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Flare is a ASN, BSN and specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

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  1. Flare

    Incoming Seizure Disorder

    In NJ we can't delegate diastat. Unfortunately, I am not certain what TX laws are, but we have a few TX school nurses here. Hopefully they will weigh in. If you don't have a seizure action plan form, I'd suggest that you use the one from the epilepsy foundation: https://www.epilepsy.com/sites/core/files/atoms/files/SCHOOL Seizure Action Plan 2020-April7_FILLABLE.pdf Also, I'd imagine you do seizure training as well, for the staff. I tried using a Google classroom type thing to get the info out to my staff. I put together a few quick you tubes, a slide show type thing and then a short quiz.
  2. it's a hot mess... I'm on my districts re-opening committee and I gave them almost 4 pages of recommendations, concerns, etc (I also shared it on here somewhere) and the powers that be had an answer for everything. We discussed temp checks - they seem to have their hearts set on cameras. I asked who was going to monitor them and be the one to tun students away and what if the student doesn't have a parent with them? (we're a walking district, so it's not unusual for a 7-8 year old to walk unaccompanied) I asked about an isolation point and who would man it - I can't be in 2 places at once and putting me in an isolation renders the health office unavailable to everyone. No answer. I suggested that this is probably a great time to get a second nurse so that we have one for each school. Superintendent was very receptive, but the BA seems to have shut that down. I asked about the student that don't get picked up in a timely manner, or can't reach a parent, or whose parents disregard the 24hr rule and send in anyway and said that it's hard to always track down - I got (get this) "do this things happen often?" Uh yeah... does the sun rise in the east everyday?? I'll continue to send emails with my concerns, but I have little faith that anything I say will be heeded. I'm just going to sit back and watch it burn.
  3. Flare

    In Memoriam....

    So tragic!
  4. So a few things to consider: many districts do not advance on the salary guide with time spent in the hospital in mind. Meaning that if you had worked for 3 years as a school nurse and decided to change districts, you could expect to begin at a district as a step 3 or higher. If all you've had is hospital experience, it doesn't translate the same, and in some districts not at all. This may be a good argument for going to work for a private school, but those positions are not generally pensioned. As far as retirement, again it has a lot to do with the state. The pension system allows teaching staff (which the nurse is considered here in NJ) to retire anywhere from 55-65, but it depends on which tier you're in. All new employees into the pension I believe are tier 5, which required 30 years and retirement after 65 (I think... I'm tier one, so my rules are different.) Anyway you slice it, you'd have to get 10 years paid in to be vested. You could technically retire after that if you have met the age requirement.
  5. Flare

    Summer camp called it

    Have you gotten a contract? I have similar concerns. I made sure to sign m contract, despite the fact that I should be moving across the salary guide, as I hit my BA +15 last month. Also, what do your state laws say on nursing coverage per district? The laws as they stand here make it so they are obligated to have a nurse. If we're not back in the fall, then I'll probably move to try and schedule "housecalls" to at least get screenings done.
  6. Flare

    Summer camp called it

    it seems that Summer school here will be virtual. So it looks like I get the whole Summer off. Flare jr was supposed to go to a police academy day camp with her explorer post, but that was cancelled. I told her that her Summer would essentially be more of hanging with me... she was less than enthusiasic. I feel a little offended
  7. Flare

    Temps at the door?

    The overall is that the state (at least MY state) is giving no guidance on this. I guess they're planning on being reactive instead of proactive. I regularly use contactless thermometers in my office. But honestly, they have a main purpose of being a little theatrics to get the malingerers who are ditching a few minutes of class to whine about a stuffy nose an "intervention". The schools want to adopt their use because, let's face it, 85% of what they do, whether it's locked doors and intercoms, security glass, or scanning hundreds of temps per day is just a form of security theater. I agree with all of the points raised here. I am hoping that the points raised by school nurses don't get lost in the politics of the administration and nixed with budget cuts.
  8. Flare

    Immunization Audit—-fail?

    We could have potentially gotten in trouble. The state here reserves the right to fine the district and principal 250 per student per day for knowingly having non-compliant students in attendance. I believe that is largely enforced by the local health dept nurse, as that's who told me that was the consequence, and is generally considered when there is a failure to act on the districts part. It's there to help give us some teeth when you present the admin with the non-compliant list and request that they be excluded until compliant. Some principals are wishy-washy.
  9. Flare

    Immunization Audit—-fail?

    so probably about a decade ago, I took over a middle school. In my state, it's required to get a Tdap and menactra when beginning middle school. So I get into the school, expecting that things would be as expected. I soon realized that the previous year's 6th graders (my 7th graders) did not have their vaccines all worked out as they should have been the previous year. I worked feverishly to establish compliance in the current sixth grade year AND with the 7th graders also. I have no idea if the previous nurse had issues during her audit - I'm guessing no?? I mean it was never mentioned to me. I ended up purposely missing the state vaccine reporting deadline. I advised my principal what was going on and why and I also spoke to the local health dept nurse (who would be auditing me). The health dept nurse worked with me to get the kids up to compliance, even running an extra shot clinic. In the end it worked out, but it's never a good scene when the person before you leaves you a hot mess.
  10. Flare

    Temps at the door?

    Oh, no that's not what they're planning at my place at all... they're having non medicl personnel scan people with some sort of camera (flir, I suppose) where it appears you have to aim with in the inner eye. I gave them my feedback, none of it mattered... now all that's left for me to do is watch it crash and burn.
  11. Flare

    So frustrated.

    what's your mask budget? Cloth masks are available on Custom ink for 120 / $200. about $1.70 a piece.
  12. Flare

    Temps at the door?

    they've already accepted that we'll need an isolation room. Proposed is the current room that ISS is held in. So then the concerns become: Who is sitting with the isolated student / students? If it's assigned staff (who will likely grieve having to take such a duty) and the nurse is generally left out of having to mind the isolation room, then how is a proper and ongoing assessment to be done? If the nurse IS to be the primary isolation monitoring staff, then she/he becomes unavailable to everyone else What happens when there's nobody in the isolation room and it suddenly becomes something else? It seems that there is a misunderstanding that students are sent in sick all the time and that people can present totally fine upon arrival then spike a temp. I expect a dramatic rise in COVID cases once schools are open
  13. Flare

    Temps at the door?

    yeah - pricey indeed. But we "DoNT hAVE thE BudGet" for another SN
  14. Flare

    Temps at the door?

    the BA is proposing cameras at the entrances to monitor temps. I don't think that's the way to go, but I guess it's not my call my concerns include: (it's a growing list) who is screening All entrances? To get staff and students?? I count at least 5 locations at a minimum and for a wide array of times who is documenting? What to do with the kids that are dropped at the door?
  15. Flare

    communicating visits

    Same as many of you, I am in the process of planning the reopening of school. the business admin seems to think that there is an app that can communicate to parents when their child makes a visit (assuming it'd log all visits from sick to paper cuts). I don't know if this exists, how it'd mesh with my charting program. This may exist, maybe it's easy... don't know much about it. Anyone here use an app to communicate visits to parents and if so, does it log automatically or would this be yet another added duty for me?
  16. Here's the updated version of my growing list of concerns and thoughts: (hope this works) https://docs.Google.com/document/d/1vhvZTY9uChnUTfm2jNDXIFDLk3UwkRf25yv-AMZLD48/edit?usp=sharing

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