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  1. Medication Expiration Dates

    Totally agree but we also all know how far that logic would go in excusing a med error... not far at all.... This was one of the reasons that I have always assumed it was the end of the month... but realized today I wasn't actually sure (my MA h...
  2. Medication Expiration Dates

    I think I know the answer to this but just confirming.... If a med (lets say an epi pen...) has an expiration date of 5/22, should we stop using it at the beginning or end of the month?
  3. Elementary/Middle School Lunch Guidance

    We don't have any rules that I know of... We do have free options for breakfast and lunch so no kids should go without if they really want to eat. That being said, of course there are kids that don't eat (well) or much at all. We generally only get...
  4. Wearing Mask Incorrectly...

    We have a new aide working with one of our students with CP. He consistently wears his mask uncovering his nose. In the good ol' days (ie last month) we had the mask rules all over the place about the 'proper' way to wear a mask and people were enc...
  5. What Does My 2022-2023 Wishlist Need?

    Save a tooth!
  6. Eating disorder concerns

    Yes, I would go to the parent first as well. Parents should follow up with doctor.
  7. Posters for Nurse's Office

    I just had some really nice ones sent to me from Lysol and the CDC... only problem is I don't remember ordering them so I can't provide a link. Also some here, some can be printed and some can be ordered.
  8. Postural Screening And Trans Gender Children

    This is a really nice write up. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Health Equity and Social Justice Specialist

    Our public health department (who employees me and provides school nurse for all schools in town) recently hired a Health Equity and Social Justice specialist. She is going to be visiting all the schools for a minimum of three days within the next f...
  10. Postural Screening And Trans Gender Children

    Wondering how you all have handled this. I have my screenings coming up and we have many students that use them. I am fine with anyone that wants to wear a sports bra or bathing suit but I'm not sure how I would handle it if student who was born wi...
  11. How some kids are being raised...

    I agree somewhat. When I was a kid the term playdate didn't even exist but I like it and I took to it quickly when setting up.... playdates.... for my own kids. Now we use it as a fun term for 'hanging out and expecting to have fun'. I also worry ...
  12. Annoyed Parent

  13. Spring BREAK

    This is the time of year when the nurses in the more southern states start to get excited and start counting down the days.... while us northerners still have a long haul to go. Happy for you all... (or should I say y'all LOL).
  14. What does everyone wear?

    When I started school nursing we had a number of mandatory state trainings. At these trainings they advised us to wear the business casual attire that the office staff wore. This was partially to help us be thought of, and respected as, administrat...
  15. Mask Mandate in MA Schools Ending on 3/1

    It's an interesting idea. Yes, teachers do have a significant say about what goes on in their class. Often different teachers in the same school have different policies on hats, eating, electronics, etc. and I can see how a teacher might want to ha...