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Flare is a ASN, BSN and specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

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  1. Flare

    Happy School Nurses Day!

    As expected, no recognition by any admins. Because teacher appreciation was last week, it gets lost in the shuffle. Whatever... I do have 2 school nurses as district parents - one had her little one make me a card and the other sent me a dunk...
  2. Flare

    Back Up for Insulin Injections

    how long has he been type 1 dm? And what grade??
  3. Flare

    Back Up for Insulin Injections

    how involved is the student in their own care? Would they be able to take a more active role in determining their dosage? And further, can you have a student self admin? I'm not saying that the onus should be placed entirely on the student, but i...
  4. Flare

    Medication Expiration Dates

    I say end of the month, too. Of course, the real trick is getting parents to bring in a new, unexpired med.
  5. Flare

    Personal Cellphone Reliance at School?

    I agree - if the district wants cell phones used, then they need to provide you one. Only some very special people have my cell phone number, the rest get my Google voice number. (And I don't give that out freely either)
  6. Flare


    ugh - I'm so sorry you have to work under such conditions. Perhaps you can set her on a task, such as having her complete screenings (in a different location if possible). It's hard to shut down people like this without confrontation, but perhaps i...
  7. Flare

    Vaccine Database/Parents Providing Vax List

    Students here have to have 1 dose of everything in order to begin. If they are missing boosters, we can grant them provisional admission and they are granted 12 months to catch up. Physical needs to be in and current within 30 days of start date.
  8. Flare

    18 year old student will not share info

    agreed - An adult at a place of employment would need to provide documentation stating that they are cleared to return to XX level of activity. Don't really need to know why they were out, but do need to know that they are safe to be there and in wh...
  9. Flare

    How some kids are being raised...

    I really worry about this generation. These kids are spoon fed everything to the point where they get overwhelmed by the most mundane of tasks. Case in point is the level of self-care that I like to promote in my office. Itchy eye? go into my bat...
  10. Flare

    Annoyed Parent

    that's not just t-shirt worthy... that's throw pillow worthy!! Seriously - the parent hopefully has an idea of what the nursing services are in their child's school and that you are stretched thin. It certainly sounds like you did what any of u...
  11. Flare

    That's So Fetch! (Pink Wednesdays)

    tie dye t-shirt under my black scrubs.
  12. Flare

    Restroom Accidents

    have you tried implementing a bathroom schedule with this child?
  13. Flare

    C'Mon Now!

    I think it's because this pandemic has shifted everything to the level of c'mon now!!
  14. Flare

    What does everyone wear?

    I think it's apropos... at least until we settle our contract over here!!😂
  15. Flare

    What does everyone wear?

    LOL - I totally agree! It doesn't stop me from wearing them. My favorite color is orange and I saw the cutest scrubs in a catalog - looked burnt orange, like they'd be adorable for fall. When they came in, it was a big NOPE -Prison orange.... I ...