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  1. Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    I think you should take the leave of absence. While you have the time, look into other jobs and refresh your resume. It sounds like your superiors at work are only happy when you are literally working your life away, staying for 18 hr days and neglec...
  2. No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    I understand that ungrateful patients, demanding families and nasty co-workers and management are difficult to deal with. In some areas of nursing, you can avoid the patients/families. However, toxic coworkers and management are a part of the working...
  3. LPN Pay?

    Hi Lynker, that's a big pay difference! I have heard that doctor's offices pay less but because the hours are great, no weekends or holidays, and it's relatively "clean" work compared to SNF.
  4. No RN experience and pursuing a master's?

    I'm not sure what area of nursing interests you, so it's hard to say whether you would specifically need a master's for your "dream job". However, I do think that bedside experience is invaluable in many areas of nursing that are away from the bedsid...
  5. Returning to Work After COVID

    No wonder you feel terrible! You definitely need to rest and take care of yourself. It would be great if you could get a HCP note saying that you will be out of work until cleared to go back at a follow-up appt. That way you won't feel as pressured t...
  6. LPN Pay?

    Suburban Massachusetts- new grad LPN. Base pay $28/hr. $6/hr shift diff on weekends brings me up to $34/hr. I work at one of the better paying places, I think. Agency LPNs get about $45/hr!! I see ads saying that agency LPNs only need 4 months o...
  7. Returning to Work After COVID

    Sorry you are not feeling well, SilverBells. COVID can be rough, even without serious complications. I had it over the Winter and even after recovering from the respiratory sx, I just felt exhausted. Like barely able to get off the couch exhausted. I...
  8. Any Nurses In Long Term Care Setting?

    No Stars In My Eyes, that is really cold! I would have taken offense to that. We are more than med dispensers and our residents deserve to be conversed with.
  9. Any Nurses In Long Term Care Setting?

    Dreamer, I'm sorry that this loss is affecting you so much. You sound like a very caring nurse and as others have said, we really need nurses like you in LTC. I hope that this truly doesn't cause you to leave LTC nursing. I also hope that as ti...
  10. Shift change -> revokement; no esteem left

    Forgot to add- I think you should start looking for another job. I would keep working there in the meanwhile if you are concerned about finding other opportunities, but I wouldn't work extra hours, switch days, or otherwise put yourself out in the ef...
  11. Shift change -> revokement; no esteem left

    I'm sorry this has happened- I know I would be really upset too. Especially since you liked NOC shift and were essentially convinced to switch to AM, then once you felt comfortable and happy with that, they pulled THAT out from under you. Could ...
  12. Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    Thank you for the advice, Abkr. I agree that being humble and not acting entitled to a position is very important. That is never the way to go. You outlined an excellent plan for communicating with supervisors and getting clarification when needed. ...
  13. Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    Hi amoLucia, It's a small, privately owned facility, not Civil Service. I don't know a lot about Civil Service jobs, but I'm guessing the pay and benefits are great and perhaps not something to give up without much consideration? I never even th...
  14. Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    I really appreciate the advice you all have given me! It's most important for me to leave this job without burning any bridges. And, as JKL pointed out, I'm moving on to something better. I've spent the last month or so thinking about how nice it wou...
  15. Leaving Job - Advice For Giving Notice

    It's a home for DD individuals with more severe physical issues- we have lots of G-tubes, nonambulatory residents, hospice. I've always thought- even as a MAP cert staff- that it's risky to have non-nurses passing meds. MAP education is maybe a 10 hr...