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  1. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    First, if you don't want to have a "stale" conversation, no one is forcing you to read or reply. I apologizing for not spending my life on AllNurses. And some people in this country think that everything is an "opinion" when there is very clearly a rational basis for my argument and there is none for yours. It was not me stating that we cannot come to conclusions without a study being done. As we all should know, there are varying levels of evidence and not everything needs to be proven (nor can be) by a randomized, controlled trial. I have given you reasons why my position is right. You have given me your "opinion" devoid of any supporting reasons. You continue to not engage with the reasons I have given and instead conflate my evidence with your lack of evidence. How is scanning groceries, learning the rules of coupons, and learning PLU numbers comparable to learning medications, common dosages, symptoms of common medical conditions, common interventions for acute changes in status, etc (things that nurses do) in relation to preparing one to be a provider *at all*? That position is not only devoid of any supporting reasons, but just plain idiotic. To say that being a nurse provides no foundation at all for later becoming a provider is to completely ignore the role that nurses serve in the healthcare system. Not all opinions are equal. Some have more a more rational foundation upon which they are built. You're welcome to your opinion. You're not welcome to compare your "opinion" to one that actually has a rational basis.
  2. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    But you're also completely missing my point which is using the comparison between an RN and a grocery store cashier to illustrate that RN experience does prepare you somewhat for being an NP. It's not everything, but my point is that it is not nothing either.
  3. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Of course RN and NP are different roles. If they weren't different roles, the job title wouldn't be different. My point is that RN experience prepares you at least somewhat for advancing your practice. Does it teach you every little thing that an NP does? No. That's why it is called advancing your practice. It builds upon a foundation of healthcare experience. This is why I said that an RN with experience is going to be more prepared for an NP Program than a grocery store cashier. It gives you something and to deny that is to ignore that RNs have a valuable position on the healthcare team. I can't believe this has to be said.
  4. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Whether it is required or not is sort of irrelevant. The other poster was saying that RN experience has nothing to do with being an NP.
  5. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    I'm not really sure why you guys keep comparing NP school to MD/DO/PA/Etc. NP school builds on a preexisting foundation that those other programs don't. And accessibility issues don't only have to do with the quality of education. It also has far reaching implications such as only allowing financially well off people to advance their careers (decreased class mobility) and race issues. Without taking these into consideration, you're asking for more concentration of wealth and disparity between races.
  6. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Youre also only replying to part of my comment. I also mentioned that NP programs build on a foundation of Nursing practice while many of those other programs do not. I'd rather schools be a bit more lax (allow someone to continue working) than only allow other rich people to become NPs. Also, you have to recognize that no matter how smart someone is, it may just not be financially feasible to ask them to not work for 2-3 years while they do their MSN. It sort of sounds like to me that you took on double the amount of debt that a lot of other NPs have and are looking for some way to justify that
  7. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    There is a huge difference between increasing the quality of the education and making sure that intelligent people make it into and out of these programs, but accessibility also has to do with the fact that many people have the requisite intelligence to be good NPs but not necessarily the financial ability to take that kind of time off, etc to do a program like you're talking about. I mention this only to prove a point, but I am a former American Mensa member, but I would never become an NP if I had to take three years of time off and accumulate six figures of debt to do it... Only to make 80-100k/year. That would be financial suicide for me. I haven't heard of those. Maybe it's a good thing. I plan on going to a state school with a good regional reputation, but in order for it to be financially accessible I fear that I'm going to be taking a small risk in not working in the same region as I get my degree.
  8. Zyprexa_Ho

    Can a Nurse Practitioner become an Art therapist?

    That's not going to be a good decision financially
  9. Zyprexa_Ho

    New ADON Job Concerns

    Be honest with them and leave. Hopefully they'll learn their lesson and be more upfront with the next candidate. If that is a requirement and you're in that position, they're setting you up to quit without notice and that looks bad.
  10. Zyprexa_Ho

    We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    I see where you're coming from, but also I think there are several issues with it as well. If people should be expected to definitely not work full time and probably not work part time, how accessible are these programs going to be? In this day and age without a graduate degree, most households are two adult working households. And forget it if you have children, especially as a single parent. It would seem like programs you are describing would only be accessible to those who are already very well off financially. And that would be a shame. I also see a very big difference between NPs (excluding CRNAs) and other professions. The assumption is that ARNPs are advancing their existing practice. We should have some sort of a base built in working as an RN in these disciplines that is advanced by graduate school education. That is a very different educational path than other professions (PharmD, MD/DO, etc.). We should expect there to be some differences between an NP Program and those other professions because of a prior practice base. Also, when talking about CRNAs, they make considerably more money than other ARNPs, so to take out some loans in living expenses while they complete their program (alike PharmD, MD/DO, etc.) is a bit more reasonable. But to ask other ARNPs to do the same for 2-3 years while making half what a CRNA makes is a bit... much. I do think there should be more regulation of these programs and there are some "worst offenders" like Walden, but I would hope that most state schools would be considered a reputable program.
  11. Zyprexa_Ho

    NP Preceptor Needed

    In the future it may be helpful to put the general location in your post title
  12. Zyprexa_Ho

    Update on Walden's post-master's certificate accreditation

    Go to literally any state school instead of Walden
  13. Zyprexa_Ho

    Importance of NP Program Reputation, Name Recognition

    If you have a problem with a vaccine being developed so quickly, perhaps as a nurse (and now NP), you have a duty to educate yourself about potentially why it was and could have been developed so quickly. Perhaps look into mRNA technology instead of just engaging in rank speculation?
  14. Zyprexa_Ho

    NKU admission and start dates

    https://www.nku.edu/content/dam/CHHS/docs/MSN Psych MH NP Course Sequence.pdf
  15. Zyprexa_Ho

    How to stop last minute calloffs?

    This sounds like something that needs to be covered in a contract. Repeated issues like this need to be grounds for terminating their contract.
  16. Zyprexa_Ho

    As a new NP, did you do a residency program?

    My understanding is that most NPs go from school --> Boards --> practicing. It sounds like to me that most don't have a residency before practicing.