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  1. Flare

    Clearing bathroom odors

    citrus II helps. I have an air freshener device in my bathroom that I bought with my staples order that takes scented pucks. I think Brighton makes it. Not too expensive, but the scent is better when the pucks are newer. I also find that bagging the soiled depends helps and having a lidded refuse contained in there is key.
  2. Flare

    measles outbreak in samoa

    didn't the measles you know what- storm start around this time last year?
  3. Flare

    School Nurse: Managing a scene/coworkers

    It never fails! Your co-workers can be the biggest rubber neckers full of suggestions, but these are NEVER the people that are willing to sign up for epipen delegate training or stay late for CPR or ALICE training. In time you'll learn to filter them out, you'll learn who you can lean on, and you'll learn who to send right away to get the backpack and find the custodian. Another favorite trick of mine is to clear my office / the area during the initial assessment and have the biggest PITA be my bouncer. Tell them to stand at the door and keep everyone else (including themself) out. Ahh peace and quiet. It sounds like you managed this pretty well. You know for next time (which hopefully there won't be with this child) to send out instead of relying on group home to come right away. I know, none of us wants to rely on ems for what was most likely just some minor injuries from the fight, but sometimes you need to push.
  4. Flare

    pg site

    is accepting orders that utilize it
  5. Flare

    Mass Casualty Simulation

    This seems like well-run scenario. We have done training in my district on ALICE training / run hide fight. I have taken tactical combat casualty care as well as trauma first response and next month, I'll be taking a seminar on active shooter scenarios for schools and campuses next month. I think it's important to teach especially school nurses about tourniquets. Most of us are "old dogs" and were taught that tourniquets were the last resort.
  6. Flare

    sometimes with this job...

    i could die laughing... i just had a 2nd grader who was mont annoyed that he had to sit with me because of a nose bleed while his class went to library. He announce to me that his nose was "under control". I turned to inspect him and give him a few pocket tissues and noticed a dark ruddy splotch on his t-shirt right over Groot's eye. Me: Take some tissues for your pocket... oh wait, looks like blood on your shirt. Kiddo: (takes the tissues, but looks at the splotch, then sucks it off) Nope, barbeque sauce. Gotta go - It's library day!!
  7. Flare

    Field trip chaperones

    i train delegates in epipen. I can't delegate an inhaler. My district wants a nurse on every trip that has more than 10 kids (unless obviously theres a med or tx that i can't delegate).
  8. Flare

    I don’t know if I like school nursing

    It takes a little while to make "your rules" stick. Start with easy things. No pass, get ye back to class. This is easily enforceable, especially with the ms crowd. The other enforcable thing is to make complaints that can wait do just that - wait. If it's your friend with the nail, have har come back during har lunch or recess if they have one. I worked at a ms that didn't have recess, but did have a "free period" where the students were expected to read, catch up on homework, etc and I'd tell the students to return to ice their 3 day old bumps and re-bandaid their invisible boo boos then. 95% of the time they wouldn't return.
  9. Flare

    MiddleSchool health office

    i serve pk-8 so i run the gamut. I try to appeal to everyone. My wall art is mostly posters that promote good nutrition. My favorite is the one encouraging "healthier" fast food choices. Beyond that are mostly things there for my benefit - ottowa ankle rules, glasgow coma scale, vaccine requirements, TB testing requirements, oh, and a bit of my daughter's art work from over the years.
  10. Flare


    i decided that i'm no longer doing "non-nursing" things that teachers can't be bothered with. The student with the earring that came out - in an envelope and sent home. Spilled juice in a backpack - head to the nearest bathroom (not mine), here's a handfull of baby wipes to wipe the bag.
  11. Flare


    they think i need the wheelchair for everything. Kid puked - wheel chair. bumped head on table, wheel chair... scraped knee... you bet your sweet fanny i need the wheelchair. I've leaned to bring it if it sounds like i needs it, but park it out of eyeshot until after i assess.
  12. Flare

    Basketball Season

    yep - here too. That's a hard pass from me. Get an ice pack and sit there thinking about how you can be better at basketball
  13. Flare

    When parents are barriers to care

    ugh - the worst! Do you have any teeth to put pressure back on either of these parents such as excluding for no physical (in my state we can after 30 days)? can't believe these parents that expect the world and complain about how hard it is, when in reality, they are the ones making it hard.
  14. Flare

    Exciting possibility...

    i agree. Help is wonderful, but help that can really HELP is better. I know in my state, it would make little sense to hire someone who is not an RN, as medications can only be admin'd by a nurse. Also, when those nursing students become nurses, will he retain them as nurses and pay them a competitive salary or will it be a revolving door?
  15. i miss the days that we could just do our jobs and not have to have this "customer service" mentality
  16. Flare

    Any Advice?

    We can see the span from the mundane, malingering to the emergent. Id say what i see the most depends largely on the season. Early winter is usually a lot of stuffy noses and headaches (due to congestion) give it a few weeks and nosebleeds and chapped cracked lips will fill my office because it's dry here. My charting is electronic. Every student has their own electronic chart as well as own physical chart which has their vaccine records, physicals, copies of medication orders, dr notes, etc. I call parents when I feel something needs to have a follow up.