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  1. Flare

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    hmm... hadn't considered how massive Texas is. In NJ we're so saturated that a response time of more than 15 minutes is more or less unacceptable for ems and in most places pd will be on scene within about 5 minutes. At least in my over populated neck o' the suburbs
  2. Flare

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    what type of coverage does your ems provide and what is their response time? Do they typically carry epi? Perhaps if they do and generally have a fast response then ems can simply be the plan.
  3. Flare

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    one of my concerns with including epipen coverage with my coaches would be proper handling. A few years ago the municipal alliance got a bee in their bonnet over narcan and woosh, now we have narcan and a slew of delegates (that we didn't ask for or quite frankly need - but that's a different story) point being that everyone took their little narcan kit and were supposed to put it somewhere safe. About half of these college educated adults who sat in a class promptly decided that the best place to put their narcan was in their cars. When i told them not to do that - i was looked at like i had 2 heads. It says it right on the package. Epipens are even more fragile. and more expensive.
  4. Flare

    Unassigned Epi Policy

    so is this like having a stock epi for use with things like sports that a coach would carry? We don't have this in place here. We encourage the children that require epipens and who are on extracurriculars (sports are all at the MS level at my school) to get a carry order. I do have epipens in the cafeteria in the epilocker and i believe that everyone running an extracurricular right now has trained on the epipen with me - they change up, so it's hard to keep up with who is doing detention, homework help, reading club etc.
  5. Flare

    EpiPens for Schools

    i'll call them next week if i haven't received anything.
  6. Flare

    EpiPens for Schools

    so is there a shortage of everything or are they just blowing smoke??
  7. Flare

    EpiPens for Schools

    sooo... i received my january replacement order. I called them when i was placing my order since we're only allowed one order per year and asked if i should order my juniors at the same time, but expressed concern about getting pens that would expire within the school year. I received my order last week. It was just juniors set to expire mid year next year and no regulars. So now i've got no regular stocks. I called them again and asked what was up and was told there was a shortage and he didn't know when they'd be back in stock. I inquired if he knew if the FDA would be extending lot number expirations as they did in the past - the man i spoke to didn't know. The only somewhat helpful piece of advice i got was to re-order my entire order next january so that my juniors would stay non-expired. I let my supe know, made notes on my packing slip of the conversation and put everything with my now expired epipens. yay. For what it's worth, i have several children who have expried epipens who simply haven't been able to get them yet. All i can do is just make a note of it.
  8. Flare

    Midwest nurses... Caught in the polar vortex?

    Wow! It warms the cockles of this salty old heart to hear such humanity. Hoping that temps don't dip that low again. (And hoping that those down on their luck can find a way back on their feet)
  9. Flare

    buying supplies with your own money

    good to know about donor's choose. my district doesn't give me specific guidelines on budget. I've yet to blow it, but then i haven't gone on a spending spree. I usually just buy what i need and occasionally replace something that needs replacing. I do find myself buying small incidentals - peppermints and ginger ale, but these don't usually add up to much. I think the priorities of a district are very telling when they give their health office a zero budget. Particularly if there is ANY sort of a budget for things like sports clubs or things of that nature. I am not saying that those things aren't important, but to pave priority over the day-to-day health and welfare of the students is beyond short-sighted.
  10. Flare

    What Would You Buy??

    automatic BP indeed! i that the wrist one i got is pretty darn good and is just as accurate as the 500 dollar e-sphyg and my own manual cuff. They just need to sit still. Nose clips are excellent for those who don't grasp the concept of "pinch your nose!". How about some sort of storage for your epipens? I got a multi drawer holder for mine from school health, but i'll bet you can get something similar from amazon for less moolah. How is your desk chair?? So often we worry about the needs of others and neglect ourselves. You can't do your job as effectively if you're not comfortable
  11. Flare

    When parents are not upfront on medical forms

    I always say that we can only work with what we are given. The information is as good as what is provided. Hopefully this was a wake up call that full disclosure is important
  12. Flare

    Diagnosis Anxiety and Autism

    An excuse for what? what accommodations are they looking for?
  13. Flare

    Child Abuse

    Yes! I am more than happy to assist with a report and make the call WITH the initial staff member to field the complaint from the student. I will happily make the pd notification (part of our procedure here in my state) if the level of response warrants it - after all, I sit next to a phone all day. But do not just send a child down to me and call me (or worse, send me a stapled note) saying "Jason said... you should probably call CPS". Oh no, it doesn't work that way. I'll check him, see if he tells me the same story but you better be working on some coverage and get your tail down here.
  14. Flare

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    i'm so fetch... on the inside! (slide over Old Dude!)
  15. Flare


    What kind of consent form was it? What was the discussion with the mother like - was she angry with you? If she was then it's like Girl - hold my purse! Like MHD said, i don't think it's reasonable to expect you to be a forgery expert and catch every note that people are purposefully trying to slip by. Maybe if that was your sole job, then you could beat yourself up a bit more, but it's not and you've already beat yourself up enough on this one.