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    Veterans Affairs Hiring process

    So, will President Trump's executive order putting a hiring freeze on federal government jobs affect hiring for VA positions?
  2. 10 days might have been better, but we need more of this legislation in other states as well. Especially the states with more prescription drug abuse.
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    $29/hr--why am I still in this job!?

    I make more than that as a RN, in the Upper Midwest.
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    What do you do at your workplace to still feel the spirit of Christmas?

    I have a Santa hat, and will buy some Christmas socks to wear either on the 24th or 25th. I've got to ask my supervisor to bring out the unit Christmas decorations so I can work on it this weekend.
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    racist patients

    I'm kind of expecting more blatant racism, as a minority. Certain people feel emboldened by our new president-elect, and will now say and do things they didn't feel safe to carry out before. Expecting it from patients is one thing. What will surprise and sadden me is if colleagues start treating me badly, because they think they can get away with it. I don't think it will happen, but like I said, certain people are emboldened. I had a patient about 2 weeks ago who asked where I was from, which is not uncommon. I gave my boilerplate answer, and she said at the end "Good, at least you won't get deported". My white coworker remarked, out of her earshot, that was a bit rude. I basically told her I am expecting more of this nastiness, and to not be surprised. I think administration is also anticipating an increase in nastiness, from and towards patients. This week, the CEO of the organization I work for sent a system-wide email basically saying we continue to honor our commitment to our core values, diversity etc, and to take the concerns of our minority patients seriously.
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    My professor told us NPs have no future...

    He has a point. Just like there is a glut of RNs, there will be a glut of NPs which will depress wages and ruin the credibility of NPs. I think you should get a degree in something else, and then go for PA. If being an independent provider is what you want without sacrificing time and money for medical school, you can easily do that without going through nursing, working a crappy nursing job for a year or two after graduation and then getting crappy education and crappy clinical experience to become a NP.
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    Off topic: 8 year old found out Santa doesn't exist

    I knew by 5 years old Santa wasn't real. My parents never confirmed nor denied his existence. I guess I worked it out by myself. By 8 years old, kids should know Santa is just a construct.
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    Are nurses allowed to turn in wanted criminals?

    That is a different case altogether. If I saw them commit murder, then I would alert authorities. Anyone who admits to doing something while they are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is bound to create a legal sticky situation for me. What if their lawyer finds out I charted a note about the patient admitting to committing a crime, and that I went to the police afterwards. That's what that nurse did. They can argue their client was not in their right mind, and that I violated their privacy. Plus, I have taken care of plenty of people not in their right minds, most recently having worked in the PACU. People say stupid crap when they are under the influence of some mind-altering substance.
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    Canadian Immigration & Nursing

    Well, for certain groups, it may not be a bad idea to consider getting out. Muslims, who may be forced to register like sex offenders. Gays and lesbians, who will definitely have their marriage licenses voided. Any public figure who has openly opposed Trump, I have the feeling he's going to make political prisoners out of them. We're in for some interesting times. And perhaps Canada will be too. Want to know what it's like to have a huge illegal immigration problem? I think you'll find out soon.
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    Are nurses allowed to turn in wanted criminals?

    Recently in my city, it came out that a suspected murderer now on trial was seen in the ER I used to work in. The nurse that cared for him later reported to the police that the patient told her he killed someone. At the time it was also found he was high on drugs, although I don't know what drugs were found in his system. To me, anything a patient says under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not be reported to the police, because it will definitely be used against them in court. I don't know if HIPAA will cover my ass, or what hospital policy is regarding this matter. But if a patient is under the influence of some mind altering substance and says they committed a crime, it's my own personal policy that I won't say anything or make a note in the chart. Now if I find out if a patient I have is on the most wanted list, I really don't know what I'd do. Depends on my mood I guess. If the patient treats me and others like dirt, I might be angry enough to search the most wanted list. But I've not done that, even though I've had plenty of obnoxious patients. It's never occurred to me to deliberately look at the most wanted list.
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    So what's going to happen to health care now?

