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  1. arlingtonnurse

    suspected under the influence

    Lots of good resources on this thread
  2. arlingtonnurse

    Transgender Students

    We just had a large training on supporting identity, this TED talk is a great source of information to introduce people to this topic Another great resource: https://blogs.vsb.bc.ca/pride/files/2016/02/Gender-Spectrum-12-Easy-Steps-on-the-Way-to-Gender-Inclusiveness.pdf
  3. arlingtonnurse

    1:1 aides

    Not sure, would that make a big difference with his needs?
  4. arlingtonnurse

    1:1 aides

    Thank you, this is very helpful.
  5. arlingtonnurse

    1:1 aides

    The student has pseudo spina bifida, would need help with toileting and transfers for sure. Transport is already set up to and from school. He is also quite delayed in academics but it's hard to tell why because he's had so many obstacles to overcome, including his first year of US schooling (he is a first grader) in the middle of a pandemic. To be honest, I'm not sure what else as I haven't met or worked with him but I am trying to do research now so that I am prepared when the IEP comes up. I want to know if there is some 'line' where it's too much for the school nurse and I would say we need to start talking 1:1
  6. arlingtonnurse

    1:1 aides

    I am trying to find a list of qualifying conditions that would indicate a student would qualify for a 1:1 aide but coming up short. Can you tell me which disabilities would trigger this intervention. I have an IEP meeting coming up for a student that has been remote since he came to us (from another country where he had no schooling) but will be in person next year so I need to know what the options are.
  7. arlingtonnurse

    Headaches and covid 19

    Our policy is only send home for headache in combination of other symptoms. I stick closely to our policy. We also test all PK-5 children weekly through pooled testing.
  8. arlingtonnurse

    If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    Tattoos, birth and vaccinations. Short term pain for long term benefits. Definitely worth it!
  9. arlingtonnurse

    Staying or Going?

    I'll be back. This has been a tough year all around but I was/am proud to be part of the solution. Love my job and I am looking forward to seeing more kids next year. I should add that I feel I am well supported and well compensated and I thank my lucky stars for that everyday and would never want to give it up.
  10. arlingtonnurse

    Quarantine Letter for Schools

    Date: Dear Parent/Guardian of _____________________________ On this date: _______________________ your student had a high risk exposure/close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. Per XXXXX Public School policy, your student must immediately leave school and complete a 14 day quarantine. Students are also strongly encouraged to get tested for COVID outside the school at least 4 days after the known exposure. Please send results of Covid-19 testing to the School Nurse (contact info below) prior to returning. Results may be faxed by your healthcare provider as well. Earliest day of return if no symptoms develop: ____________________ Attached find information from the Covid Safety and Facilities Manual that may help you understand your next options as well as local resources available. Also please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or updates. Sincerely,
  11. arlingtonnurse

    Hand dermatitis a seeking away from bedside job.

    I had an allergy to hospital grade antiseptic. First it was just my hands then with time my joints got it. When the rash started on my face, that encouraged my decision to leave the hospital. Here I can pick my sanitizer solution and wash with soap and water.
  12. arlingtonnurse

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Today is our last day before a two week liason. At least we were given a day for the teachers to prep. They are sending grades 3-5 home with chromebooks and packets. My kids' school is closed today (announced last night) but they can go to the school until noon to get anything left in lockers. We did a big gift card drive to give to the families that get food from us. According to the principal it was very successful, they will go home with identified families today. I am employed by my city's DPH so will be working over there, not sure how yet but I'm *sure* there will be plenty to do. I told my recently hospitalized mother to dig out her incentive spirometer and start working on building up her lungs because I think most of us can expect to get it sooner or later. Just try to 'flatten the curve' as much as possible along the way. Good luck to all.
  13. arlingtonnurse

    Diabetes Question

    This as well. It will give a more accurate dosage
  14. arlingtonnurse

    How? Just, HOW?!

    I had the same thing (kid securely stapled two fingers together) and parent went to urgent care where they did an xray prior to removal. The most therapeutic thing I did was loosely wrap it so that gawkers would stop looking and gasping out loud, thus setting off the student all over again.
  15. arlingtonnurse

    Really Sick

    Knock on wood but I am rarely sick as well. Not sure when the immune system built up-- with my kids, the hospital, working the schools or if I'm just really healthy or really lucky.
  16. arlingtonnurse

    Used my scary nurse voice

    LOL staplethumbs. I had a kids staple two fingers together. Securely. Yup, off to urgent care. I did wrap the whole thing up loosely first just so people would stop staring at his hand then gasping.