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Nurse Trini has 5 years experience and specializes in LPN School Nurse.

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  1. 40 days left!!

    Thursday is our last day before Spring break. When we get back we have the last 35 day straight stretch to the end of the year. Yes, as with many, I'm going to be happy to see this year finished. Gee, I'm even happy to see us get to Spring b...
  2. DoD School Nurse

    I understand that, but I was asking who the employer is. I've lived places where while the building is on a military base, the local school district actually runs it and is the employer.
  3. DoD School Nurse

    I'm curious. Is this a DoD-operated school or does the local school system operate it and it just happens to be on base and serving dependent children?
  4. BSN Assignment Help- Cost Control Policies

    Unless you're greatly inflating the prices for things, the trays aren't a whole lot more expensive than just the foley but I see the general point. I only know this because I'm responsible for actually ordering the supplies for my department. I e...
  5. If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    I got my second one and the reaction wasn't so bad. Shingrix hit me worse (I had chicken pox and though I'm not 50, it was recommended I get it since I didn't get the Varicella vaccine as a child.
  6. If your school asked you, would you admin COVID vax on campus

    They did a mass COVID vaccination in our parking lot. It was run by one of the local hospitals (large healthcare conglomerate). They asked if anybody wanted to volunteer for traffic control, etc... but all the actual medical staff came from the...
  7. Health aid or assistant school nurse?

    I'm the second nurse but I'm in a different area. I was hired to offload some of the administrative stuff off the primary nurse. Of course, things changed a bit with COVID so I got pushed into doing a lot of the screening stuff for that as well....
  8. LPNs and IEPs

    Yes, there are two aspects: 1. The behavior in question is caused by the student's disability (manifestation as NutmeggeRN points out). 2. The discipline procedure proposed is inappropriate as it would interfere with the student's necessa...
  9. LPNs and IEPs

    I think it's really up to the district (or state) in most cases. Federally, there's no requirement for the nurse at all. It requires the parent, one regular ED teacher, one special ED teacher, and a rep of the district. The school or parent can...
  10. If you have gotten your COVID Vaccine...

    Got my Fauci Ouchi two weeks ago (actually didn't hurt much at the time, but my arm was mildly sore later in the day). Haven't got my second. (Moderna)
  11. Under the Influence Assessment

    I like the forms, thanks. I've just been giving my free form description of general observations. Of course, in our district, if the student is subject to random testing (athletes, extracurricular activities, drive to school, parental opt-in) I c...
  12. Student Attempted IV 7 Times

    I got most of my IV experience when they assigned me to the phlebotomy nurse on her rounds. She wasn't my technically instructor (I had done one with the real instructor) but she let me draw blood/start IVs on the patients she would have done. Ye...
  13. SECOND nurses office?!

    We are a two nurse building, but it's split functionally. The main nurse runs a clinic that sees most of the patient care stuff. I'm in the administrative office suite and handle most of the paperwork (IEP, IHP, iDP, 501) and discipline matters ...
  14. Intubation Should Be A Nursing Skill, Especially Now

    I spent two days running round doing IV starts and drawing blood. Foleys, not so much. I got to do one on a real patient just because I happened to be there when someone needed one placed. I didn't expect to end up needing that skill, but got...
  15. LPN School Nurse Interview

    Welcome to the profession. Nice to see I'm not the only LPN here.