    As far as insurance, there might be some changes to the ACA. I do hope some things are kept, such as letting young adults stay on their parents' insurance until 26, disallowing denial of insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, and federal dollars for Medicaid expansion. For reimbursement by CMS, I don't think that will change so much. Value-based purchasing is the new thing, and I don't think it will go away. I am curious how gutting the ACA will affect our employment. Will census go down? Will there by massive layoffs? I really feel for those who barely had insurance for 3 years and now they will lose it again.
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    Does the PVT Work for Elections????

    At least he's still in touch with people in the heartland, like the people in his home town of Flint. The Democratic party was sorely out of touch, and all of us, including the people who voted for him, will pay for it. Might as well stick a fork in America, he can't reverse the damage done starting in the 1980s with offshoring.
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    Does the PVT Work for Elections????

    I don't think there will be a re-take in 4 years. All the things conspiracy theorists accused Obama of wanting to do, such as implementing martial law and cancelling the election in 2012 and this year, will be carried out by their man. I am afraid many people will end up fleeing north of the border with nothing but the clothes on their backs, if they're not placed in FEMA camps. Dear God, I wish I had applied for a work permit in 2011, when my mother encouraged me to do so. Canada will not want to take in an influx of Americans. They'll treat us like we treat Mexicans and Central Americans who cross the border.
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    WILT 11/5: No Fast Track for YOU...

    Speaking of ovarian torsion, this week I learnt even 7 year old girls can have ovarian torsion. It didn't take long to un-twist it though. But this poor girl will have to worry about this for the rest of her life. Every period she will have to think about if she's just having cramps or if her ovaries are twisted again.
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    Not paying license renewal fees on time (random thoughts)

    Eek! How does one let it go that far? I hate nursing and wish I could do something else, but this is all I have to earn so I pay the renewal fee. I did let my CO license expire, and only recently renewed it. I also started the application process for my TX license, but did not complete it. But the license I primarily work under is one I keep up with without fail. How can you not?
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    behavioral health and ED

    Goodness. As far as I can remember, psych patients have always flooded the ED. I worked a non-nursing job in an ED in one city, and a nursing job in another ED in another city. 25% or more ED visits are related to psych issues, and that's not counting drug abuse or alcohol abuse. This has been the trend for years, and it won't change with the broken mental health system we have in place. If we can even call it a system. I bet even tiny critical access hospital EDs get slammed with psych patients.
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    Staff nurses eating their youngs

    Oh dear God, maybe allnurses should update the Terms and Conditions of posting to ban emojis from being used. Seriously, it's very distracting, and only children and immature adults use emojis in messages.
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    Do you ever wish you were a doctor?

    In some ways yes I do wish I had not chosen nursing. Unlike many others, I did have access to funds to pay for any degree I wanted, and I feel like I wasted time and money pursuing nursing. I wish my parents had told me to choose another major. If I am in the position to save money towards a college funds for any kids I have, I would tell them to choose something else or I would not pay. As a doctor, I would have more respect, even as a female doctor. I do not get any of that as a nurse. I would have to take out massive loans (just for medical school) but with a higher salary, I wouldn't have any trouble paying it off. I am not sure how I feel about long hours on call and the long hours new physicians have to complete during residency. Just another part of that line of work I guess. I wouldn't like it if I had kids, but I don't have kids at this time.
  19. I recently interviewed for an informatics job at a facility I used to work at 2 years ago as a bedside nurse. I hated it over there, I'll be honest, but I would like to gain some experience in informatics before I graduate from the program I am enrolled in. If I were to get offered this position, I would most likely take it, because there just aren't any analyst positions at my current facility. The one thing that concerns me about moving back to the other facility is the health insurance issue. I do not trust the quality of care at the other facility. Every floor is constantly short staffed. So God forbid I would need to be hospitalized there, I know I would not be well taken care of. I also do not trust the doctors over there. Unfortunately, if I were to get this job and I choose to take their health insurance benefits, I would be limited to that facility only and the providers of that facility. With that in mind, I started looking at my state's marketplace just to see what is offered for individuals who cannot or will not get employer insurance coverage. It's depressing. There were so many plans last year, and now there are only two companies offering plans. Both companies' plans include my current facility in their network, but all plans offered either cost more per month or have a high deductible, or both. The benefits being offered by all plans are even worse than the plans of last year as well. No dental or vision coverage, no "wellness" reimbursements, no gym membership reimbursements, and co-insurance costs have gone up. A lot of people are so screwed next year in my state because the pickings are incredibly slim. Because I live in a state with its own exchange, I am not able to look at plans offered on the federal exchange. I really hoped the exchanges set up in my state and by the feds would enable more freedom in moving jobs. I hate to be limited to the facility I work in, when searching for providers. But this insurance issue is one that will now factor heavily into whether I want this job or not, if I get an offer. I am very healthy, and have not used any benefits at my current facility. But where I am right now, if I need surgery or got sick, I feel like I would be in good hands. I just can't advance anywhere though, and if I choose to go to the crap facility, I would not be able to get care at my current facility. Honestly, we need single payer insurance. We can't be held hostage to insurance companies and the facilities we work at like this. I am fairly confident the next president will get more done than Obama has. She's basically a stone cold B, and will probably be more effective in getting past the gridlock of the Republican controlled Congress. With the massive dissatisfaction with the insurance exchanges, the next President can make her case for single payer insurance. At least that's what I hope. It can't happen fast enough though.
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    How to make yourself "indispensable"? And a question about nursing education?

