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I got my first Moderna vaccine on 1/6/21. My arm was sore, like with the flu shot. No other side effects. OK, maybe I was a little more fatigued than usual, but I've also been super busy. I'm scheduled for my second on the 3rd; heard that that is worse, so I'm not looking forward to it. 

Oh, and did I mention my first grandbaby was born on 1/7; got the news during a zoom staff meeting and my phone blew up with all of the texts I sent out. So maybe that's why I was fatigued; from all of the excitement!

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Just got my #Moderna, had been scheduled for Feb 10 but got a call last night! Whoo hoo!


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19 hours ago, Cattz said:


I have already heard many different comments and preferences of if staff members will or won't take the shot. I can hardly wait for the whininess to start for when staff members take the shot. ??

We haven't had any staff (at least at my building) complaining! There are 23 buildings so I'm not sure how other buildings are faring. But we've started vaccinating staff as of 1/7. I was able to give some of the vaccine to staff members too and most people were nervous but happy to be getting it. 

I received the Moderna vaccine on 1/7 (first staff member in my district to get it!). I had very mild (less than my flu shot) in my arm for 2-3 days when I lifted above heart level and a mild headache the day after injection. I get frequent mild headaches but I think this was related to the vaccine since it was on the back of my head as opposed to my temple which is where I usually have headaches. 

Second dose should be next week! I'm hoping it doesn't get delayed due to lack of supply in my county. I'm worried about more severe symptoms for the second shot but ready to take the following day off work  just in case. 

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First Pfizer on 1/6, sore at site for about 24 hours, 1 week later I had a rather yellow area surrounding the site (even though I never bruised).  Second dose on 1/26, site was much more sore but no other symptoms.  

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1st dose of pfizer mid december and 2nd beginning of January. Only had a sore arm for a day or so just like when I get my flu shot. I was fortunate and didn't have any other side effects. 

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1st dose 12/26- mild arm soreness and fatigue

2nd dose 1/27- mild arm soreness, fever of 102/chills/fatigue/SOB 1/28/21, resolved today (1/29/21)

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Moderna -dose 1- 2/10??  no issues that day, but by the time I went to bed, my arm hurt.  The next day I was tired.  The soreness in my arm lasted 1-2 days, but nothing else

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I've received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine (the second of which was weeks ago now) and the only side effect I experienced was a sore arm on day 0. For both shots I used/rotated the affected arm as much as possible on the day of the injection and the next day I was fine.

Some coworkers had low grade fever, muscle aches, malaise, etc. (particularly with the second dose). I guess I got lucky...or the placebo (jk) 

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Got my Fauci Ouchi two weeks ago (actually didn't hurt much at the time, but my arm was mildly sore later in the day).     Haven't got my second.  (Moderna)


I got Moderna yesterday afternoon. About 2 hours later I felt loopy/tired/ almost a drunk feeling. I slept fine. I did take a Motrin about 2 hours after receiving the vaccine, because the doctor I work with recommended it. Took my temp about 3 times, all readings were within normal range. 


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1st dose Pfizer 1/4 - slight soreness at injection site, but no worse than flu vaccine. 2nd dose Pfizer 1/25 - soreness at injection site that lasted about 18h, but not enough for me to need Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. No other sxs. Pretty much the same for my coworker and we very were grateful for no other side effects. 



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Moderna first dose on 1/11.  Mildly sore arm that night and mildly sleepy about 6 hours later.  Next day my arm was pretty sore- it hurt to raise it above chest level, but nothing visible at all- no redness, no swelling, etc. Second dose not done yet- hoping it isn't too bad, especially b/c it is on a Monday morning ?