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For Fun--Kudos 2 Me...The "toot your own horn" thread

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anjoba specializes in MDS.

I wanted to make the Dean's list but will settle for Honor Roll with a 3.64 GPA last quarter. I'm tootin' my own horn 'cause I think that's pretty darn good for working full-time, having kids to raise, and going to night school! :smokin:

starmickey03 has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN.

Took my third foundations exam today and got 98%, only one question wrong. So far my average in the class is a 95%. Only about 6 more weeks left in the semester, Im praying that I can hold onto my A.

Last semester I struggled with my clinical paperwork so I was psyched when my clinical instructor for this semester asked to use my concept map and care plan for an example for future classes!

Found out I passed my care plan that I was so stressing about last week. Also got an email from Omicron Delta Kappa honor society asking me to join. I'm going to fill out the application and see what happens. I'm already part of Alpha Chi. All this doesn't make me feel so dumb. That really helps when you're in the battles of nursing school. Now if only I could get into Sigma Theta Tau; I have until the end of this semester or next to be eligible for that. I'm thinking 3 would be quite enough. 1 is enough actually, but the more, the merrier.

Gotta write my article for the nursing student newsletter now. A deadline awaits! Oh, and study.

I had 3 nursing exams last week - 2 in one day, and the third a day after. I made an 81, 83 and an 89! I was so stressed and did NOT know how to study for 3 huge exams all so close together, so I think I did pretty well :)

cmonkey specializes in student; help!.

I got a super ego boost from my CI today. We had to do an ungraded process recording (therapeutic communication exercise) and she showed it to the third-semester students (I'm in first) as an example of how to do the assignment. I don't even know what I did that was so fabulous, but yay me.

sj73201 specializes in Oncology.

I got a 91 on my 2nd Therapeutics Exam...I wanted an A (93%), but will be happy for the 91 seeing as though we don't get study guides!! AND I had a GREAT first clinical day!

I just like contributing to this thread:

Today in clinical, I hung my first IV med and drained 4 JP drains. I also had to take frequent vitals on one of my patients who was getting a blood transfusion. I felt even better during the day when my instructor, who isn't easy to please, told me that I was quiet, but I think. All the procedures I did went smooth as cream. Made me beam inside.

D/Ced two hemovacs and two q-balls. Not too bad, it was just my first time. I almost got the chance to take out staples, but the patient had to be pre-medicated first and it was around the time I had to get off the floor. Oh well, next time.

BellsRNBSN specializes in LDRP.

Inserted my first foley catheter in clinical today! :yeah:

Granted, it was on a male, but I did it right the first time, never broke my sterile field, and my clinical instructor said I did well. :clown:

It's little moments like this that reassure me that I CAN make it through this crazy nursing program and someday (soon) be a great nurse!

Nurse SMS specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development.

Pretty certain I got a 98 or 100% on today's psych pharm test. Which blows my mind. Very proud of myself!

HyperSaurus, RN specializes in NICU.

This is fun and I wish I'd seen it sooner! I guess for me, I'm burning out and thus not putting a whole lot of outside of school effort, but I'm pulling a B so far. Only two more semesters to go.

JeanettePNP specializes in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy.

I'm a new grad and I'm still getting out of bed in the morning to face another day. MAJOR accomplishment for a new grad.

got the following comment from my clinical instructor, with nothing but POSITIVE comments on my careplan:

"Great job. I knew you would be up for the challenge in learning this one. Very thorough."


FIrst semester is half over and I think i found my groove!

My instructor has been using my Patient Data Records (20-25 pages in length and full of everything about your patient) which I have received 20/20's on as examples to the other students and instructors of how they should be done. I also made a 100% on my dosage calculations test, 100% on high alert medication test, and a 98% on my mid-term clinical exam. I passed my IV returns two hours after we were first taught how to do them. :D

ShantheRN specializes in Pediatric Hem/Onc.

I have one exam and a final (my average is an 89 woot so I'm not sweating it), 120 hours with a preceptor, and an exit HESI standing between me and graduation :) My last clinical is tomorrow! I am so......flipping....excited. 5 more days of class and I get a week break. I'm almost as excited about that part :D

January 27th is the big day. It's almost over. :yeah: I've started applying to job postings but even that isn't stressing me out.....yet. Baby steps!

TerpGal02 specializes in Psych.

I am in my 3rd term of NS (one regular term and one summer term done, one regular term in progress) and I still have my 4.0 :) And right now I have a 95% exam average in Med/Surg 1. WOOHOO!


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