    Work in a state with a true nursing shortage, and will hire new grads to work even in specialty areas. I had to move after I finished nursing school in Colorado, to North Dakota. Pay sucks, but you can gain experience in North Dakota in whatever specialty you want. Then you are golden to go anywhere.
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    Is this bad customer service?

    Stop enabling their crappy behavior and stop spending your own money on snacks! Especially for the diabetic patients.
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    The evolution of a Nurse

    When I look at my old posts, I see someone who was pretty cynical even as a student. Allnurses helped me as a student and a new nurse by preparing me for the difficult time I would have. From difficulty getting a job as a new grad, to the trials and tribulations a new grad faces, to the overall crappiness of working conditions in nursing. Even so, in some ways I was still a naive idiot. I don't know why I was emotionally vested in getting an ER nursing position. I used to think it was the pinnacle of nursing, for some reason. That novelty wore off quickly as soon as I actually started working in the ER. Now I don't think of any specialty as more special than the other. A job, is a job, is a job, is a job. The current specialty I'm in is only because of the hours, not because I think it's super special. I am not invested in it like I was with my first job. I have also realized the grass is not greener on the other side. There are problems and stressors with any specialty. Many commonalities too, such as the long hours, short staffing, entitled patients and families, doctors who want to wash their hands clean of the mess they made, and customer service crap. I've been holding out in nursing as long as I can, but I realize in order to survive, I need to get out completely. I'm very thankful I've not been part of an awful, irredeemable situation that has ruined my career. The longer I stay in nursing, the higher the chance of being forced out of nursing in disgrace. I am interviewing next Monday for an informatics position. One day I hope my time as a bedside nurse will be a distant, unpleasant memory.
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    Does anyone have good experiences in the nursing profession

    Thankfully there are specialties that are similar to that, where you're not stuck with the same person for 12+ hours. The PACU position I'm in is far from perfect, but it's the best job I've had as a nurse so far. I still want to get away from bedside nursing, but I'm not in any hurry right now.
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    suicide? Is this a trend with new nurses that can not cope?

    Oh dear God, parents calling their childrens' managers?! I've had some major hiccups at work, but would never think of calling my parents to intercede!
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    PSA: Don't forget to invest!

    I find myself in somewhat of a sticky situation. I have a 401(k) through my place of employment, and I have a previous 403(b) from another place of employment that rolled into an IRA when I left. I also have a roth IRA I started years ago when I was barely out of high school, forced to by my mother. I'm not in a position to save much at the moment, as I'm in school and had to take out loans. Thank God I didn't have debt from my undergraduate degree, because it would be so much worse. I want to pay off student debt first before I can seriously save for retirement. I am thinking of dissolving the roth IRA to pay down some student debt balance. In addition, I have a house and will use whatever I get from the house to pay off more debt balance, once I sell it. I am very thankful my place of employment makes me put a certain amount away in a 401(k). It's all I have until I get rid of the student debt I will have over my head. I do not want any student debt when I approach the age of 50.

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