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  1. Veterans Affairs Hiring process

    So, will President Trump's executive order putting a hiring freeze on federal government jobs affect hiring for VA positions?
  2. 10 days might have been better, but we need more of this legislation in other states as well. Especially the states with more prescription drug abuse.
  3. $29/hr--why am I still in this job!?

    I make more than that as a RN, in the Upper Midwest.
  4. What do you do at your workplace to still feel the spirit of Christmas?

    I have a Santa hat, and will buy some Christmas socks to wear either on the 24th or 25th. I've got to ask my supervisor to bring out the unit Christmas decorations so I can work on it this weekend.
  5. racist patients

    I'm kind of expecting more blatant racism, as a minority. Certain people feel emboldened by our new president-elect, and will now say and do things they didn't feel safe to carry out before. Expecting it from patients is one thing. What will surpr...
  6. My professor told us NPs have no future...

    He has a point. Just like there is a glut of RNs, there will be a glut of NPs which will depress wages and ruin the credibility of NPs. I think you should get a degree in something else, and then go for PA. If being an independent provider is what...
  7. Off topic: 8 year old found out Santa doesn't exist

    I knew by 5 years old Santa wasn't real. My parents never confirmed nor denied his existence. I guess I worked it out by myself. By 8 years old, kids should know Santa is just a construct.
  8. Are nurses allowed to turn in wanted criminals?

    That is a different case altogether. If I saw them commit murder, then I would alert authorities. Anyone who admits to doing something while they are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is bound to create a legal sticky situation for me. ...
  9. Canadian Immigration & Nursing

    Well, for certain groups, it may not be a bad idea to consider getting out. Muslims, who may be forced to register like sex offenders. Gays and lesbians, who will definitely have their marriage licenses voided. Any public figure who has openly opp...
  10. Are nurses allowed to turn in wanted criminals?

    Recently in my city, it came out that a suspected murderer now on trial was seen in the ER I used to work in. The nurse that cared for him later reported to the police that the patient told her he killed someone. At the time it was also found he wa...
  11. So what's going to happen to health care now?

    As far as insurance, there might be some changes to the ACA. I do hope some things are kept, such as letting young adults stay on their parents' insurance until 26, disallowing denial of insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, and federal ...
  12. Does the PVT Work for Elections????

    At least he's still in touch with people in the heartland, like the people in his home town of Flint. The Democratic party was sorely out of touch, and all of us, including the people who voted for him, will pay for it. Might as well stick a fork i...
  13. Does the PVT Work for Elections????

    I don't think there will be a re-take in 4 years. All the things conspiracy theorists accused Obama of wanting to do, such as implementing martial law and cancelling the election in 2012 and this year, will be carried out by their man. I am afraid...
  14. WILT 11/5: No Fast Track for YOU...

    Speaking of ovarian torsion, this week I learnt even 7 year old girls can have ovarian torsion. It didn't take long to un-twist it though. But this poor girl will have to worry about this for the rest of her life. Every period she will have to thi...
  15. Not paying license renewal fees on time (random thoughts)

    Eek! How does one let it go that far? I hate nursing and wish I could do something else, but this is all I have to earn so I pay the renewal fee. I did let my CO license expire, and only recently renewed it. I also started the application process f...