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  1. arlingtonnurse


    OMG if my kids thought this was an option...
  2. arlingtonnurse


    I am going to give the Math Teacher the benefit of the doubt. I am not sure if he/she is still reading but perhaps they came here out of frustration after the bloody nose experience as a way to understand our role better. While this forum is super helpful as a place to learn from each other, what he may not realize is that, when surrounded by the few professionals that truly understand the frustrations of our job, we also use the forum as a great place to vent. Many of the things vented here are more to release negative energy to a sympathetic group of cohorts than because we truly believe many of the parents/teachers are as stupid/uncaring/lazy as these posts may imply. It sounds like this math teacher and the nurse were both put in the tough position of having to deal with a messy situation at an inopportune time. I think we can all agree that the best place for a student with a bloody nose depends largely on the maturity and the health history of the student, the amount of blood, and yes, the ability of another professional to be able to give calm accurate advice.
  3. arlingtonnurse

    Reaching my breaking point with middle schoolers

    I agree that teachers send kids because they are annoying but (most of the time) I don't mind being part of the team to handle that kid. I think we should be part of it. If a student asks to go to the nurse over and over the teacher could be liable if the kid tells their parent about their terrible suffering that they weren't allowed to be seen for. A quick trip to us (and even a fifteen minute walk is quicker that 45 minutes of pestering teacher or sitting with glum head on desk) gets resolution for student and teacher and shuts that issue down.
  4. arlingtonnurse

    Free Health Posters

    If you are in MA the Dept of Public Health will send you some (hand washing, flu shot,) and have many more you can print, not sure what other states offer.
  5. arlingtonnurse


    check BP, give water, watch them walk. If they are steady on their feet have them run or skip in office then back to class. Call parent after they have left office.
  6. arlingtonnurse

    School Nurse: Managing a scene/coworkers

    I feel you. I've had many situations that I feel have escalated since everyone wants to 'check in'. I think in some regards they are just curious but also think maybe they feel they 'have' to do something since there is clearly a crisis going on. Everyone will come to check on the (bleeding/wounded) student including (without my asking) going to fetch the sibling so they can 'comfort' this student who I have already calmed down once. I try to bring them into the furthest recess of my office ASAP and give teachers who hover around something to do (get her stuff/call parents/ page janitor/ get rid of other kids) but it definitely is an added challenge, esp if it is the trying to be helpful....
  7. arlingtonnurse

    Field trip chaperones

    Yes, I train all my teachers (and paras as well) but do you then require that the students only be grouped with the teachers (or paras) when chaperones will be used?
  8. arlingtonnurse

    Field trip chaperones

    Do you have a policy re: field trip chaperones and epis/inhalers? Ie, does those student need to be with the teacher (who is trained in epi) or do you train the chaperones in how to administer epi?
  9. arlingtonnurse

    What tricks do you have for nausea?

    Tried the alcohol sniff test today. Student thought I was crazy but went with it... wondering how to chart it... Alcohol sniff? Olfactory therapy?
  10. arlingtonnurse

    How many?

    1 elementary, 387 students, one nurse
  11. arlingtonnurse

    Summer 2018 Plans?

    I still have three more weeks. Planning on spending as much time as possible on Cape Cod (grew up down there and my mom still lives there) with the kids and then in August taking a family vacation to Lake Michegan/Chicago/ Illinois (using much of the tips given earlier this year while in Chicago). Recently accepted a new position next year where I will be covering per dium for 15 nurses in a town nearby. If they like me I will have first choice if any of those jobs open up full time. I am looking forward to the change as the salary is better, the hours are better and I look forward to being part of a district (vs alone at a private school like I am now) with support and coverage.
  12. arlingtonnurse

    Massachusetts RNs

    Didn't know about this regulation until now so thanks. After a brief web search I found this update from March stating there will be an e-learning tool but it wasn't ready so nurses would be able to renew and take the training once it was ready. Update to required training for Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention - Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners (MCNP) I could only find one other training for it, from MNA, but the organizers stated the training was based on their best guess from early guidelines as the requirements weren't out yet. https://www.massnurses.org/files/file/2%20Domestic%20%20Sexual%20Violence%20Training%209_17%2001.pdf Who is organizing the training in Westborough?
  13. arlingtonnurse

    what's your favorite...

    Yes, obviously the schedule but love my little office, love the kids, love the variety of things I do throughout the year, love working independently. Very little snarking this way.
  14. arlingtonnurse

    I just can't...

    Not much grosses me out too much, but I also wouldn't pull a tooth. One tip that helped me is that a wide smile will suppress the gag reflex. I used that this weekend when I was cleaned a winter's worth of dog crap out of the back yard. Anyone walking by must have thought I was unnaturally happy about doing this chore. lol!
  15. arlingtonnurse

    Not for FB- Chicagoland recommendations

    Yes! We are planning a family trip the second week in August and I am writing all this down and getting more and more excited for the trip. Never been to Chicago. We are hoping to stay on Lake Michigan and take 2-3 day trips into the city, including to watch a game at Wrigley field. Any recommendations for fun beach towns within an hour of Chicago?
  16. arlingtonnurse

    When is your Spring Break & what are you doing?

    Another MA nurse. I had a great February break last month. Took the kids to Orlando and hit the theme parks hard. Lots of fun. April vacation starts the 16th and I've already warned the kids we are doing nothing. Although I always enjoy watching the Boston Marathon on Patriot's day (always our first day of spring vacation) and cheering on the runners. We have a friend who lives right on the route so we bbq/picnic and cheer. Good times!

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