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DolceVita has 12 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in IMCU.

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  1. DolceVita


    @Davey Do I’m so sorry. What an awful experience for you.
  2. DolceVita


    This! It was drummed into me that nursing was a team sport. Yet I see nurses or pcts with heavy assignments and people texting or streaming a movie at the nurses station while others are massively busy. They get upset if they are asked to help (eye r...
  3. DolceVita

    Dog before Nursing School

    My experience is boyfriends, friends etc are not as committed as I am to my dog. I found a good doggie day care and a reliable dog walker. Getting a puppy or very young dog isn’t the best idea and could create a nightmare for you. Training requires c...
  4. I was in London, I used to work in corporate finance. I just kept thinking of all the people I knew who worked there that I used to speak with daily or weekly. Then knowing we would go to war. Later there was this surreal silence of no planes flying...
  5. DolceVita

    Do some nurses just like to write people up?

    You’re right. I certainly don’t need it. I could go back to my last place but it’s an hour away. That commute was killing me. Plus, even though I’d be returning it’s still switching jobs. I’m desperately trying to reframe my experience in a m...
  6. In less than a year at my current job: I had a preceptor accuse me of helping a high fall risk patient sit at the edge of the bed AND that I removed his oxygen while he was doing so. Same preceptor accused me of running an infusion too fast,...
  7. Every MSN program I’ve seen has asked for a current, unrestricted license.
  8. DolceVita

    I’m very distressed-my med error

    Thank you both for responding. I’m new there. That worries me most of all.
  9. DolceVita

    I’m very distressed-my med error

    I made a medication error and I’m new to my job. It was related to a drip that we use all the time. Someone was supratherapeutic and I thought they were therapeutic. The oncoming nurses caught it and reviewed everything with me. It was totally my ...
  10. DolceVita

    Would you help out at a hospital as a nursing student?

    It’s likely you’ll be in this position more than once as a nurse. We take care of patients with infectious diseases all the time. SARS 1, Ebola, and now SARS2. It will be good experience as long as you are diligent with PPE and are rigorous with h...
  11. DolceVita

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    I loved corrections!
  12. DolceVita

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    I can’t believe I missed this post. Any reasonable person who has attended school in the USA has knowledge of allergic reactions. She might choose to believe shooting someone with a flipping,nonGMO gold bullet wouldn’t have caused harm but no one ca...
  13. DolceVita

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    Such an old thread. I hope they’ve learned how to lock their pumps, respectfully tell patients not to curse at her and know that those in pain don’t always seem in pain from objective measurements.
  14. DolceVita

    How to deal with a patient’s rude remarks?

    When not involved in procedures etc I’d help her out. During procedures I’d simply say something like “of course I’ll help with that, when we are finished with this”. I’ve had inpatients freaking out about their phone and how I need to charge it, d...
  15. DolceVita

    Preceptor has 1 and half year of work experience

    Gosh there are quite a few things I’ve never had to do in my whole career, including placing an NG. It’s never come up. Nursing is a team sport. I’d ask for assistance to do one too. Give the preceptor a break.