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FixerofUhohs has 46 years experience and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. FixerofUhohs

    If your school asked you, would you admin COVID vax on campus

    I wouldn't do it. I worked mass Covid vaccine clinics before the kids came back to school, and Flare is correct on the "too many moving parts." We had a whole system set up to deal with observation of post vaccine and dealing with reactions, and it i...
  2. We are still on virtual; have been all semester. The private schools (which have been open) were closed down 2 weeks ago, but a judge ruled it unconstitutional so they are back open. Don't know how they are faring with covid. Read an interesting arti...
  3. FixerofUhohs

    contact tracing

    We have not been back in school in our district (at least not the public schools) since March 13. We've had several "go" dates, and they've all been cancelled. Our latest one is in January, but who knows? Our area is red, red, red and our governor ju...
  4. FixerofUhohs

    2020 small achievements

    That is an awesome achievement. I don't even want to tell you how upset I would be if I had to deal with the clothes closet. Our Family Resource Center coordinator does that, and my hat is off to her!
  5. FixerofUhohs

    Parents STILL Sending Sick Kids to School

    I still don't think parents (or anyone else for that matter) really get that the symptoms of covid are so broad. They're so much like the common cold, allergies, flu, etc, etc. It is an ongoing battle that requires constant reinforcement by us!