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NutmeggeRN has 25 years experience as a BSN and specializes in kids.

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  1. NutmeggeRN

    New School Nurse

    THere are already several posts...Welcome!!
  2. NutmeggeRN

    New H.S. Nurse

    Hardest job I have ever loved! Lots of kids with emotional/anxiety issues. I deal with immunizations, screenings, case manage kids with chronic health issues. THe usual physical complaints that very often have an emotional origin. They are actually like onions! You need to peel them back to get to the heart of the matter. Lots of contact with the athletic department, ensuring their physicals are up to date. I also manage our concussion protocol. And who knows what Covid-19 will bring to the table!?!? Good luck and hang out here, we are the best and friendliest forum!!
  3. NutmeggeRN

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    Hope you are OK now!
  4. NutmeggeRN

    Job loss

    Scary times for sure. How sad that once again, we would be looked at as not as necessary as a 1st grade teacher...gah. So far so good in my district. We are looking toward a modified entrance in Sept (hopefully). I think some kids will be home but many will be at school, staggered days and times? Who knows. My state is starting to roll out openings...will be interesting to see how that impacts test results. I think it is important to showcase what we have been doing and what we expect to be doing come fall. Be well all!
  5. NutmeggeRN

    Complications in pediatric cases of COVID-19

    Just awful...another scenario to consider when we are back to school.
  6. NutmeggeRN

    Critical students

    Agree with the above, need to tread lightly, especially if they are receiving services from SpEd. No matter how well intended, it might not be received well by the parents. Scary times for all of us!!
  7. NutmeggeRN

    Tell me all about it

    I did 5 years of Home Health Care prior to entering the school system. I think that was pivotal in my ability to work as independently as I do. Good luck!
  8. NutmeggeRN

    Good CE websites?

    School health has videos on Youtube Asthma and Allergy Foundation has free CEU NASN has freebies for members
  9. NutmeggeRN

    PPE concerns as we return

    We are looking at cloth surgical gowns that will be washed at school. Beats the heck out of tossing out disposable ones. Our tech ed teacher will make us face shields on the 3d printer. I guess we will have to what LTC care is fdoing and get multiple day uses out of N95s ....
  10. NutmeggeRN

    Tell me all about it

    Well...this year has been bizzare to say the very least!! Aside from C-19, we are often the only medical person in charge of 500+ people. Kids staff and visitors. We take care of illness and injuries, with appropriate followup and documentation. We are responsible for ensuring all children meet immunization requirements set forth by our states. We give daily and PRN meds We do nursing assessments, especially on our medically complex kid. Then we do treatments as needed. Gtube feeds and flushes, diabetic glucose monitoring, insulin calculation and administration. Emergency meds Epinephrine, glucagon, MDIs and nebulizers. We sometimes teach in the classroom, but more often on every visit that comes to your door, there is an opportunity to teach. We case manage kids who have medically complex needs, attend meetings to support Special Ed and 504 kiddos Just to name a few But for me, it is about relationship building, helping families at some of their most desperate times, and being that person the kids can come to.
  11. NutmeggeRN

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    I miss you all so much!!! Well, this year, I got flowers, a special dessert and a bottle of prosecco! I love being in charge of me because we are all home!! LOLOL! Best school nurse day recognition ever!! Had my lunch, uninterrupted!!! AND it was of my choosing, not just left overs from Teacher appreciation week!! I love my teacher peeps, but....
  12. NutmeggeRN

    Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Anticipating a long day, she turns to say goodbye... He says "Have a great day at work, dear!"
  13. NutmeggeRN

    Do you think schools will resume this year?

    Out for the year...gah. I MISS the kids!!
  14. NutmeggeRN

    Is school nursing stressful?

    It has been a while since we have seen Barb...that thread has been pretty dormant...might be time to resurrect? Stay well everyone!!
  15. NutmeggeRN

    Is anyone essential?

    Can't that be delegated?
  16. NutmeggeRN

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Not a decision that anyone has come to lightly...

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