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Mandychelle79 has 2 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. As I was in psych then went to med surg I usually get hey we made sure room 4 was in your assignment
  2. Mandychelle79

    Dosage Question

    Basically since it says you have 1000 mL you will pour out 90 and mix with 110 for the total of 200 like you had posted.
  3. Mandychelle79

    What's your best 'Nurse Hack'?

    I work nights. I hate to wake people up unexpectedly. I combine as many of my med passes as I can at one time. When I'm doing my assessment I tell them about what times I will need to bug them. At the same time letting them know if they need some...
  4. My son and I both (son is dx) have a Circadian Rhythm disorder. I work nights
  5. Mandychelle79

    Pain Scale

    As a nurse, I medicate per pt rating and my facility uses numeric scale. I tend to increase the scale if I walk in the room, look at the patient and say I can see you're in pain, how bad is it, because I typically get a 6. As a patient I have found ...
  6. I only care when the LBM is if they are being admitted for something like lower abdominal pain, illeus, etc. most of the time I'm asking people not to read me the computer screen. Give me he basics because this is most likely not my only admit of t...
  7. Mandychelle79

    How to deal with a bully patient?

    Honestly, by nature I'm a snarky individual who can be very blunt and apparently has a deamenor that warns others to not even try. I've had patients and families "warn" me that they were demanding patients and were going to make my night hell. My t...
  8. Mandychelle79

    HIPAA and Making Appointments

    I would have waited an hour, called in as Ali, said luckily my plane had a lay over, and rescheduled. But I call places as my mom all the time (with her permission/ asking me to) since my hours allow me to do so.
  9. Mandychelle79

    HELP with time logs please!!

    Google docs should have a program like excel.
  10. Yes it is overtime (or should be) but I don't think it's considered like being Mandated is
  11. Mandychelle79

    Med/ surg nurse to patient ratio

    I only work nights... 1:6is normal ratio... days is 1:4-6 with charge with no assignment to help
  12. Mandychelle79

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    Coming from someone who addiction has been forefront the majority of my adult life (friends, family) I find this shirt to be the kick in the gut some parents need. One of my uncles would make comments basically saying how his kids would never get int...
  13. Mandychelle79

    Self scheduling and sick calls!

    i could see how self scheduling could reduce calloffs. Depending on the units policies. At my last place of employment when I was hired we were allowed to request it's less than 3 days per year. Now where I am we are allowed to request 7 days off ev...
  14. Mandychelle79

    What is a med/surg - neuro floor like?

    We get back/neck surgeries, falls, and yeah everything else
  15. Mandychelle79

    Risk of getting your family members sick?

    Honestly other than the weird chronic things my kids have going and need to see specialists for my kids miss very little school due to illness.