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Flare is a ASN, BSN and specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

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  1. Flare

    Not So Sure

    I'm sorry you're going through all this. Please be gentle with yourself. School nursing this year has been turned upside down. The expectations placed on us have been overwhelming along with the regular duties of the job. I agree that you should probably find someone to talk to about these upheavals. In my state, the teacher's union (which I'm part of) has a hotline for those needing some assistance, mental health, burnout, stress, anxiety, or otherwise. Hopefully your state does too. The feeling of paranoia is hard to shake after an error, but again, please be gentle with yourself. I am certain that you have taken that error and it has made you a stronger, more diligent nurse than you realize. We're human.
  2. Flare

    The tricks we use

    I loved having physical report cards - vaccine notices would go right in there! The digital report card may be more eco-friendly, but it's less effective overall. I would imagine there are a lot of parents who never even look at it.
  3. Flare

    Teacher Issue...

    It amazes me that college educated people can't understand why this would be a bad idea. I totally agree that the staff needs to be educated as to why a practice like that is problematic. Then of course you get the staff the takes that to heart and swings waaayyy too far in the other direction and won't hand a kid a tissue for a nose bleed because they didn't want to be held liable. Common sense is a commodity way too short in supply.
  4. Flare

    That was a first

    I spoke to the mom, who said she was getting him to the allergist right away... blah blahblah... I followed up again, appointment moved, then covid... I had to mentally move on.
  5. Flare

    That was a first

    Snatched from the jaws of death, indeed! Great job!! You're a life saver and that should be celebrated!! I had a similar scenario where ems was called after I gave the epi, but dad had gotten here right away and signed ama for ems. I warned him that there could be a secondary reaction once the epi wears off and that he should go to the ER, but dad thought he knew best and went to the pedi, where the kid proceeded to go into anaphylaxis while they were in the waiting room. Sooo glad I documented everything.
  6. Flare

    Weirdest Thing About School Nursing...

    Yes!! The drop everything culture makes me crazy. I thought about that a lot when I was in the ER last month with a kidney stone and waited an hour and a half for pain meds.
  7. Flare

    Pandemic or pollen??

    This has been the game of the month so far. And I think the only loser in this game so far is me...
  8. Flare

    Weirdest Thing About School Nursing...

    I totally feel where you're coming from. Certain things grate my nerves for no real reason. Being called "Nurse" or "the nurse". They don't seem to call the guidance counselor "the counselor". I have often likened this job to that of a fire extinguisher - there is that expectation that you will be there and for the most part, people generally don't interact with you unless they need you. And if there's an emergency and you're not in your expected location, panic ensues. But it's not always like this. I do have co-workers who have formed a relationship with me, and not just to come in and solicit medical advice without guilt.
  9. Flare

    I'm tired!

    so much yes to this! I sent a student home just now with classic signs of a cold or allergies -But he checks off 4 of my boxes on my list. Mom asked me if I really thought it was necessary for him to go home, test, quarantine, send home sibling, etc... I very frankly told her no, but that I am bound by CDC and DOH.
  10. Flare

    I'm tired!

    I stopped apologizing for being the bearer of bad news. The pandemic isn't news anymore. People know what the symptoms are (yes- it's everything, especially the laundry list that my malingerers love to rattle off) The bottom line is that everyone, especially parents of school aged children should be aware of what will get their child excluded and quarantined and should not be sending them in when they are sick. For the malingerers who are hoping to win the quarantine lottery, guess what - you win. Your prize is getting sent home and getting tested. I'll do that everytime, unapologetically. It's up to the parent to reign in their kid if they think that them being sent home is nonsense. I tell them in the nicest way possible when I get angry calls that they need to discuss further with their child. Remember - the parents, who are mostly the issue in school nursing, are mostly griping because they are now having to deal with the consequences of the monsters they created.
  11. Flare

    suspected under the influence

    Does anyone have a form that they use for an assessment of a student who is suspected of being under the influence? I used to have one, but its whereabouts are unknown. I'm just looking for something with vitals, overall appearance, movements, gait, demeanor, etc... I have made it clear that I am not in a position to evaluate for anything but safety and normalcy.
  12. Flare

    Medication Error in School

    This is horrible! I posted a loong time ago about something similar. in this post . I had a parent bring in a labeled bottle of a med (I think it may have even been clonidine). They were quickly counted and put back and secured in my med cabinet. I was splitting the pills, as the student would take halves, and I'd split them when it was quiet for a moment and I noticed that one was different. A pill search showed that it was not what was on the label. Because it was white and similar, it wasn't something that I would have noticed on my first count. It boggles my mind that the OP was written up and reported to the board. There are so many instances of same med, different manufacturer. I know the pharmacy often puts a label if they had to mix the lot, but I've picked up personal RX's and had 2 different pills and no sticker on the bottle. Having to painstakingly inspect every pill and then match against pill identifier seems over the top. Good luck -please keep us posted as to the outcome.
  13. Flare

    What are some of your office policies?

    that is lovely! I think I may steal it. Thanks for sharing!
  14. OMG! lookie what my state is kicking around - answering Biden's call to get all educators vaccinated by the end of the month and looking to school nurses to be utilized in this measure... You've got to be kidding me... https://www.nj.com/education/2021/03/vaccine-clinics-at-the-schools-or-using-sick-days-how-nj-teachers-will-get-the-covid-shot.html
  15. I totally agree -another task and they'd probably expect you'd do it for free. Show me the money and I'll consider it, but would probably say no. It's not as easy as give a shot and move on - people getting the shot need to have a 15-30 minute observation period. This would create a bit of a bottle neck of people waiting, and a social distancing issue. And if a person has some sort of reaction, then who are they fetching to assess them. Nope - waaay too many moving parts in this.
  16. Flare

    Staying or Going?

    I'll be back. 12 years until I retire and collect a pension. If a better job comes along, I may take it. But covid isn't a factor in that. That's always been my belief. Especially if it's another pensioned position and I can keep my teir. I have been pushing the angle of a second nurse for the district. My superintendent hasn't been immediately shutting me down as he has in the past. I think it's hard to argue with the necessity when I have more or less been at his beck and call night and day for the better part of a year.