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DolceVita has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in IMCU.

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  1. DolceVita

    I’m very distressed-my med error

    Thank you both for responding. I’m new there. That worries me most of all.
  2. DolceVita

    I’m very distressed-my med error

    I made a medication error and I’m new to my job. It was related to a drip that we use all the time. Someone was supratherapeutic and I thought they were therapeutic. The oncoming nurses caught it and reviewed everything with me. It was totally my mistake as I went from memory for the therapeutic range rather than checking the algorithm. I’m really concerned for my job. The patient is OK but this may have contributed to a bleed. Forgive me not going into more detail - I think it would give too much information away about the patient. I feel sick.
  3. DolceVita

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    I loved corrections!
  4. DolceVita

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    I can’t believe I missed this post. Any reasonable person who has attended school in the USA has knowledge of allergic reactions. She might choose to believe shooting someone with a flipping,nonGMO gold bullet wouldn’t have caused harm but no one cares. someone mentioned she sounds like one of those medical professionals that nearly kills people just to save them. Right on. Most of all she harmed you, significantly. I cannot believe an State’s Attorney wouldn’t seriously consider this case. I’d write a letter to them. I’d have your family write letters, friends etc. Get in writing why they won’t arrest/proceed. Also be careful with this. I’d be concerned she’d go after you for defamation as this hasn’t been taken up by the authorities. She ain’t right. I’m so very sorry this happened to you.
  5. DolceVita

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    Such an old thread. I hope they’ve learned how to lock their pumps, respectfully tell patients not to curse at her and know that those in pain don’t always seem in pain from objective measurements.
  6. DolceVita

    How to deal with a patient’s rude remarks?

    When not involved in procedures etc I’d help her out. During procedures I’d simply say something like “of course I’ll help with that, when we are finished with this”. I’ve had inpatients freaking out about their phone and how I need to charge it, dig in their belongings to locate it, and so on. I just politely agreed to do so after whatever care they need (hang antibiotic, finish dressing change etc.) which takes priority. They’re usually ok with it.
  7. DolceVita

    Preceptor has 1 and half year of work experience

    Gosh there are quite a few things I’ve never had to do in my whole career, including placing an NG. It’s never come up. Nursing is a team sport. I’d ask for assistance to do one too. Give the preceptor a break.
  8. DolceVita

    I feel like I’m not taken seriously?

    It is crappy that people make remarks about your age/young looks, true. It unlikely that we will get away from appearance mattering in some way. Considered examining phrases and language that you are currently using. Make sure you're greeting family with a firm handshake and remember their names. When family or a patient has a request that is low priority to something that affects their outcome I will tell them. “Right now our priority is...”. Also using “we” not “I” can help (you’re part of a team). I read somewhere that a nurse introduced herself and said “I’m coordinating your care today” rather than “I’ll be looking after you”. I’ve experimented with this phrase and it still feels a bit odd. Maybe try it. I think you’re doing fine. People will always be poopy. Examine what they say for anything you can change, then carry on.
  9. DolceVita

    Condescension from Critical Care Nurses Towards Med-Surg Nurses

    I think that’s enough of that. You’ve misinterpreted what I wrote. Either that or you seem to want to pick a fight or insult. At no time did I say I was “just doing things” or that I don’t know what is going on when I’m in the ER.
  10. Not remotely what I meant.
  11. Just get vaccinated unless you have a real medical contraindication. I’m over debating vaccinations with people. It’s like verbal sparring with someone who has one brain cell stretched between two ears. I don’t hear doctors having stupid conversations like this. Be the educated nurses you’re supposed to be. Crickey. Apparently I’m cranky today. Sorry.
  12. DolceVita

    terminated for drug diversion

    I hope you got a lawyer. Speak to them first before the BON. They can communicate with the BON for you. There are some states in which you must declare psychiatric issues prior to renewal. So I would be very careful who you speak to and when. Get the lawyer right now. Act quickly to protect your license. Good luck.
  13. DolceVita

    Abuse of nurses

    I have found it hard, in my new, job adjusting to how “complaints” are dealt with. Sometimes it seems like people can say anything to or about nurses with impunity, in a hospital setting. Keeping focused on the fact that the patient is legitimately sick can be hard when they are “firing” colleagues and making stuff up about them and you. Sometimes I could communicate better, sometimes people just want to argue with nurses or be crappy. We are an easy target, that much is clear. I’ve learned something with each of these patients. Usually the hard way. I’m trying not to be surprised by the BS anymore. Plus management will co-sign the BS of patients and family all day. I’d like to say it isn’t hurtful. Sometimes it is.
  14. DolceVita

    Resign first or wait until I find out if I'm fired?

    I agree with this. Hopefully you’re resume is out there and you’re interviewing. I left my last place. New boss had called me in to spank me for something ridiculous and didn’t even ask if it was true. I knew at that moment I was done there. The weeks I remained there were extremely stressful. Onwards and upwards.
  15. DolceVita

    When male prisoners intentionally expose themselves to females

    When I was new to corrections I thought that a good one liner/snarky remark was ok for this. I was like water finding my way to the lowest level. After a couple of months I came to realize I sounded crass and unprofessional. They are patients and we are staff. So I stopped with the one liners and they get written up. No warning. Every time. They know the rules. I also learned to ask them to place both their hands on the door if I had to speak with them cell side. Of course this doesn’t stop the guy in the cell behind from gunning. That’s why we are always escorted. What a job! LOL
  16. After skulking around the Corrections section of allnurses.com for ages I finally applied and got hired into one of my State prisons (it took roughly 3 months). Thank you all for posting information about corrections interviews and sharing your experience of corrections nursing. I am so glad to be joining your ranks. DV