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  1. This thread has been buried for awhile and I think it's due for a BUMP!!!!
  2. You are so welcome. Unfortunately I had to withdraw from ns this sememster d/t financial reasons, but I still like to check this thread for the simple reason that it makes me smile. I love reading all the "yaaaayy for me moments." Hopefully, next year I will be in a position to reapply and once again contribute to this thread! Keep em' coming, it really makes my day!
  3. tammy1974

    Need help starting a "teaching" ND!

    Failure to thrive? Chronic confusion?
  4. Are those your answers and you are asking if they are right? A nursing intervention is something that a nurse can do independently within their scope of practice. Nurses can insert NG tubes and infuse meds. As far as morphine, in my state anyway, only an RN can push Morphine.
  5. tammy1974

    Medical Terminology / It's not that easy?

    Is it required for your program? Have you considered dropping the class? It would help to have a little background in med term, but you will also learn fill of it in A&P and most of your nursing classes. If it isn't required, ditch it!
  6. tammy1974

    powerpoint ideas

    How about something from this site.... http://www.flashcardexchange.com/flashcards/list/832677 It has an alphabetical list of medical terminology associated with the cardiovascular system. Maybe you could pull something from there and go into some detail about whatever strikes you as interesting. Just a thought!
  7. tammy1974

    No confidence

    Remember, you are a student. You are there to learn, you aren't expected to know everything all the time. Even the most seasoned nurses screw up at one time or another. Chalk it up to a bad day and use it as a reminder to never do it again. That is great advice from your hubby, listen to him! Remember the prize you will get when the game is over, you will be a nurse. Stay focused, don't dwell on a bad day, celebrate the good days, and most of all believe in yourself. Good luck!
  8. tammy1974

    Sterile fields...ugh!!! Tips and pointers?

    What worked for me was not getting over confident to the point that I wasn't being careful. I basically pretended everything in front of me was contaminated with some sort of bio-hazardous material and was SUPER careful when making any kind of movement. Good luck.
  9. tammy1974

    Financial Help For Student Nurse

    Has he checked into getting "special circumstances aid?" I believe if he can show a real need for more aid, he may be eligible. Since he lost his job, I would think he should qualify.
  10. tammy1974

    case study: Burn

    Looks good to me so far. How about any lab values that might be associated with the drugs he is taking? Maybe add what he rated his pain at before and after meds? Maybe add a wound assesment, what did it look like? Maybe add his I/O? I would go into more detail involving what type of teaching you would provide to pt/family, maybe give some specific details about interventions. You are on the right track, keep up the good work!
  11. tammy1974

    case study: Burn

    Help us help you. What direction are you going in? What don't you understand? You need to put some effort into the project, also. Remember, you do need to know how to figure this stuff out on your own. When you take the NCLEX, posting questions on this forum to get the answers to questions you are stuck on, isn't allowed.
  12. I agree. In my program, this type of behavior would result in dismissal.
  13. tammy1974

    Resume/cover letter help

    http://www.resumecoverlettersamples.net/ Here's a link to a sample cover letter, but YOU need to individualize it to suit your needs.
  14. tammy1974

    Worried about oral presentations!!!

    I agree with the other poster, most presentations are done as a group. There are so many people in a nursing class that for each of you to do an individual presentation is unrealistic and time consuming. Our program does group presentations as well. There are usually 5-6 people in a group and each person does a part. In our program the presentation couldn't be more than ten minutes long, which meant that you only have to speak for 1-2 minutes. Start by telling yourself that you CAN do it. The more you beat yourself up, the worse off you will be. One thing I found helped is taking a Psychology of Human Relations class. It really helps improve communication skills. Remember, everyone of you are nervous at first but it does get easier the more you do it. If that doesn't work, just picture the audience naked!!!! LOL:rotfl:
  15. tammy1974

    nursin school/vent

    I understand your frustration however, nursing school is very SELF directed, it is up to YOU to make the most out of your education. YOU need to get in there and make things happen, it shows you are interested and want to learn how to be a good nurse.
  16. tammy1974

    professional underpinning

    It is a professional basis or foundation. I think she wants to know the professional basis behind your research.

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