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NutmeggeRN has 41 years experience as a BSN and specializes in kids.

Finishing my 39th year in nursing and my 28th year as a school nurse. BSN in 1983, MS Health Care Administration in 2011 and National School Nurse Certification in 2021

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  1. DAvey, you never disappoint!
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    Health office P&P guide help

    Policy and Procedures, I would think
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    President Biden thread

    I think given the NBA men do bring in more money than the woman, it wasn't the perfect example. What does it hurt to point out the inequities that exist in so many other places? Look at the difference in viewership for the two championships? Despite...
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    President Biden thread

    Yep! and I paid $3.49 for gas....I guess raising gas prices in an election year by the incumbent is a Democratic vote getting scheme/s
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    School Nurse Certifications/Programs/Advanced Degrees?

    You have taken a great step forward by subbing. BLS, FA and CPR, continuing education offered by Maine School Nurse Association. Join them and NASN. Maine has their conference at the beginning of May. As a member of NASN, there are tons of free CEU ...
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    Controlled meds on field trips

    I sure as heck would not give them a whole bottle!! In my state, we can send one dose and I ask the parents to prove another bottle that is labeled appropriately. Only what is needed is sent. I hope this helps.
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    Is it possible to lose my license for this error?

    I highly doubt it. You did made an error, reported it , and now is the time to review, reflect and move on. That is one of those errors you will m probably never make again!
  8. Yup. People lie to achieve their need. Or, in my experience, to pacify a new spouse who does not believe in vaccinations. I have had plenty of kids who all their primary vaccines with no noted issue. Then there is a new adult in the home, and all of ...
  9. To be fair, there are truly only one or two religions that have specific exemptions against vaccination. As a school nurse of 30 years, I have seen this term thrown around very loosely in my experience. I believe it is the seventh-day Adventists and ...
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    Anyone attended/starting Salve Regina DNP?

    I cannot speak to this program but I got a fabulous education when it was Salve Regina College....I'm 41 years into my career and love my career!
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    Crusty Old Bats

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    vomiting students?

    I'm in HS and it depends... How do they look? Do they have a fever? What did they eat or drink prior? DId they take a med on an empty stomach? Is it a new med? Is anyone else sick at home? Do they feel better? What is the stress/drama factor? ...
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    President Biden thread

    Yep, Yep and all the yeppers!
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    Rules for the School Nurse's Office

    We can probably agree to disagree on some of the points...While we may be thinking "suck it up" I opine very few of us would actually state that to a child. This IS our nursing station and we should be able to blow off a little steam. I'd rather it b...
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    Rules for the School Nurse's Office

    This ^^^^^ eight days a week!