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ajessrn has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-surg/school nursing.

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  1. ajessrn

    Is Camp "On" for Summer?

    so far my sons diabetic camp is still on (Indiana) but they are having campers only pay the deposit so far as things may change. they will have less campers and masks will be worn. so far that is all the info I've seen come out. fingers crossed!
  2. ajessrn

    meningococcal b info

    2 years ago the health department delivered about 200 magnets and brochures to me for meningococcal b. My kids don't want them. I can't think of anything to do with all of them and they just take up space in my filing cabinet. I have tried putting them out for the kids to take and parents in the main office. any ideas? I did not ask for them they just showed up at my door. I hate to throw them away but that's what I am thinking I'll be doing with them.
  3. ajessrn

    Medications For Staff

    thanks all. I don't have my own budget at the school or manage any of the budget. I get all my supplies from one of the other schools. I asked another nurse in the district if she keeps meds for staff and she did say that she does keep otc and gets them at the dollar tree. I feel like yesterday I was asked twice and today already once for something. I may ask my principal if there is money from some pot he can pull from for me to pick up some basic otc meds like tums etc. I already spend some of my own money to get the girls tampons, thin pads, snacks, and bottles of water when they forget theirs. we supply basic pads for the girls but I just like to give them choices for feminine products so I have chosen to take that one on myself with donations as well. Its kind of surprising how often lately they have been asking me for meds.
  4. ajessrn

    Medications For Staff

    Do you keep medications like tylenol or ibuprofen for staff in your office? When I first came to this school there were several bottles of otc meds left, not students meds. They have since expired and been disposed of but the teachers come in and ask me if I have anything for a headache or heartburn sometimes. I don't have standing orders and other than initiating workmans comp don't handle staff issues. I am happy to check an occasional blood pressure and of course respond to any emergencies that may come up but otherwise I don't think its my place to keep medications in my office for staff use. They should keep their own on their person in my opinion.
  5. ajessrn

    504 T1D, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, food allergies.

    thank you. yes the recess thing happened once so far this year. trouble following directions in PE class so PE teacher held him from going to recess for 5 minutes. maybe it was needed, can't say for sure since I wasn't there but thankful it doesn't happen often. recess is so dang short as is so missing any of it stinks for them. I think that his school overall understands the importance of recess and movement. They have been trying to add in flexible seating to more classrooms and do brain breaks throughout the day etc. He started a new medicine Friday, gaunfacine. I told the pedi I wanted to steer away from stimulants for his adhd hoping whatever we try won't make anxiety worse. I finally got the neuropsych eval official report and he had a lot more recommendations so I will share the report with the school so they can have it as informational to add in things as we see the need and if they actually are helpful for him. Too many changes for an OCD kid at once isn't a good thing. He told me the teacher changed his seat in class. I tried to amp it up as an awesome thing that he gets to sit closer to the teacher so he can focus better in class. Grateful that his teacher also sent me a note telling me what an awesome day he had yesterday. I need some good to balance out the hard. I appreciate everyones help and input so far! Thank you!
  6. ajessrn

    504 T1D, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, food allergies.

    Attached is the list I have come up with that I am going to ask for. I don't think anything I am asking for is unreasonable and its mostly the basics. Would love your input @ruby_jane@JenTheSchoolRN @NutmeggeRN and anyone else who would like to read it. 504 sawyer.docx
  7. I wanted to ask for input here on what you have seen help your elementary students with T1D, ADHD, OCD, and anxiety as far as 504 plans. edited to add food allergies. not sure how I could forget about them. peanut treenut and egg. he does not self carry any of his supplies they all live in the nurses office. My son is 8 years old has had t1d since age 5. recently was diagnosed with adhd, ocd and anxiety (we knew it was likely but just finally buckled down and paid for testing because this year has been tough at home and at school with behavior). we didn't push for a 504 because his school has been very accommodating thus far but I know that as he goes into 3rd grade next year he will need the 504 for standardized testing accommodations. I go next week to meet with his counselor to go over accommodations we would like and what his teacher suggests would be helpful. He has an insulin pump, cgm (using a cell phone as his receiver so I can follow him), we are working on figuring out adhd medication with his pediatrician. I know it really boils down to him personally and his needs but I appreciate any advice or input. the things he struggles with at school is getting started on tasks, finishing them. he is very smart and usually knows how to do the work. easily distracted, can be impulsive, blurts out answers, gets stuck when things aren't the way he thinks they should be. he also was diagnosed with a mild motor delay however it is very mild. his anxiety does increase with writing assignments. I think that is partly due to his ocd, and wanting words to be spelled perfect and getting upset if he does something wrong. we try really hard to take the emphasis off getting something right vs trying it or completion. also we are getting back into therapy. we did some in pre k before his t1d dx but then took a break because schedules and he was doing better. we got by OK in kindergarten and first grade but this year has been harder. I work at a high school in the district and I don't do much in the way of 504's so I just want to make sure we get started on the right foot with ours.
  8. ajessrn

