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  1. Eastern Kentucky PMHNP

    Always, always, always ask about the attrition rate
  2. Online PMHNP program

    Northern Kentucky University. Cheap. Accelerated option. No on campus visits. A lot of it is self-taught though. If you can't be accountable for your own education, you will do badly. I like it though. Lots of freedom and did I mention it's chea...
  3. How do you guys do it for so long?

    Yeah my friend self taught himself code and now runs a whole department at a major company without a degree. If for some reason grad school doesn't work out, I think I'll get one just to be more marketable, but it's not 100% needed
  4. How do you guys do it for so long?

    Are you any good with computers? My friend works in a field where a BS in Computer Science would land you a nice job that is much lower stress and better paying
  5. How do you guys do it for so long?

    I love SNFs way better than acute care. However, I also don't want to do this job until I retire And that is the horror of 12 hour shifts
  6. Hi all, I have an opportunity to join an ACT (assertive community treatment program for seriously mentally ill individuals). Should I take it? Pros? Cons?
  7. What Can We Do About a Negligent Doctor?

    Document "MD aware" and testify against them in court ??
  8. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    ??? I literally mentioned my supporting reasons like 4 times and you never once replied to them. So... you're the one being professional by completely disengaging with reason from the very beginning? ???
  9. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    First, if you don't want to have a "stale" conversation, no one is forcing you to read or reply. I apologizing for not spending my life on AllNurses. And some people in this country think that everything is an "opinion" when there is very clearl...
  10. We Must Demolish Traditional Universities

    This post made me laugh in a good way ??? It's like people are so focused on bricks and mortar and not on the actual content of the schooling. You don't get a better education just by sitting in a different building besides your home. There is n...
  11. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    ... And this was the point of me comparing an RN becoming an NP to a grocery store cashier becoming an NP They are different roles. They do different things. Yes. I get that. But to say that they have nothing to do with each other is blatan...
  12. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    But you're also completely missing my point which is using the comparison between an RN and a grocery store cashier to illustrate that RN experience does prepare you somewhat for being an NP. It's not everything, but my point is that it is not nothin...
  13. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Of course RN and NP are different roles. If they weren't different roles, the job title wouldn't be different. My point is that RN experience prepares you at least somewhat for advancing your practice. Does it teach you every little thing that a...
  14. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    Whether it is required or not is sort of irrelevant. The other poster was saying that RN experience has nothing to do with being an NP.
  15. We Must Demolish NP Diploma Mills

    It is not cherry picking. You literally said that being an RN has nothing to do with being an NP and that is patently false.