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NutmeggeRN has 25 years experience as a BSN and specializes in kids.

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  1. NutmeggeRN

    My Lady in White

    What a lovely tribute to your mom...I'm sorry for your loss. What wonderful memories you have, I hope they bring a sense of peace to you. My mom too was nurse of the starched uni, cap in place, pin and name tag on and polished shoes era. I have her cape, pin and school ring. She is now in a nursing home. On the good days she remembers much of her career. On the not so good days, she is firing the staff because they are not meeting her expectations as a supervisor... May your mom Rest in Peace
  2. NutmeggeRN

    Tips, tips, tips? :)

    Also join your state association and NASN (National Association of School Nurses), invaluable sources of information and support
  3. NutmeggeRN

    Tips, tips, tips? :)

    Welcome! WIll they give you any time this Summer to get in and review the files? Especially for immunization compliance! That will give you an idea of who needs what, as well as allow you to become familiar with the kids special medical issues.
  4. NutmeggeRN

    type of certification

    Yup! had a friend w a total hip done, home later that nite! I'm old enough to remember patients being admitted the day before surgery!!
  5. NutmeggeRN

    What games DO you play? (On your break, of course)

    Candy Crush, Words with Friends
  6. NutmeggeRN

    They want help now????

    Admin is asking if we want to work this Summer....it is June 15th...I have lots of plans that are NOT covid related (not daily work but on call for tracing if there are + cases in the Summer programs)...aye yay yay
  7. NutmeggeRN

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    Now may the time to address that with the higher ups, so that the patients needs are met in the future My lens is from the LTC point of view where all pts are private pay, very different scenario than you!
  8. NutmeggeRN

    Need Your Help! Join the Fun.

    I have my Moms? LOL! circa 1953
  9. NutmeggeRN

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    Noted, I misunderstood
  10. NutmeggeRN

    What Was a Highlight of Your Career as a Nurse?

    The bag of Thank you cards from kids and families, I have every single one!! Often we travelled a long and challenging road to get them to graduation! The reconnection after they are long gone, when they share that I made a difference to them at a difficult time in their life. ❤️
  11. NutmeggeRN

    Should Have Called 911

    I will call EMS if, in my professional opinion, they need to go. They can fight and sign off AMA if they choose not to. I always try and picture answering to the BON or a judge as to why, if I felt they needed it, didn't I call?
  12. NutmeggeRN

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    Ah gotcha! The LTC I do per diem at still uses paper orders...
  13. NutmeggeRN

    Scope of Practice and medications?

    Bolding is mine....so you had no orders and you went ahead and provided pre chemo and chemo meds???? oye...I don't even understand what his being kind or 3 students have to do with it? Did I misunderstand you?
  14. NutmeggeRN

    Trying to get ready for the NCLEX while grieving my husband

    My deepest heartfelt sympathy. I learned many long years ago that feelings are never right or wrong, they just are, and working through them is hard work. Your timeframe will be your own. Of course he will be proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself. Just getting out of bed is major many days. Does working as an RN immediately make a notable difference to you financially? If not, may a little slack for yourself is warranted, and OK. If you feel your edge will be lost academically, then plow through and take the test., You can always repeat it. You are going to get through this, one baby step at at a time. Some days are giant steps forward, some days you go backwards. At the end, you will be an RN! Take good care and feel free to PM if you need to
  15. NutmeggeRN

    Should Have Called 911

    Was there a negative outcome? Sometimes we blow it, not often I suspect. I am willing to be that we call more often vs less often, when it is needed. What is the situation? Can you learn from this? (I'm sure you can).
  16. NutmeggeRN


    Ha! Life does indeed get in the way!