfect! Silence is a greatly underused communication technique! I've done a lot of reading on effective communication and this is one strategy that use all the time! It really gives the impression of confidence even if you are not feeling confident in what you are saying at all. Or, I guess more accurately, filling silence because it feels uncomfortable comes off as insecure or unknowledgeable. What's the saying? Better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt **not saying anyone on this board is a fool! It's just a good life message
  6. kidzcare

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    As someone else said, someone paid for 70 rooms in Chicago for the homeless. Local churches and shelters stayed open 24 hours as well as the police and firestations. I can't imagine being out in it! I went out to run my car for a bit and my toes tingled for an hour! Thanks! Really, once it's that cold, you can't tell the difference between -30 and -50. I'm hoping I'll get to see my driveway again with the 50s and some rain! It's pretty much a sheet of ice and snow right now. We are back in school today! I think the high today is around 20. It was in the negatives when we left this morning but much better than the last couple days. I heard that a few surrounding districts had to cancel today as well because their buses wouldn't start. We pretty much holed up and stayed inside all of Wednesday. Boyfriend came over with his daughter for a bit and then we did sleepovers with my nieces and yesterday went to a new trampoline place that offered a cold day special. Hoping for no more of these crazy cold days this year!
  7. Here in Chicagoland, everything is closing for the next 2 days. Wednesday we will have temps around -20 with windchills to -50ish. Who else is getting called off for the cold?
  8. kidzcare

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were insane for me! I literally have no idea if I was wearing pink yesterday. But we all know I'm cool, so.....
  9. kidzcare

    Vision and Hearing

  10. kidzcare

    PTO/Sick Leave, etc.

    We get 12 sick days per year and 2 personal. Any unused sick days roll over indefinitely and you can roll over 1 personal day or it converts to a sick day. My immediate supervisor is extremely flexible and family oriented. She always tells us to use our sick time if it's going to be a 1-2 day thing. For example, I was going out of town last Friday and said I was going to take a personal day and she insisted that I use a sick day and save my personal days. They can't ask for "proof" unless we are out 3 days or more. She says as long as we get our work done and are not absent a lot then she wants us to use our time. I've done the same as others said- I'll schedule my dental exam early in the day and take the whole day as a sick day.
  11. kidzcare

    Pay scale placement

    Mine did not count at all in the first district I worked in. In the second (current) district, I was paid for 2 years of experience (I had 4 years as a school nurse). When I became certified, I got placed on the teacher scale at the lowest rung. No pay for any nursing experience. I wish I would get some credit for what my experience brings to the table but that's not how it works. I'm sure it's different in different districts.
  12. kidzcare

    Are we done yet???

    Hopefully he will start remembering on his own soon! Parents are still adjusting too so I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted constant details for a while! I think if it was my child, I would want to know every BG check and dose for a while... and I know all the nurses I work with! I totally trust them but I would need to know!
  13. kidzcare

    Break Plans?

    No major plans for Winter Break. No travel plans anyway. Boyfriend and I are going to see a brass band in Chicago tonight. Xmas eve we will be at my sister's house and then Xmas day at my house. Then just chilling for the remainder of break! I am kitty-sitting for my friend's 2 cats Saturday through Wednesday. They are 6 months old and I'm hoping they get along with my 11 year old cat! She does not trust the cat sitter she used over Thanksgiving who didn't check on her kitties for 2 days. I am excited to have them here!
  14. kidzcare

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    That's so sweet! It feel so special when you can tell thought went into a gift :)
  15. kidzcare


    Just one of the amazing perks of school nursing!