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starmickey03 has 9 years experience as a MSN, RN.

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  1. starmickey03

    Living Paycheck to Paycheck. Need Advice.

    Thanks everyone but all of these suggestions have already been done several times over. I’ve decided to look into travel nursing in my state so that I can hopefully grab some of these crisis rates and save as much as possible.
  2. starmickey03

    Living Paycheck to Paycheck. Need Advice.

    I’m an RN and have been since 2012. Currently a state government employee mainly for the benefits. No copays (comes in handy with kids who are rowdy and injury prone), $3 prescriptions, pension with 100% match (13% taken out of my check), etc- this became especially important after a couple family hospitalizations that brought serious medical debt and the private sector medical insurance we had was absolutely no help at all-. The issue is I’m literally living check to check. Anyone who has worked for the public sector knows the pay is subpar with no raises but like I said before I got into this for the benefits which I seriously need. I believe I’ll be vested after 5 years and can leave but until then I don’t know what to do. I’ve went the route of having a weekend home health per diem job but that left me working 7 days a week with no time for anything else. I actually love my job so I don’t necessarily want to leave. My husband is a truck driver and works hard but without my previous salary we’re struggling- I crunched all the numbers before accepting the govt job and thought it would be fine but clearly I was wrong. I guess I’m wondering if there are any companies where I could work overnight remotely or any ideas of what I could do to make extra money? This is seriously stressing me out beyond belief.
  3. starmickey03

    Obtaining Car Stock

    I actually resigned two weeks ago. The company was WAYYY too unorganized for me. Car stock aside, it was all around just bad. I’d do SOC visits on the weekends for patients and the patients would never get seen again because mgt would forget to assign them a CM, office staff would claim that the patient accepted services and I’d drive 30 miles to them just for them to tell me that they had informed the office they weren’t interested, just so many things smh. Now I need to find another PRN position that’s worth while because I’m a government employee and public sector pay is hard to live on alone.
  4. starmickey03

    RN epidemiology interview

    Sorry, I didn’t get an email notification about your question? How did the interview go?
  5. starmickey03

    Obtaining Car Stock

    I agree and have been thinking about finding a new agency. The only thing holding me back is that it’s hard to find time to orient to a new agency while already having a full time job. It was hard enough to make this one work out. I’d love to go back to my old agency but they don’t have PRN, only part time.
  6. starmickey03

    Obtaining Car Stock

    I recently started with a new HH agency as PRN weekends. I have a full time M-F 8-5. This isn’t the first HH agency I’ve been with, I used to do it full time. At the previous agency I was with full time, when it came to needing any supplies, SOC packets, etc., we could pop into the office at anytime night or day (we had key cards) and get what we needed out of the supply room OR we could email the in office staff responsible for ordering supplies and tell her what we needed and she’d ship it to our house overnight. This new agency does not allow nurses to just come in and get what they need and only the director has a key to the supply room. It’s extremely hard to get supplies. Whenever I reach out for supplies I’m told to try and get with another nurse or given an excuse as to why the director can’t help me with supplies at that very moment. It’s frustrating, especially because the office is not open on the weekends when I work and I’m the ONLY weekend nurse. The whole set up seems off to me. Is this normal? There are a lot of other things that are weird to me about the way they do things but I can easily ignore those things since I’m PRN but the whole car stock thing is exhausting. I have been having to do way more improvising than I’d like with patients (this agency is heavily wound care based).
  7. starmickey03

    New to HH

    In your area, I believe that’s pretty standard.
  8. starmickey03

    Help me choose a shift please! Time sensitive..

    The corrections position is intake at a county jail
  9. starmickey03

    Help me choose a shift please! Time sensitive..

    Just a battle between my heart and mind at this point. My heart wants corrections but my mind knows I need day shift and should just take the epi job or stay where I’m at. I actually work from home now and people think it’s crazy that I want to do something else.
  10. starmickey03

    Help me choose a shift please! Time sensitive..

    I did 🙂
  11. Which job/shift would allow me to have more time with my young kids (2 year old and infant). M-F 8-5 no weekends or holidays (epidemiology position) OR a 2 week rotation, 40 hour work week, rotating weekends on/off (corrections position) Mon 0030-0630,Tue/Wed/Sat 1830-0630 Sun 1830-0630, Mon 1830-0030, Thu/Fri 1830-0630 I was told the night (corrections) rotation would be bad because I’d be sleep all the time and the kids would never see me but I feel like that way about the M-F schedule especially when you add in rush hour traffic time. Help please!!
  12. starmickey03

    Corrections Nurse for a New Grad

    In your area it may be harder to get hired as a new grad but only because there are so many graduates. I'm in Phoenix and I know that new grads are hired in county corrections here (pension). The prisons do as well but medical is contracted out and not state ran so there's no pension, just 401k that the contracted company offers. As far as the dismissal, federal will overlook it as long as its disclosed and you dont try to hide it. They do a very thorough background check (including credit) so better to be upfront anyway. I've heard that people have gotten walked off the job for lying on their application. I'm actually going through the process for getting hired into the San Diego MCC now. Its a long process. Oh, and you have to have your BSN to get in with federal.
  13. starmickey03

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    Thanks! I’ve been hearing from lots of people how slow they move. I’ll be patient.
  14. starmickey03

    RN epidemiology interview

    I have an upcoming interview for epidemiology with the county public health department. I’ve worked public health before but never epidemiology. I really want this position. Any idea what type of questions I’ll be asked or what I should study up on? Thanks!
  15. starmickey03

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    Anyone here work at a federal prison? I have an upcoming interview and am wondering what their questions are like. I know their questions may be a little different since all staff is considered a corrections officer first.
  16. starmickey03

    Air Force Reserve Questions

    Thank you for the advice, I’ll definitely do that! I’m hoping for an interview soon but I know things don’t move fast with govt jobs.