    Doc Won't See Me Because I Treat Covid Patients

    my first dental apt was over the Summer I think so I was honest and just said "so are nurses not able to get care because we are exposed to covid patients?". they said let me double check and call you back. they said it was fine and I was able to have my apt. Now I just answer no. If I am not quarantining due to actually being a close contact then my answer is no and I leave it at that. I had to reschedule an apt for my kiddo and myself because we were quarantining due to my husband being positive. I know the difference between an actual close contact and my work so I just don't even talk about it if it doesn't come up. my sons eye doctor isn't seeing children under a certain age and so we had to switch his eye doctor. their reason is that most of their population is elderly and high risk.
  9. ajessrn

    Will you take the Pfizer Covid Vaccine?

    oops I was wrong. It was the pfizer vaccine. I thought we were getting doses of moderna. the clinic was a smoothly ran ship. In and out and next dose is scheduled January 12th. looking forward to being fully vaccinated soon before I sign up for any more shifts. Since I work in the float pool they can put me anywhere in house and sometimes that means the covid floor. I have been lucky and mostly worked the med surg floors since this pandemic started.
  10. ajessrn

    Will you take the Pfizer Covid Vaccine?

    I am getting mine today on my lunch break! I still work PRN for our local hospital and they started a clinic Friday with the moderna. I am so excited that my hospital is a vaccination site.
  11. ajessrn

    Birthdays in School

    I attached the form they use. Has all the details on it 🙂 BIRTHDAY_ORDER_FORM (4).doc
  12. ajessrn

    Birthdays in School

    my dude has a bday this Friday 🙂 I almost missed the cut off to get a treat package ordered. they want you to order 2 weeks in advance. I am sure some items may need to be ordered in but we chose rice krispy treats to accommodate all the allergens in his classroom and they said they usually have plenty of those. Its kind of hard to make his birthday special this year since we can't have a party like we usually do. I figure a rice krispy treat at school will help a little.
  13. ajessrn

    Birthdays in School

    our district has a birthday package that can be purchased from the school. It's 20$ for individual treats for the class. you can add on a drink for 5$ more. It goes through the cafeteria. there is a list of all the things that you can choose from. my second graders teacher sent out that no bday treats could be brought in this year (home made wasn't allowed already) and that the birthday package could be purchased. I am in the high school setting so its not an issue at my school.
  14. ajessrn

    Med Surg Staffing Standards - Are there any?

    No standards that I am aware of. Depends largely on your patient population. I work on a med-surg floor that sometimes feels more like a step down unit, so our patients can be pretty acute and require a lot of time. our night shift ratio is 5:1 and 6:1 on a bad night. Even been known to take 7:1 in really bad circumstances, but those nights i feel like i want to quit and go back to waitressing or some other job i had while in nursing school and so do all my co-workers. but then we come back in and have a good night some where down the road and it is all better again. until the next time . It has been a long time since I've had a night that bad thankfully. The group of nurses that currently are on my floor are awesome at teamwork and we all pitch in when someone is drowning. So I agree about getting your staffs input and keeping them informed of what is required of you. They might surprise you with their resourcefullness and teamwork towards the goals you have to acheive together. Because you do have to achieve it together. No one person can do it alone. Good luck.
  15. Actually from what I have been reading and from what my co-workers have been telling me it is common for pregnant women and pregnant nurses to avoid people with shingles and chicken pox. Been reading very differing things on this through blogs and through online research. some experts believe if an unborn child is exposed it could cause birth defects and miscarriage, however some experts are not convinced that the risk for this is high. So I say if you can avoid giving a pregnant nurse a shingles patient that is probably the best practice, and you should. I do see a problem with a nurse acting like she has a disability when pregnant (if she truly does not have a disability), however I do not see any harm in being cautious if it won't affect the floor and I do not see any harm in her co-workers trying to protect her and support her during pregnancy. Everyone, I mean everyone, has a different opinion on it. From one extreme to the next. Better safe than sorry. (Not pregnant yet, but when I have small children I plan on changing my clothes before i go home) No sense in exposing them to any of the crazy stuff I work around if I don't have to. PPE is great, but as many have said there are so many people we find out 2 or 3 days later that they do have MRSA or VRE or C-diff etc....
  16. wow. that was definately wrong to have you take care of a patient with an implant. I think that my coworkers will be supportive about certain patients, such as anyone who has an implant or has had chemo recently, we don't do chemo or radiation treatments on the floor i work on. I think I am going to have to do some evidence based research to have something in writing to back me up when i decide to get pregnant to protect myself. So if anyone has read any articles lately or knows a good place to search let me know. I think I will start with the CDC and go from there. I just almost dread having a nightly discussion about what patients are appropriate for me and which ones won't be, so I am thinking if I do my research and talk to all the charge nurses and my nurse manager about what I have discovered ahead of time, maybe it won't be such an ordeal. it seems that on this forum and at my workplace there are extremes of opinion from not taking any isolation patients etc...to suck it up and do it. So I think the best thing to do would be to find some scientific research articles about it. Unfortunately I have a feeling nothing will be black and white and it will still be up to whoever is making my assignment so I hope they will be considerate. It won't be forever after all and I will be back to taking C-diff and shingles and everything else. Even though I am not pregnant yet, it definately concerns me which is why I am trying to plan ahead.